Super Smash Bros. Final review


Super Smash Bros. is Ultimate Smash Bros. It was done correctly, and it is bigger than ever before.

Le Tom Marks

As the director of Masahiro Sakurai says himself, it is a superb Super Smash Bros. It is ready. Mario and Zelda play against the Ryu Street Fighter and the Cloud Final Fantasy 7, brought up by Metal Gear Solid, is an incredible, incredible thing that can only deliver the Smash Bros series – and in particular Smash Bros. Made big and ready.

With 74 warriors (as you counted), 108 levels, gather about 1300 spiritual characters, and an Adventure one-player mode that gave me 24 hours full of play time to beat , Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a & # 39; offers a lot more in single packs than one of the previous four. And as long as it was sometimes a & # 39; feeling like throwing away, some of his fragile pieces may have been more and more consistent and more and more excellent, innovative and new innovative means that it stands out as much as well as the new ideas. Smash Bros's game is not very short. new notes I was going to; think like the right sail for the Switch.

Smash Bros. It has always been the fighting series that successfully succeeds with two people who are usually the most: the ones who looking for a superb joy of eight-button players and the best players with tough games of play; friends. Although players may be more interesting to convert objects and to # 39; At the end of the final Purpose final (or the "Omega" versions are equivalent to one of the other levels), others may be able to Finding unexpected items, the risk of fatal and stylish levels Smash finishing ends finishing just at the heart of Smash Bros. good. Both – and all situations interconnected in beautifully in & # 39; the end.


Smash Bros has rare access who keeps his skirt high from feeling scared.

In addition to any previous game in the history of Smash Bros 19 years, he is about to be able to go. gathering as many amazing characters as possible from every corner – a & # 39; stretching far beyond its Nintendo-only sources – and let them put the opponents down, however, you like. This is a digital digital activity toy toys that overlooks youth souvenirs about unattended mobiles, but with the vibrant heart of a competitive fighting game.

It's also very easy to jump, select your favorite character and just start fighting, because it does not add much more to the control device and two buttons to access its & # 39; most mobile movement. Unlike the street crimes, Mortal Kombats, and Tekkens of the world, there are no complicated enterprises that have to highlight A or B with one path, It's easy to learn what a character will just do with a # 39; play instead of checking lists of movement and spending time in practice.

A health warrant does not take Smash Bros on the fact that health barriers do not; Getting scarce reach makes his skilful skip keep up from feeling frightened. Instead of using the life of the opponent, you are going to; Increasing the percentage – the highest it is to make, the easiest way they want to take a strong attack, and that you're going to do it. KO out of the map. Although it is still frightening to be high, this system eliminates a "sad" feeling and I'm dead, so it's not quite "traditional fighting matches sometimes cause when your health is & # 39; falling to sliver. In Smash Bros. Above, he thinks you still have a chance to fight.

And as long as that access is important, those who are able to receive it will be important. Seeking more technical news in splitting, cuts, shield arrangements, and a real bile of aerial motion strategy – not to describe how this all changes with the abilities between handles, attacks, and even the weights of each character. A small, tiny, similar character with Pichu, a wild feeling differs from the Bowser that is a hitting it hard, and it is essential to learn how they play both as and against. There are a lot of tours and they like to diving into everything, and he believes that Nintendo is more aware and supportive of that side of Smash Bros. than it was before.

None of these features are specially designed for completion, but it is important that the main elements of the Smash Bros game are. Smash Bros. game Everyone alive and well here. And although the Super Smash Bros framework and DNA for Wii U is very clear, this is not a simple port or "Value Editing" in any way. Due to the fact that we did not have the Wii out there, I would not be surprised if there were not many of the people who were there; Play the latest replay to finally miss the Smash Bros. The pages are not in particular on any part of the previous design.

Tuned for Destruction

Victims in preparing their emotions are much faster and much more rigorous. By launching an enemy with a Smash attack now it seems like it is like throwing a balloon, with activists flying away faster before they reach a faster pace. That often means that there is no doubt in whether or not it is disrupted to KO, with less of those challenging times where you are; slowly move to unexpected death. (There is even a radar that appears when a player is away from the screen to show where they are related to the edge of the scene and because of their damage – adding to it to & I'm sorry, but it can be turned off for those who do not.)

