The Network Weather – Fireball is caught on camera, turning night to Florida in Florida

Sunday, March 31 2019, 3:11 m – An impressive fireball lighting up the Florida sky on Saturday night t

The night was as stormy as the day over Florida outside Saturday night, as the star-studded overhanging it was over.

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Just before midnight, a blue-green light was cut through the sky near Perry, Florida, southeast of Tallahassee, although there were sightings of the American Meteor Society from as far afield as Atlanta, Charleston and Tampa. . Around 220 reports were received with the AMS on Sunday afternoon.

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The local Weather Service office also saw the meteor but from a slightly different perspective. The Tallahassee NWS office raised a profile of the meteor as seen by Mapper Lightning Mapper (GLM) GOES, where it appeared as bluish blowing.

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Audiences from across the region reported on the strike; the society has published several of the videos that were published on Youtube, as shown below.

To date, no evidence has been provided of evidence of stars staring on the ground.


  • Rocks (known as asteroids) are known as meteoroids (more commonly called asteroids).
  • When a meteoroid enters the atmosphere, it generates a large amount of light across the air, known as dirt.
  • Meteoroids more than make a clear fire, or even an explosion like a current
  • Any part of meteoroid or asteroid that affects the ground is called meteorite
  • There are three types of meteorites – iron, standing stones and stone iron
  • In most sheteorites some of the minerals are extinct earlier in the solar system, more than 4.5 billion years ago t
  • Some stars are even from Mars or the Moon!

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