The Olympic gymnastics coach tells of the disappointment of a letter against the anti-rape

A high-class athletic coach who was accused of generic invasion was given to the Thursday exam when he apologized to the procurator to "go over the line" he did not refer to any sex offenses.

Dave Brubaker stated that he had written a letter to indicate that it was difficult for a trainee who had been able to do so. formerly because he had overlooked the common boundaries of coach athletes to protect him to use and take on family trips, among other things – but he did not stop him were sexual behaviors.

Brubaker, whenever he is a director of the women's national athletics team, has promised not to be guilty of any account of sexual assault and any count of genetic invitation at his / her. court only in Sarnia, Ont. The expenses associated with events taken between 2000 and 2007.

Co-coach defends house ways:

CBC Sports Jamie Strashin has a & # 39; Getting the most recent from Sarnia on a rape against the normal Canadian coach in Dave Brubaker. 1:21

"Border crime in extreme sport is very clear," said Brubaker as he gave his own defense, saying he has taken courses in the case. "You do not drive a child to school. You do not talk to them outside the athlete. You do not talk to them on social media."

The complainant, who is now in her 30s, has said Brubaker would take her up from school and take her to her house, where she would sometimes kiss her and her # 39; placing her buck on her lap before driving her to use.

It never happened & # 39;

Brubaker refused the allegations, saying that there was no chance to lie in bed with the complainant because his wife was usually at home when he then gave his house.

"It never happened," he said.

He said, when he wrote the letter in which his apology was – a note written when asked by a police – he did not refer to sexual offenses but to the similar work of the family He is in the life of the complainant.

Brubaker said he had felt that He had to write the letter with the police officer who was currently interviewing him.

"[The officer] tell me what you say. He told me what to write, "he said.

Police Brubaker's police interview video was released to Thursday. He was queried when the court heard that the police officer was in a position; questioned that Brubaker, the only officer who was investigating his / her; case, related to the complainant by marriage.

The complainant also received evidence that Brubaker would put her a kiss on her salon for a salon and a blessing that began when she was 12 years old.

Brubaker recognized kissing the complaint on the bills, but he refused to start using it.

The old gymnast Kyle Shewfelt replies with anti-coach allegations:

As an athletic coach, her Olympic hero, Kyle Shewfelt, tells how he disturbed the allegations against a national team coach; , as well as how these developments can lead to a change in sporting culture. 4:03

"I think it was just out of the ordinary … it started to kiss me," he said, saying that the kisses were inconvenient. "I will not come from a kiss family, so I'm just part of the fun culture. It's not something I need as a person."

Brubaker's wife, who also gave him evidence to Thursday, even though the complainant was the only chemistry she and her husband had pledged on her blog, they also kissed parents the bills as welcome.

The gymnast also tells the test that Brubaker was sometimes talking to her inappropriately when she was; sporting attraction – a case that Brubaker rejected strongly.

He said he would have an impact on the place where his high gloss met her, as well as the surrounding area of ​​her chest to find at muscles outside, but kept her; The fact that he was all for her sport performance.

Massages needed for success

Expertist who gave evidence on the previous day of Thursday said that sports massages such as those run by Brubaker were essential for the success of athletics.

"It's necessary," said Ronald Weese, a specialist specialist in athletic trainer training. "You can not[graphic[SpecialtyTutorials-experiencespaces"[toanelitelevel[Fromherewithoutanemphasisonthesmallfinerdetails"[guìremionlach[Àsanseoguncuideamairnamion-fhiosrachaidheanbeaganasfèarr”[toanelitelevel[ fromherewithoutanemphasisonthesmallfinerdetails”

Weese said that the muscles in those parts of the body are very important for behavioral sports, which they use as long as they are. split or build up. He also said that an unfamiliar sportsman can connect to the wrong part of the body in these suppressions.

"I'm sure slides are happening all the time, but the less familiar you are about is that," he said.

When asked by her Crown, Weese said that it would be an unusual coach to lie behind an athlete and his / her; cast her away away.

It is expected that the Crown and protection will close Friday's arguments.

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