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The largest YMCA in the world will be opened by a climbing chimney, library and ice buildings

The world's largest YMCA – at 300,000 square feet – is opened in the south east of the city with a surf simulator, a full-featured library and hospitality of other services.

Most of the services are at a & # 39; $ 193 million, Brookfield Resident YMCA at Seton at 4995 Market Street S.E., open to the public on Monday but reporters received sneak peek on Thursday.

It has been filed as a community center, filled with a competing tune, a surf simulator, two ice signals, three athletes, a 200-meter track and an art gallery.

"When I think of the general impact and what we are launching here, not only do I see an amazing building but its impact potential for leadership, for learning, for community awareness, membership awareness and to build a better life for all Calgarians, "said the YMCA chief executive of Calgary and Chief Executive of Shannon Doram.

Seton's Brookfield Resident YMCA is open on Monday in Calgary. (Anis Heydari / CBC)

In recent years, the city has spent $ 480 million to open four recreational facilities in the areas considered unprotected. In 2016, the YMCA Remington opened in the Quarry and Great Plains Park Recreation Facility. In 2018, the Shane Homes YMCA opened at Rocky Ridge.

The YMCA will run Seton's resource, and cover operational costs, said a statement.

YMCA has a program to support subsidy programs for low-income people. Some services, and including the library, will be offered free of charge.

"The Brookfield YMCA in Seton is a vibrant center built by the community and the community, a place where nobody can be turned off and everyone has the opportunity to help & # 39; building a community, despite the financial situation, "said Doram.

There are various workplaces in the YMCA Seton. (Anis Heydari / CBC)

Most services are open on Mondays but competitions and sports pitches are open on a & # 39; March 1.

The 50-meter bath has 10 series. There is also a polo water collection that is proven for competitions with the International Internationale de Nataion. The cowboys and the medal platforms also meet competing levels.

There is also a water park, a children's bed, a lake of lions and two water-water.

The recreation center also hosts a 250-seat theater, a childcare center and children's care services for members, a medical clinic and a cure.

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