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Tesla's carriages are now more valued in their resources; As a result of his self-driving ability, Elon Musk says

Elon Musk has made a significant claim about Tesla today; The head said Tesla vehicles are now asset-worth assets because of their self-driving capacity.

Except for some unusual examples, cars are usually reducing money.

As well as a few keepers and rare models, passenger vehicles often lose their value, but Musk now claims that this is not for Tesla vehicles.

He told a podcast today (based below):

“The purchase of a car today is a future investment. I think it's the deepest thing if you buy Tesla today, I believe you buy a well-value asset – not a depreciation asset. ”

Musk talked about the fact that new Tesla vehicles are now built on a fully-automated computer which he thinks needs a Tesla hardware set that needs to be driven t with automated software again.

He said:

“The cars that are currently being made with the hardware now in place can be fully automated. ”

Although Tesla is currently selling this system in $ 5,000 carriages (as it is currently undergoing change), it is prized that the value will increase and Tesla vehicles will build up in time. T .

Musk gave the opinion in a podcast about fake feeling by Lex Fridman:

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Elon has made a number of fantastic claims over the years and we have a habit of being used to it, but this one still surprises me for some reason.

It is not completely out of the ordinary as some cars have time to gain value, but we cannot compare these cars with Elon's comments here.

These cars have become valuable as a result of a shortage. Tesla plans to millions of them. You should not be free of anything.

It seems that he thinks that software replacement will increase the value beyond the $ 5,000 that Tesla currently wants the FSD package.

It would be a surprise to me.

The only way I can see low-pressure Tesla vehicles is if they become a financial generating facility, they could be the case with a Tesla Network which is to be a stationary vetting service. T Authentic Tesla.

I believe it is not impossible, but it would have been a major transition from the current Tesla depopulation, which has recently been accelerating due to the sustained price of Tesla.

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