In one-to-one conflict or only two activists have a negative zoom-frame effect when you have a host; trying to hit it, however, it will almost certainly be KO, similar to what happened to KO punch at Little Mac. That alone makes these smash attacks even more exhaustive, and makes it clearer when someone has the chance to get back from a big or not.


The normal standing rule is a legacy, although it means that it is a legitimate; means that small thistles make a small cluncier.

Many of the final Smash attacks were also made easier to handle. Some of the ones are more inconsistent such as Pac-Man, Pikachu, and Donkey Kong have changed to more reliable, and Final Smashes is a & # 39; Lock enemies in animation for more commonly preserved damage throughout their board. That means they have to & # 39; Feeling that they are not as uncomfortable when playing with Smash Balls (which is not so hard to catch at present), and includes Smash Meter's ultimate choice that is; slowly mounted for a weaker turnover of the move that offers a new way to heat up these interesting endeavors into your game.

Fortunately, if you do not want Smash Bros to play the same way in which I am, Ultimate has made it much easier to change game rules. You can now make regular rules to save and research when you want. I had one for my basic option, one for using Final Smash Meter, with any level or level hazard, one where Poké Balls is the same, and what I wanted. The rules of the rules are saved as a legacy so you do not have to comply with the major changes that go over and over again when the pleasure strikes to make a different, but it will be a & # 39; Make regular rules on the flight (show, if you want to add extra life for a couple of visits) more difficult, and let me go to; We would like to have two worlds.

The choice of a new rule called Stage Morph will soon become one of the best things I have set to Priorities. It allows you to select two maps in a selection on the platform and then send it as long as it's in a game, the level will be; turn from one level to another. It's an amazing way to offer more information on the 108 oldest maps, and can let them make interesting things as they start a big map but then move to a smaller one hour & Some of the activists are abolished – just make sure you are not side of the edges of the stage when that happens or does not; You may be killed without moving.

However, the selective level level UI is not good. It's literally just a huge grid of pictures that are not easily visible from each stage is organized by the date of Smash Bros's game. them. I prefer this to move through one-to-one options as a selection of other games, but there are so many levels that are so plentiful and I forgot something, and they often have to spend a lot of time a & # 39; hunt for the specific designation I want. It's a very disturbing problem, but I still want my choice to settle in alphabetical order or game, or at least choose some of your favorite items.

However, the levels themselves are good overall. It's not always all in Smash Bros. As the list of characters (I do not understand what anyone says, I'm sorry, Poké Floats!), But he's sure he is aware. It's a bit of a problem that is just four new, but before that 3DS only with Tortimer Island and Mario Paper still add to the new changes on Switch – some of the – classical return-phrases are all expressed and they are all- looks amazing, especially Fourside and Corneria from the Drop.

Despite this, there are some bad apples in those who do; I was angry why they made the cut when there were no others. The best thing currently is, but Pac-Land and Uamh Mòr have huge rates. The horrible thing is Bringing the party very interesting for the differences of Omega and Battlefield – the stronger mapboard would be larger than uninstalling its & # 39; average.

Also, even though new things like the Beastball and Rage Blaster have been added, bad and busted ones such as the Galaga Boss, the Gust Bellows, and the Beetle have stopped. It's not a big case in these terrible things and levels since Ultimate is a Give you the tools to turn them easily when you make your rules, but it does not make sure it's a? Feels that Nintendo has a greater focus on size over quality when they are. decide those lists.

Choose your hinge

However, I am pleased that Nintendo has taken this approach to the character roster of its first one. By giving every character ever, good or bad, he returned to a positive and excellent decision. The agenda at the end is very spectacular, with a wealth of ideas, games, and play styles represented. The decision is to categorize particular characters as "Echo" campaigners instead of new characters full time too; coming, and glorious recycling such as Daisy and Dark Pit feel less like they are; steal a valuable place from someone else.


