The Happenings: Three things to do in Vancouver on Friday, November 23

Scuba Claus returns to the Aquarium Vancouver on this holiday season.

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Looking for something to do in Metro Vancouver? Here are three suggestions for Friday, November 23.

Art Sale Student Story at Emily Carr University

I'm preparing for a good artwork, and it's sure Emily Carr is a Stunning Real Art. The university will disseminate all kinds of artistic design amazingly, and many will sell pieces for a lot more in the future than they spend on this weekend. If you want to attract talented local artists on accessible art, this is the place to do that. Find pictures, prints, pottery and original design, as well as illustrations, printed, machine works, house rooms, welcome cards and more.

Where: Emily Carr University Art + Design, 520 E. 1st Ave., Vancouver
When: Doors open at noon
Cost: FREE

The tallest man on the ground

Singer Singer Saras Per Kristian Matsson, Dylan-esque folkie who will go with her. the highest minister on earth), who visits Chan Center on Friday when he goes to the ground; hiking in support of the project five new songs, When the bird gets Solid location. But do not be charged, because this is not an EP. Instead of releasing its & # 39; band at the same time, Matsson has been releasing one song and music video from the project every month throughout the year. That means that the best bet for the hearing is in order to be seen at UBC.

Where: Chan Center, 6265 Crescent Road, UBC, Vancouver
When: 8 p.m.
Cost: $ 49.50

Sea of ​​Light at Aquarium Vancouver

There are two reasons why you need to go to Vancouver Bank Aquarium this weekend: the first one to go to # 39; see Sea of ​​Lights, immersion knowledge of bubbles, lights and sounds that the Aquarium has described as an interesting interpretation of ocean transit. The second is going to see Scuba Claus, the skipper is tired of her; decorated as Santa Claus who visits the Aquarium for the holidays. The Aquarium Christmas material comes to Friday, and # 39; including the Christmas tree with eel eels in the Teck Connections Gallery and the snowflake that is on display in the Tropics Gallery. Take a look.

Where: Aquarium Vancouver, 845 Avison Route, Vancouver
When: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Cost: $ 38

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