The ECG Apple Watch found something strange about my heart rhythm

When I first started to try out the new EKG feature on the Apple Watch 4 Series – available Thursday through the cheaper OS 5.1.2 update software – the last thing I expected to find something unusual with my heart rhythm. But that's just what happened when I was a cross reference to reading the Watch with an EKG medical device at the doctor's office.

"We see on your Apple Watch the same core we see on the EKG," said Dr. Gregory Marcus, professor of medicine and electrophysiologist at the UCSF Medical Center when I sat on the hospital bed with cable connected to her; my body and Apple Watch Series 4 on my arm.


The results of Apple Watch EKG showed the same irregular blow as the doctor's EKG.

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"These early rats are very common … but they can bring forward problems in the long run. So we should hear a bit more about that," he said.

Core seasonal administration has been a major part of Apple Watch and general healthcare makers. But so far, it is used largely for it activity management and calorie countingSouth Westerly

With its upgrade to Watch OS 5.1.2, Apple's core phase will play a more important role in allowing us to access the two new FDA-solving features that Apple's top-rated Apple- September. There is an unusual heart alarm for each Apple Watches, except for the first generation model, and an electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) that sets out the Series 4. Can both help with warnings about bad heart conditions that threatening life.

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We tested Apple Watch EKG against an EKG hospital


Heart level measurement

Continuous traceability is not a core of innovation. Smartwatches and health carers have LEDs and skeletal sensors to be used for the changes in blood flow under the surface; skin, and also your eyes. When the heart is emotional, more blood is pumped into the blood vessels; including more light. Intermediate when there is less blood, more light will be brought back into the watch spectators.


Undertake an irregular heart rate message from the Health app on the Apple Watch 1 Series and further afield.


In 2017, Apple Watch became proactively active in how it used heart rate information by high-level notification to & # 39; a clock on the clock, which allowed customers to know when the heart appeared above a certain level and subsequently informed heart rate. These queries were already help users find a real problemSouth Westerly

But the heart level is only average in every minute, or how often & # 39; the heart beat over time and not the patterns between each beat called the heart rhythm.

"You can get a regular rhythm that is very fast or too slow … And also, an irregular attitude can be normal, it's too quick or too slow," said Dr. Marcus.

With the new irregular rhythm information, Apple Watch uses the optical sensor to measure heart rhythm and warning users when it finds an irregular pattern that can be anti acrylic translates (AFib), type of arrhythmia; Increased risk of stroke and heavy heart failure. This feature will only work for adults over 22 years of age and will not help if you have already confirmed AFib.

EKG on the Apple Watch

To make a definitive diagnosis, a doctor needs more information than possible to give the kiss.

"Sometimes these ghosts are so early that their heart has not enough time to fill it, although it may have been a great beat at the beginning," said Dr Marcus. "We would like to confirm the certification of atrial fibrillation before deciding on acting for it and not being generally established, only on record, "he said.

That's where the EKG comes in. EKG a & # 39; use electrodes to measure the electrical activity of their heart. Generally, the EKG hospital level comprising 10 electrodes is placed on different parts of your body. Although the Apple Watch Series has two series: One back-end electrode and one electrode on its & # 39; digital crown.

"This 12-lead EKG shows what's happening with lightning in the heart from 12 different scenes, or 12 different guides, but the Apple Watch gives you the no electricity, but indeed in one way, "explained Dr. Marcus.


The Apple Watch uses electrodes on & # 39; back and on the digital crown with the ECG app.

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When he was looking at his & # 39; I have opened the new ECG application (Apple uses its ECG shortcut, but GPs usually say EKG) on the Apple Watch 4 Series to get my first EKG given. I put my finger on the digital crown and I stayed long & # 39; The screen was counted down 30 seconds. The Apple Watch categorizes your heart rhythm like AFib, synonymous or uncertain rhythm. My result: of course.

The message on Apple Watch also said that I should contact my doctor if I do not really feel or keep the same product. Users can share these results as a pdf together with the doctor, but fortunately, my doctor met her side by side.

The EKG watch on Apple was just the same as the results of the hospital EKG Dr. Marcus was published. An early fast bite came from my heart's lower room.

"This would be really useful to scratch for this or your first understanding that these heartbeats are early in that," said Dr. Marcus. "The only Apple Watch company is the information that tells us more precisely where this is just coming."


The Apple Watch results on the iPhone compared to the 12-lead EKG results on paper.

James Martin / CNET

More information that includes quicker results

Dr. Marcus says I will not die because of what he got on my EKG, but he wants me to see me continue on my heartbeat early, something that I did not have; I enjoyed this type of test. And for people with heart conditions more difficult, this can help doctors to make a quicker judgment and allow them to cure the problem faster.

"Some people feel when they have atrial fibrillation, but there are not many people. So this hope is that we could find those people who did not know what their atrial fibrillation, "said Dr. Marcus.

The Apple Watch is the only machine for EKG users that was built. But there are other devices such as FDA Alivecor on KardiaMobile and KardiaBand to clean for the Apple Watch that allows users to use EKG outside the GP office. Apple watch competitors like Garmin and Fitbit are also working improve their heart rate study as technologically more companies focus on healthcare as a way of replacing a new life into her life.

"The outside is that we recognize that there is a risk of the result of a misleading probation that causes unacceptable causes," said Dr. Marcus.

An irregular heart rhythm is already available on Apple Apple that starts with the series 1 and can be set up in the Heart of the app section. The EKG app is only available on the Apple Watch 4 Series and is only available in the US, although Apple plans to obtain a regulatory permission for this feature in other countries later.

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