Talk: What are you doing? play this weekend? (9th February)


We have reached the weekend again and, as a tradition, the Nintendo Life team has come together to talk about the beautiful games we play over the next two days. We have a farm, fighting, fishing and sport coming out of Joy-Con this week, so you can read our entries and enter a vote in a & # 39; vote and comment in … Er, ideas. Enjoy!

Austin Voigt, his writer

This weekend, I'll try to help me with some new indie titles I've been trying to find out about. tooth his teeth. The first one is Farm Transport – which I'm going to keep; hearing good things about it, and if it's hoped that I write my borrowing. The next thing, I'm interested in delivering Fishing Star: A tour of the world However – although I do not go into fishing games, it seems that many people have a lot of people. talk about it, and it's pretty cool to play the Toy & Toy-Con fishing rod. Finally – and everyone will stop when I say this – I still do not play Hollow Knight, so that's definitely on the list for this weekend. I am especially in-house with my family at the moment, so the weekend of games is great!

Ryan Craddock, a staff writer

I'm still split completely Super Smash Bros. UltimateThen, I said it. For some reason, I have decided to go for every Spirit and to complete all the challenges now that I have done with World of Light (I have even obtained a small notepad document I'm going on my laptop where I'm watching what spirits I added and stuff). Someone will help me

Actually, I'll play that again this weekend, although two or two blacks are decorated, ready to go in shape GREAT and My memory about itI have not started yet, but I look forward to putting them up at a time.

Gavin Lane, a staff writer

Another week, it sells another eShop and another game for its taxpayer. This week it is Horizon Chase Turbo, archaeological racking I have been trying to try it since then since Chris Scullion has a clear analysis of the digital pages here. Beyond that, I'll continue to & # 39; plays awful marriage Steins; Gate Elite for review. I say & play; It is a visual novel with dozens of childhood; anime, and so it's more like Netflix's webcam. Keep your eyes been hauled for their meaning definitively.

Gonçalo Lopes, writer to add

I knew this would happen: Kunio-kun: World Cup it's possible to put it down! When I manage to let me go for a bit, it's time for some Splatoon 2 Splatfest will split over a & # 39; Awareness of breakfast now (FYI, I eat a lot healthier than the second option) and some of my friends; order Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Action Board of Spirit (which gets around 100% spirit here!). As long as I could add a few hours Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Structure, I'm feeling that the remaining blue birds from the other Bandai Namco trade will bring the rest of my weekend …

… And on that subject, the disappointment of the week will be & # 39; go Sky Gamblers – AfterburnerAfter-time there was so much need to do it badly and, as it is, it has been banned by obstacles, all Nintendo Switch virtual mavericks who is offer a lot of ladder box offers. Go to the last one Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders that place.

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, Inspector

For my sins, I may cost a good part of my weekend; play through Monster Power Supercross 2 on Switch. For reasons why I can not think of having played the MXGP games and the ultimate game of Supercross. This is hoped that the same port will be deeper to Switch. Knowing me maybe I'm going to know it. play a lot City of Brass In addition to. Because it is brilliant. Be good & no!

Which games do you play this weekend? (136 votes)

Fishing Star: A tour of the world


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Kunio-kun: World Cup


Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Structure


Sky Gamblers – Afterburner


Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders


Monster Energy Monarch – The Videogame Officials 2


Other (please comment below)


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