The Galaxy S10 design has completely declined and there is a huge surprise

An Galaxy S10 It is expected that they will come in three smaller modules than when it is released early next year, and the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 + will give us a clear insight into how the t- series a & # 39; shape up – and there may be a huge amount.

That is because of the fact that they did not. the Galaxy S10 + can only have two, buttons punch & # 39; to the front of the machine. Ann and only, this is not absolutely amazing, because most audio is </ i>; recommend that the S10 + display two face camera sensors.

It is clear that they need to describe the design of their phone, so a pair of O-shaped cuttings will be ensured. However, the latest eel from Evan Blass tipster – bigger shots – more well-known @evleaks Twitter – suggesting that the situation in which we were not; think.

The pocket hole center shown in the image is an incredible thing, as when Samsung revealed the SDC infinity showcase 2018, an Infinity-O presentation that was featured as part of the Galaxy S10 and S10 + corner positioning.

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Galaxy S10

Based on this, it is likely that Ice Universe will put Android phones to question the situation of the camera that is set out in the icon that was shared by Blass.

Others have long gone to the use of the proportions to measure the torque of ports.

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And not just Twitter users who support the Galaxy S10 to have their front cameras in the display corner.

The designer recently introduced the famous concept of Ben Geskin's visual vision of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + on Instagram, and also shows a cut off the corner – one for the S10, and A bigger man with two corners earned O for the S10 +.

Look – one of the best and best images we find S10 we still see, is & # 39; shows how a punch hole will impact on the S10 standard bar.

Galaxy S10 +

Everything will be released next year, with the expectation that Samsung would launch the 2019 logo at the time of its #. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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