Before his death, XXXTentacion revealed that he had been working on three continuous records: ?, Skin, and Bad Vibes forever. Today, X's mother and his team have ensured that Skin it became a reality, and grew the third rapper single-studio studio in two years.

Undoubtedly, the distribution may show a response from fans, who are expecting the & # 39; album from "Bad!" crash at the beginning of November. Now, Skin forward, playing at short still welcomed ten routes. Although X's close colleagues did not have a shortage, including Ski-skiing, Dialysis and Joey Bada $$ for a few names, the unique feature comes from Kanye West.

Today, X fans should be comfortable because young rapper music has been available, as maybe what he would like. Tell what you do about the man, but those who watched his videos know he did; value his hero, and his / her; make sure he first adds. Perhaps its vision is not exactly what is expected, but Skin It should be more than those who are still in mourning. Rest in peace, X.