By giving every character ever, good or bad, he returned to a positive and excellent decision.

Six full-fledged, non-Echo opponents have gone into the fight, with a further six becoming DLC ​​over the next year or so – Piranha Plant is free of charge to 31 January before being paid DLC as the other five, which will also bring new rates. None of these are particularly the burn of the burns of what is the character of Smash Bros. (although that area is diverse and varied) but they are all different in their own way and all of them The right atmosphere at home in the end.

There is undoubtedly no doubt Simon Belmont from Castlevania (and the Echo, Richter) and King K. Rool from Donkey Kong. Simon's abilities are really realistic for his game, and Throwing rivers, boomerangs, and sanctification of sacred water, with a skip-based smash attack that gives detailed and careful time. At the same time, King K. Rool's feeling like the hard-haired giant, unexpected hits is: a wonderful, horrible, terrible, and extraordinary combination.

Isabelle from Animal Crossing is also brilliant in the amazing way she's doing, but it's a great deal. Feels that it is positive to affect A & # 39; Broadcasting Animal Croit to move itself. Inkling will quickly scrape things with a hard and uncomfortable system that you need to complete when you are in a position; fight. But no matter how fresh or older they are, each of the 11 new entrepreneurs and Echos are a helpful and creative help for the timetable.

Just, do not expect any of you to get out of their gateway. Although there are 74 campaigners in total, you are only beginning with 11 locked – the eight original from the first Super Smash Bros. on N64, and the three test Mii if you do them. It is not difficult to solve any further – a new one is likely to appear on every game, or you can shoot down in the Adventure and Classic modes – but with so many, it may take at least 10 At least your agenda through multi-play. There are some methods of trying to move up, but I have a & # 39; grow better naturally as long as I was going to; playing with friends is fascinating.

The more people you play with you, the solutions come faster, and Ultimate has broken down the four-player barriers and eight-smash. Although playing with more than four people back to large-scale maps, it's one way now. Smash Bros's eight player still a wild but enjoyable, but it was worthwhile being able to introduce a fifth player.

And if you do not want to make an object for that chaos, one-off play is just as easy & # 39; it has ever been. There are even more small effects here, as the number of animals left by each player is expanded on the screen whenever anybody dies. There are also cool modes called Squad Squad that allows you to choose three or five different warriors and fight in the "best" head-to-head game – this mode can just let you play what is in particular a Stock 1v1 surrender, but where each life is a new shipping.

Smells As Team Spirit

Although a real playwright is a smash at Smash Bros., the new single system in Ultimate is a new system called Spirits. There are almost 1300 Spirits in Democracy, each of which is the character or thing known as video games as it's completely like Super Mario Bros. and as uncertain as the 1992 Boy Only Game Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru game, and all manufactured by a piece of art from its source material. Although I'm lamenting precise geovers of Smash Bros games. Today, the huge range of spirits makes it a trade worth – another example of Nintendo's; choose size above quality.


There are almost 1300 Spirits in Democracy, each of which is a character or something known by another game.

Although he sees so many spirits from each corner very cool, everything about the system that these spirits is used is to use; emotion is designed. In some methods, you can simultaneously attract one Primary Spirit (with three types of Rock, Paper, Siosar style weakness system) together with up to three Spirits support, which are all ; Provide new benefits or abilities such as poisoning or electrical protection. Primary spirits can be taken forward by fighting or giving them food (which also costs money called Spirit Points) or Spiritual spirits, which you can get from & # 39; curb spirals – but you can also use cores to put bodies on new Spirits, except if you have the right people to do so.

It's fun to pronounce your spirit team through the Adventure, World of Light mode, or when they go. Collect spirits on a random timetable, named as the Board of the Spirit, but sailing through this system is standing. Like the chosen level, the system does not organize and maintain a spirit just before, and finally hundreds of Spirits are long. There are screens to help you find specific abilities such as migration to particular damage, but if you want to find a special impact – say, & # 39; start fighting with a sword of beam – and remember what character to enter, we often have to go through each one to find it. Because of that problem, I usually lived with a few, I found the "auto-fill" suggestion button again.

