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Teen Dearg is leaving Blind after the Secretariat of Illness Causes Of His Eye to Bleed

This last month, Jordyn Walker, 15, was the editor and editor of the secondary school newspaper, the seasonal manager of the school football team, and a soldier competitive. Athletics, to go out and to; becoming purple, everything was at Missouri's boy.

But he changed his life on December 12, when he was taken away to Kansas City hospital for extreme abdominal pain and uncontrollable blood.

Before the night passed, the teenager lost her vision and almost all her life despite herding a mystery – a man who caused her to go to her; bleeding from his mouth, nose and ears. Worse still, the illness may be revived at any time.

"Every doctor says that this has never been before – they never saw anything like that," said his father, Keith Walker, to HuffPost for deaf. "So, the route is now very uncertain."

After losing its vision, Jordyn Walker had to give everything that she had previously left up to her vision for.

"I've seen all my life and suddenly, I needed to change quickly to be in continuous darkness," she said to HuffPost. "I need to find my way [without sight] and put out for things like eating and making clothes. "

Her father believes something has been connected to her & # 39; his chest and his stomach trying his daughter to her; most of his life. Over the years, she has seen a number of experts, but the issue has never been reported. Typically, the marks, as he said, would have to come after a visit of powerful antibiotics.

A & # 39; The first one suggested that something could be a lot worse than it happened during a voyage that the family took place in July 2017. During its time, voyage, she grew ill. Her teeth were injured, her stomach was carried, and her bloody stool was. She lost taste and smell.

When she was back on shore, doctors made a number of tests and finished treating her for a disease. In Missouri a number of medical examinations were carried out, but no responses were found. At the end she got out her lost sense.

Jordyn Walker was back to her life. Everything was right up to its first week of December.

"Her mucus cats grew so funny and she began to grind her eyes, ears and nose," said Keith Walker. "It was moved to an emergency room and was on board listening to people who talked about how she was out."

Doctors pronounced her with blood plates, her dad said. After more than one week in an intensive care unit, it was released.

Jordyn Walker was admitted to hospital again on December 12 – a date his family always remembers.

"His nose was running, with his teeth hurting, face of his face, and his eyes began to grow faster," said Keith Walker. "My wife asked my nurse to deal with Jordyn with [a steroid], but they were hard to listen to a wonderful mom and they were attacking an epinephrine for Jordyn. "

Within two hours, the teenager's clothes heard that her eyes were growing from her head, asking doctors to cut their eyelids in an effort to lower their weight , according to her father. Then he attacked to remove her orbital bones to allow her skull to move and disturb her.

The pictures below show Jordyn Walker at different points in their disease and hospital progress, and & # 39; They may be disturbing some readers.


Jordyn Walker

Although the laboratory could save its life, he did not save his vision. When she woke up, she was in darkness.

"The surgeon, the optometrist, and all the doctor said the damage to the optic was damaged after the ability to settle a medical science," said Keith Walker.

Five days before Christmas, Jordyn Walker's reconstructive attack was about to replace his orbital bones around his eyes.

Dr Travis Langner, the regional head of childcare at the University of Kansas Medical Center, is familiar with her case and said she is suffering from infectious disease.

"This exhibition is completely special," said Langner to KMBC-TV Kansas City this week.

Keith Walker told HuffPost as the doctors explained that it was an "amazing battle that goes on" inside her body.

"This battle is usually fought between good cells and bad cells, but they think good cells are good at cellular cells because they can not tell the difference," said e. "They do not know why."

The attention of local media, but everything was not done correctly, she said, the child, Shannon Loerzel.

"Some of the media are [reporting] she came back from the voyage and was very ill, "said Loerzel to HuffPost." We have made extensive tests, and we do not believe – one of the doctors does not; believing – there was nothing to do with the seafarer with its signs. "

According to Keith Walker, he recently reported doctors in Kansas City his recent daughter to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She gets it there on 16 January for another visit of invasive tests.

Despite everything she / she; passing through, Jordyn Walker said she does not want pity or demand. She said she had a strong family system and she kept open mind about blindness.

"Science is constantly evolving and new things come out all the time," she said. "So you do not know at all. In a couple of ways, I'm not going to sit around me."

The teenager, who is planning to bring everything out, says she has advice she wants to share with everyone who has read her story.

"Take a look at what's around you," she said. "No one is giving it so much until she goes. Identify what you have and thank you for."

Family members have been set up on the GoFundMe page to help pay expenses incurred; grow. They have also created a Facebook page to share updates on its condition.

"My daughter is a ship," said Keith Walker. "It's the hardest person I've ever met on this planet. She still has a reason and she will get it."

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