That use in Winnipeg does not cause illnesses caused by blood, new documents say

The surgery could be used by methamphetamine; Given more serious causes of blood-borne illnesses, giving warning to Winnipeg's Regional Health Authority.

Reports within the health authority, received from the regional Democrats and given to the media, say hepatitis B levels, hepatitis C, syphilis and HIV are significantly increasing, largely because of the frequency of # 39; the drug is.

One information note also describes "lack of regional leadership" in a & # 39; preventing and controlling compulsory diseases.

"These documents show that there is a dispute in Winnipeg now a public health crisis," said the NDP Chief Executive against Wab Kinew on Tuesday, Describes information found in the printing of a sliding show on a failure in Winnipeg, e-mail and information notes.

The current B emergency situation is "near most of the injection drug use," said one memorandum. The 40 issues reported from 2016 are nine times the number in the previous decade, according to the WRHA memorandum.

There is also a significant increase in hepatitis C cases among those under 25 also associated with drug intake, the memorandum states that although a level of silica in a uncommon commission is closely linked to methyl crystals .

Challenge to all of us: Minister of Health

"It means that this issue does not affect people who like methamphetamine, but also that it can spread … to the public," said Kinew.

It is expected that there will be more than 400 syphilis cases in 2018 – compared to more than 120 per year in 2015, 2016 and 2017, WRHA said at a Tuesday news conference.

Nearly half of the population who had been resistant to crystalline disease has recently been moved.

The WRHA documents say that the supports available for users are not enough.

"Clinical, clear paths" do not have to guide people who suffer from psychosis, and that community resources and prevention programs do not exist; home, the documents, received by the NDP under the freedom of information request.

People are welcome to their ideas, but they do not welcome the truth.– Minister of Health Cameron Friesen

The healthcare system can not deal with the number of mental health and care behaviors that are being carried out; be included as a result of using meth, according to the WRHA document, which the health authority said in August said.

The treatment of a lack of absence present, which the document says, is ineffective and is often not available.

One information leaflet says six six beds that the department added to the Center for Health Sciences to deal with the increase in the use of the temporary medicine options that will be taken forward elsewhere, though he does not say where.

The Minister of Health Cameron Friesen says from that note in August, the government gave these beds to live.

"We do not need Manitoba to ask for freedom of information from the NDP … to remind Manitobans that we have a problem now on methamphetamine," he said. "It's becoming increasingly and it's a challenge to us all."

The Minister for Health, Friesen Cameron, said that his divinity has experienced illnesses that he has experienced. removing blood as a result of getting better, and the government is keen to be able to; deal with. (Tyson Koschik / CBC)

Last month's deposits, he said, included new walking clinics, a new pharmacist that provides parachute users and a $ 8.4 million decision last week with the federal government to build more medicine beds and create attractive and attractive teams.

Friesen said that his government has shown leadership on his & her; case, and the fact that the "historical" information note is a & # 39; confirm that the WRHA work group is considered by community members.

The same document, however, describes its & # 39; information as peer review and based on authoritative evidence.

"People are welcome to their ideas, but they do not welcome the truth," said Friesen.

Divide the management of a methy medicine: WRHA

Gina Trinidad, health executive chief executive for the health authority, said the Manitoba government is now a director of the file.

"Indeed," she said. "With the entire regional strategy about Virgo's report on mental health and revenge, as a whole."

According to an internal email received by the NDP, the health authority introduced a new technical crystal action plan in late October, with updates of progress on the weekly share with operators.

In the same email, WRHA's activity requested that it be kept private.

Asked at a news conference if the health authority made public reports, Trinidad said that the WRHA has already shared its priorities with its; the public.

Manitoba Director of the NDP Wab Kinew says that there is an increase in illness caused to blood that shows that there is a need for a sudden illness; becoming a matter of public health for more than just drug users. (Tyson Koschik / CBC)

One of the NDP's documents also said that the WRHA was expecting a report to drop this & # 39; Assessing the need for an underpinning installation site. Trinidad said that the health authority is still considering site like that.

It is needed to help tackle the problem of a continental meth, Kinew said.

It is a suggestion that Manitoba also has a & # 39; Need hundreds of other medical beds, where patients could stay for as long as one year.

Crime crime crushing, Prairie police say

At the same time, on Tuesday, Prairie police chiefs told the House of Commons health committee that methamphetamine is a " hitting crime in some of the largest cities in West Canada.

Steve Barlow's Interim Police Constabulary said to the committee that crime levels have been in place; The town went to the top when a fall fell off.

Drugs are a cause of almost half of the police involved in the police, Barlow said.

Calgary's Interim Police Director, Steve Barlow, told the House of Commons health committee that the crime rate of his home was " go through the top when a false price fell. (CBC)

Chief executive of Winnipeg's police officer, Danny Smyth, said a misleading failure to " dealing with other crime, as officers are linked into healthcare facilities with fraudulent users.

Winnipeg police has seized over 20 kilograms of steel this year – almost doubled what was received last year.

Winnipeg CEO, Brian Bowman, said Ottawa had to create a national strategy for illegal drugs, including, as well as strengthening the protection of the border and its; providing more mental health facilities.

It is worried that organized crime can move to & # 39; Moving to methamphetamine now cannabis is a recreational pursuit.

"Our resources are stretching and, indeed, we need federal government support to help with mental and home health problems," he said to the committee.

Kim Longstreet talked to the Ottawa committee about the problems she has been putting on to a stressful person. addressing substance misuse problems. (Riley Laychuk / CBC)

Kim Longstreet, a claimant from Brandon, said again over the 11th birthday that she saw her son who dropped slowly into drugs.

Although he used other drugs, she said that any material took hold of her son was very similar to methamphetamine. He has been cured several times, but he has always gone back.

"Every time I hear my siren or phone at times, I know if this is the call," said Longstreet.

"For some of them, this will make me a noise as a parent terrible, but sometimes I think that call is called, and I'll have peace with my son from the war that our society looks like socially lost. "

The surgery could be used by methamphetamine; Given more serious causes of blood-borne illnesses, giving warning to Winnipeg's Regional Health Authority. 2:37

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