The most impressive part of the Spirits is the victory you need to win for the collection. Every Spirit is a battle that is specially designed after its own character, and # 39; Use final roster and special effects to reproduce them diligently. A funny thing, like Snorlax is a huge, King K. Rool is a green that does not move an inch, and some others; challenging their games, such as Dr Wily, which is especially the "Boss Rush" where you need to defeat eight Mega Man in a series in a game based in Stamina before Dr Mario appeared to look at you


The Board of Spirit is great, but the craftsman who is fighting after he has been in a position; Try to play Spirt to & # 39; feel without need.

By attacking those spirits, you will receive that Spirit as a whole in the world of light, but unfortunately, not that; the Board of the Spirit. There, a beating one will make you a strange wheel wheel challenge where you need to try to. kill that character through a spinning wing. Hitting gives you the Spirit, and long & # 39; What is needed, you have to wait for them to appear again, hit them again, and then, burn again with a smaller shield protecting them.

This is an unprecedented degree of purpose to do this, especially when more than a thousand spirits are collected. I have never found a spiritual attack I did not find interesting or interesting, which is very spectacular, but they are also uncertain, and that has an impact on that. Snorlax's fight is so fun again, but he lost the jewel when I had to do it again because of a bad bad after the fight. And unfortunately, for the drown, I found it pretty well to look back, like Dr. Wily, there is no way to revitalize the Spirit that is You have already hoped that it will appear on the Board of the Spirit again. However, there are so many spirits here that the wide variety of Board of Spirit is kept very funny by itself.

Blinded by the Light

Spirits are always feeling that they have been designed by World of Light, although the method is to be seen. ending as a single note as a result. Super Smash Bros.'s superb campaign Ultimate has had a fascinating and long-awaited campaign for 24 hours of play, and even then with just 84% ready. It's a pretty funny way, but I do not know it. Despite being more than today's day-to-day games, I came from her emotion as it was still just very good to go, joining a very good migration cake Smash Bros.

World of Light are you searching a very full board of winding paths, all blocked by hostile spirits on the way. You will start with Kirby only open and open; Remove the board to build, to & # 39; collect and compose spirits, and their; character resolution as you go. There are smaller maps for dungeon style for induction, some light puzzles to solve, and even special leaders have a great fight to fight, as well as many ambitions to build.

Although World of Light's world world can start to go, Feeling well after a series of independent paths over a 2D different and elegant map – the hospitals are amazingly surprising. He was a full part; I have been designed after the Tour Fighter World World method, with its usual rules based on playing Stamina with a low jump to report Street Fighter games. Others resemble nostalgia and can allege different games, and they are worthwhile doing something; get available for you.

It is the problem, through all of this, you still have a # 39; make the Spirit an endless spirit. They are skinned around each section of the map – it is a range of rock trees where I sent Captain Falcon and the Excitebike Spirit to war, and I got Star Fox & # 39 ; s Peppy and Super Mario RPG on Geno among the stars – but that's the same process; in fighting spirit on the Board of Spirit, just add a hodgepodge map of specific areas.

Everything you do in World of Light has been focusing on & # 39; getting and developing spirits, but I found enough spirits of spirit to get through any fighting around 10 hours into the campaign. That meant I played at an additional 14 hours without any progress for my character, Most of the things that I have been inspired to collect randomly. He was to see what new spiritual ties were there; Waiting for me is still more enjoyable and enjoyable, but my strategy was not needed for as long as and began to become uncertain to the time.


World of Light did not stop being fair, and the Spirit's battle is consistent, but simple and modest progress makes it slow after it first twelve times.

There is also a skill tree in the Earth of Light that enables you some powerful abilities. With a 13-hour marker, My smashed attacks could be put to death quickly, my cure, they could be implemented all the time, and they gave me high weapons so that not b & # 39; I can stop them. That meant that b & # 39; I can win most of the Spirit's struggles in two beaten or three attacks. extracting most of the pits; I have. That was also doing so much of the amount; Unbelievable universities of Spirit Dojos and shops make things likewise without point, despite being really cool from a taste perspective.

