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The Northern Pole is moving to Russia

If you take a spaghetti and follow the needle to the north, you will only turn to the North Pole – or 90 degrees wide to the north.

Instead, your long journey with land and sea and ice now takes you to a place in Artaig Harbor a few hundred miles away from the northern geographical end. 115 years ago, it would have been released to you in Canada.

This week – after delays due to the closure of the US government – the National Ocean Administration and the launch of a new Earth Exploration Furniture have shown that the pole has move again, and at a fast pace.

It is the map in which; a model of northern imitation and the Earth's magnetic range. And northern equipment has now moved from Canada and to Siberia, in almost straight line.

The locations where equipment to the north and south always have targets move. As a result, NOAA and its partners in the UK will be publishing a revised magnetic model of Earth every five years. Therefore, navigation systems that use magnetic companions, such as those used by planes, can be more accurate and accurate for the difference between the large poles and geological locations.

The revision was not expected to occur until the end of 2019. But northward migrations have been moving at a rate of 31 miles per year since the last upgrade in 2015 – faster than more than 30%. usual.

The latest map of the north end.

"The pole could be moved around 1,000 kilometers [621 miles] between 1900 and 1990, and is also moved around 1,000 kilometers from the end of the 1990s and today, and so it has been significantly expanded, "explained by William Brown's geomagnetic director to The Verge. (See how long the pole has moved on this interactive map from NOAA.)

Experts of geology do not know why the Northern Pole is moving so fast, or why the movements are so spectacular. But the answer may be deeply grounded.

We have around 1,800 miles beneath our feet, in the outermost part of the Earth, melted iron and nickel that are spread in large wild streams, reaching a temperature of around 9,000 Fahrenheit degrees. And it is one of the essential geological features that allow life to live on Earth. This ticket iron creates a powerful range that is a? Spread our planet, which then protect us by & # 39; Removing radiation kill life away from Earth's surface.

Scientists have patience that something is wrong; happening in the outer heart causes rapidly against Siberia. One suggestion, as Nature explains, could "connect the movable movement of its northern magnetic photocopy with an early jet of dry iron under Canada." That is very wealthy.

You do not have to go deeper into the ground, or into the space, to see the magnificent feature of the magnetic field. It is the responsibility of the aurora, or the north and south lights, in polar sections, as magnetic acidity of the direction of adhesive panels is from place to put it into our atmosphere near the poles.

And it is interesting to think of how one of the most powerful armies that shape life on Earth – and help you to navigate it – a & # 39; move in the underground depths.

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