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The Flames line will affect overall team performance

CALGARY – The best brand name on the Calgary Flames line was made throughout the team's magic rise to the premiere of this season.

One of them was "Stale", until the Bill Peters coach praised Wednesday morning.

So he put it up, and sent Elias Lindholm to the second line as an alternative to Matthew Tkachuk. It was so big to try to re-let Tkachuk again because he wanted to help Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan revive, who have been struggling to find the net from the ocean big. It works.

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The highest problem was in an early competition, tight-checking with the beautiful New York birds, creating unlimited scout opportunities in a game that saw fire gaudreau seven of its nine line shows the aim.

Eventually, Gaudreau broke his game open in the early third when he left; He dropped 29 seconds after the Austin Czarnik 4-2 Flames was put up for a good, fast, chippy situation they stopped on Long Island the next week. This is Gaudreau a & # 39; The first time in 10 trips and 30th on the season, a connection with a top office reached once before.

"I mean, there may be different words for use there (rarely), but we can not get out (final)," said Gaudreau, who The scoring race fell by just five in that area.

"Sometimes when you change the lines up you get a little spirit, a little bit of energy. I thought we worked together together – we got lots of scenes, especially in the second time. Posted (Tkachuk ), a twin couple, I thought we played well. I thought the two lines with the change were played well tonight. "

Mikael Backlund was well done by Michael Frolik to open the scoring and he helped the goal of travis Hamonic 2-0 to put forward after a man.

It was asked to play the kind of defensive game; In the Isles charter throughout the season, the Flames were up 2-1 after two, keeping visitors just seven scenes. Everyone said that the Flames Islands had just taken 20 tracts, which helped Mike Smith to his / her. their original benefit.

"Maybe that's so good we've been playing hard and I think that much of it started on the invasion side – we brought forward many stress back to us, "said Hamonic, a & # 39; He was very disappointed when he admired his love and was a Score of the team he played for his first seven years of post.

"I think it's going to reinforce even more because there is a lot on the line and things are raised."

Peters stopped the weeks that the games could be tighter, and his & her; defeated the Flames until the best defender team came in the league.

The Flames responded dramatically and gave them the third advantage in a row after a 0-2-2 team that was worried about their ability to stay in the west. Now they are retained three points on San Jose second.

"We need to look forward, I'm thinking, moving forward," said Peters, who has the Anaheim club on Friday. "We are able to be able and we can still be dangerous and we have still been very defensive."

Lindholm's 200-foot game has been good for managing that case, because he made Wednesday with the kind of disgusting effort that many believe it is important to move this team.

"It gives us some flexibility – we can bring these lines back at any time and we do not have to act with them," said Peters, there is no doubt that & # 39; move your lines around the section and even in the playoffs.

That's just what he's doing to start his boys.

He also got holders of fans, how the locals have been thinking about how effective & Tkachuk would be covered by the big boys.

"I thought we played well – we played in the attack area tonight tonight," said Gaudreau of his new line, OK, though the three players on the left. "In the defense area, I thought we played well at the front of Smitty, and it was a rock back there.

"A very good game for our team there."

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