Although they are also getting easier, follow the constraints of their headteachers; enjoy them. It was swept away with the fight against the Hunter Monster Zone in particular, as it was much better than expected to put forward the atmosphere of the game. You must then run from Ravens around an excavation map to its nest, and then b> # 39; can use Pitfall and Deku Nut items to catch and steal to make damage. It was really cool, even though it was not too bad for that point in the campaign.

And that kind of World of Light in general: it's interesting, enjoyable, and very detailed, but also very ill. The spirit is a brilliant spirit and the number is very spectacular, but the same difference between them is to attack the Spiritual Board and on a map that is so; allowing you to get to a very strong skill tree. The problem is not just the entire initiative, but there is not much change at that time – as it is, Nintendo may be tired of five hours of fat and Adventure Adventure .

That makes something difficult for me, since there is no doubt that there is no pleasing surprising to me; Need to be buried among the wavelengths of spirits that are very difficult to get in. The last time of World of Light is, in particular, one of the best video games goals that I played in recent years, and made it the times of 10 repetitions before to worth it. There is little story in the world of light, with quilts that are foolish but they only appear at the beginning, middle, and end, but that is coming to an end still allow me to be invested and unfortunately to & # 39; inspiring me about what was going ahead of me.

Despite this, although World of Light's well is not so close to its depths, it is a very enjoyable way. Smash Bros commercial transactions It's always traditional to be full of slam dunks, which is not the problem as long as they do not. hear the multiplayer on the way. And although the teams can turn their spirits at an optional PvP, there is no emphasis on doing so, which allows World of Light to live happily as a bad sore.

A Twist on the Classics

Outside the spirit range, a classical approach that returns to a slightly tweaked format. Each accelerator is made up of six faces to face, driven around them – for example, Bowser must fight through each red character in the end before going on with Mario. There is also an incredible amazing self-scrolling platformer in each run, and the leader of World of Light's leader has also been re-used here, making it easier to go back than the Spirit and its own fight.

There will be a 100-Man Smash return, known as Century Smash, as well as the All-Star mode and the cruel Smash Smash. There is no target or challenging approach, but there are sufficient challenges for a style of achievement that provides benefits to keep you tracking old methods in ways you would not; think normally. I am especially in particular to support the new Smashdown multi-player mode that, Remove campaigners from the selected screen after you use them once. Just putting it, there is a lot of aggression when you're going to do it. You need a break from Smash and World of Light.


Tha fear de na leabharlannan geamannan as inntinniche a chunnaic mi a-riamh air a bhith aig an deireadh.

Feart eile a 'tilleadh bhon Wii U Smash Bros. gur e fìor mheas a th' ann an neach-taghaidh ciùil. Tha aon de na leabharlannan geamannan as iongantaiche a chunnaic mi riamh air aon de na leabharlannan as iongantach a chunnaic mi riamh agus faodaidh tu dealbh-cluiche a thogail le làimh nuair a thaghas tu e. Faodaidh tu fiù a bhith a 'cruthachadh chlàran-ciùil de na h-òrain as fheàrr leat agus an sgrion a thionndadh gus an tionndadh agad mar iPod a chleachdadh, ged a bha toraidhean gu math garbh agam le putanan a' faighinn cuideam agus òrain a 'faighinn seachad air fhad' sa bha mi ann an cùis nam poca agam, ga dhèanamh nas fheàrr airson a bhith a 'cleachdadh na dachaigh na a' dol air adhart.

Thuirt sin, chaidh a chuir dragh orm le dìreach dè cho math 'sa tha an t-uabhas deireannach a' coimhead agus a 'ruith ann am modh làimhe. Is e geama air leth iongantach a tha seo – ceum sònraichte suas bhon fhear mu dheireadh – agus chan eil e a 'faireachdainn gu bheil e air a ghearradh sìos nuair a thèid a chluich gluasadach. (Tha na cùisean taghte aig ìre ìre nas miosa dheth, ge-tà.) Ach bha coltas nach robh eadar-dhealachadh coileanaidh soilleir eadar an dà mhodh.

An dàrna cuid a 'dol air adhart le inneal-làimhe, cha robh na h-aon chùisean fìor a bh' agam air a 'buntainn ri uairean luchd-obrach, ach a' mhòr-chuid ann an àiteachan far nach robh mòran a dhìth. Mar eisimpleir, a 'feitheamh ri aodach triùir Mii a bhith a' luchdadh a-steach don chruthaichear, bidh e a 'dèanamh caractar a bhith gu math slaodach, agus uaireannan bidh dathan eile an luib a' toirt beagan dhiogan gus nochdadh air an sgrìn roghnaichte le caractaran, ach maidsean, clàran-làimhe, agus gach rud eile a tha cudromach gu math luath. Bha beagan de fhrèam cruaidh ann cuideachd nuair a bha iad a 'taghadh le ochdnar chluicheadairean, ach tha coltas ann nach eil sin a' smaoineachadh gu bheil e air a dhol à bith tron ​​gheama fhèin.

Air taobh a 'bhathar-chruaidh, bidh cluich le riaghladhan Switch's Joy Con ag obair gu ceart, ach chan eil iad a' toirt cead dha an t-eòlas Smash as fheàrr. Tha mi na fhrithealaiche mòr den Joy Con san fharsaingeachd, ach chan eil na geòlagan agus na trioblaidean didseatach freagarrach airson na gluasadan luath agus mionaideach aig Smash Bros.. Chuir mi seachad a 'chuid as motha de mo chuid ùine a' cluich Ultimate le smachdadair WaveBird gun ghluasad GameCube le USB adapter, ach tha an Switch Pro Controller ag obair glè mhath cuideachd. Tha e math gu bheil diofar roghainnean smachd ann, agus faodaidh tu fiù 's aon stiùir Joy Con a chleachdadh ann am priob (ged nach eil mi ga mholadh), ach tha e a' faireachdainn gu bheil e riatanach an-diugh a bhith a 'faighinn smachd iomallach an seo na geamannan Switch eile.

Tha feartan air-loidhne gu math inntinneach aig an deireadh-sheachdain cuideachd, a 'gabhail a-steach siostam a tha riatanach a' leigeil leat na tagaichean cù fhìor-ghluasadach aig duine sam bith a bhuail thu air-loidhne a thional. Gu mì-fhortanach, cha b 'urrainn dhomh seo a dhearbhadh a chionn' s nach robh na feartan air-loidhne rim faotainn mus deach an cur air bhog. Feumaidh sinn sùil a chumail air an fheadhainn a th 'air an cur air bhog agus faic a bheil cùisean sam bith ann, ach ma tha Splatoon 2 agus Mario Tennis Aces a' nochdadh, tha e coltach gu bheil làimhseachadh nas fheàrr aig Nintendo air cluiche air-loidhne na nuair a chaidh Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

Am Briathrachas

Tha an t-ainm Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a 'cumail suas a h-ainm, a' tabhann an geama as iomlaine san t-sreath gu ruige seo. Tha e uamhasach a bhith a 'cluich, a' sabaid, agus a 'fuasgladh – ged as urrainn sin a bhith na dhroch bhuaidh aig amannan. Ged nach eil an dòigh dànachd World of Light na adhbhar dha fhèin airson Smash Bros fhaighinn, tha e fhathast na iomairt a tha gu math iongantach agus uamhasach mòr, agus tha e na dheagh chuideachadh dha prìomh-chluiche iongantach ioma-chluicheadair Ultimate. Tha an t-sreath Smash Bros. air a bhith a 'cumail suas cothrom iongantach de ghnìomhan geamannan spòrsail is trang sabaid, agus tha Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ag atharrachadh agus a' leasachadh air gach taobh dheth fhèin gun a bhith a 'fàgail an dara cuid.

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