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The Ottawa engineer is behind Instant Pot to come to his & # 39; rest of your kitchen

This Christmas, because the prices are not filled everywhere, Robert Wang Ottawa will give another big jump to attack a corporate ambition that once felt and felt: without always put Poc in all kitchens.

Wang, who was a team leader in Nortel, institute of Instant Pot, has a multi-needed emergency cooker that has been among the Amazon selling products on Amazon for three years after each other.

There are currently four companies in China, Instant Brands Inc., based in Kanata, in China to turn out the eighth generation of the kitchen machine.

In July this year, more than 300,000 Pots Instant were sold at one time, 36 hours at Amazon Amazon retailer price, according to published accounts.

The Pot Instant has inspired a restaurant to cook cookie books, some of which sit in the Wang office.

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A fully cooked business has grown up around an Instant Pot. It has created more than 2,000 cookery books, launches a number of food blogs and spawning all types of supporters and tools: spat, steamers, egg racks, springform panels. Facebook's Instant Pot page over 1.6 million members.

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Everything is making a statement of early Wang – "putting a Poc unusual in each kit" – now Bill Gates is more likely than Betamax.

"At that time, it was scarce. Now, if you look at our numbers today, it's very affordable," said Wang, a 54-speaker computer science scientist.

Current postings.

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But Instant Pot is just the beginning of the up-to-date kitchen outlet that Wang expects. His company has already launched a boxbox, with more kitchen appliances being developed.

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It may be coming back for your poster.

"We want to revive small kitchen tools because I know that we have a successful formula."

Instant Brand offices in the Kanata North Technology Park have a good kitchen smell since the latest Pot Pot edition is being tested with new product and subsidiary products, which are still kept in secret . The company now employs 90 people in Ottawa, with more in Vancouver, Toronto, Utah and London.

It is an amazing achievement for Wang, a Shanghai-based entrepreneur who was working with a very knowledgeable knowledge and mobile internet services before trying to solve the most fundamental family problems: good food on his & # 39; board quickly.

Amazingly, everything could have happened if it was not a digital Casio calculator.

Robert Wang Ottawa is the Instant Pot multicooker projector.

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Robert Wang was born in Shanghai in Shanghai, and suffered the type of family message famous at the time of China's Chinese Cultural Outreach.

His parents, the two university education engineers, were put to a different corner of the country. Robert lived in the south of Guilin with his mother, and was a father, a civil engineer who was specialized in cold weather foundations, working in the northern town of Harbin.

Wang was seen for his father for a week alone every year until he was re-visited in Harbin when he was nine years old.

The strong student, he did not know what he wanted to do with his life until his uncle placed a set of books on mathematics, physics and chemistry – rare at times – and Casio's calculator. B & B in 1977; there.

"I was very excited about that calculator, the internal work, and I decided that I wanted to get into computing science," said Wang.

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Fortunately for the 13-year-old, the ambition he got upset by the chief executive chief of Deng Xiaoping, who began to open China to the world and refurbish its economy .

Deng returned the national college induction test, re-instilling a qualification-based university-based institutional placement system as well as a party bond.

Wang won a place in the main computer science program at the University of Nanjing and, after that, he won a necessary scholarship to pursue overseas graduate research. In 1986, he entered the University of Essex, in the south east of England, and threw himself to study mathematical knowledge and computing.

"I really believed it was the funny news of the future," he said. "But these are the early days."

Robots really?


AFP / Getty Images

Specializing in artificial knowledge, he received a PhD in computing, and made postgraduate work on the AI ​​programming language called Gödel. By 1994, it was a problem with progress in the field. He also realized that it would be difficult for him to take place in Britain, so he started to find other places to use his skills.

In May 1994, he went to Canada, where a group of scientists at Bell Northern Research (later Nortel) used Gödel's language. Wang worked at Nortel in January 1995.

This is a & # 39; the first time he was in the past 30 years of working outside school.

"In an academic world, life is different: you're thinking about blue sky ideas. You have never thought about how practical the ideas are," he says. "At Nortel, I learned about commercial value, operation, cost."

They would be valuable lessons.

After four years, he left Nortel to go with spinoff, Saraide Inc., who was quickly sold to InfoSpace Inc. for $ 356 million of US in stock. (High-tech stamps containing InfoSpace were missing before Wang could make money out.)

"That's how I got an entrepreneurship relationship," he says.

In 2000, he helped to launch the Taral Network, launch a serial message, which merged with another company to create Airwide Solutions forms.

However, every year, however, there was a further idea of ​​slowing boil in the back of mind.

Both Wang and his wife, Tracy, Nortel have been working for a long time, and had a problem in finding the time to cook healthy food for their two young children. They often depend on restaurants or fast food meals.

"I kept a dream about an automotive cooking machine," said Wang. "I did not know what was that at the time. But what I wanted to do: I wanted to put the tools in, put a button, and it would be done in 30 minutes. "

The Pot Instant has been fantastic.

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When Wang left his position at Airwide in 2008, he decided to leave the wireless telecommunications room for focus – for a long time – on his cooking device.

"I was pretty sure he was not the only one there," he says now. "It was a case that we all: lack of time."

His wife moved to the government's work of the Canadian Legislation Group to provide greater family and family sustainability. Wang persecuted his indoor passion. They agreed to give their opinion five years to get a look – after that Wang needed to get a stable job.

"I'm very grateful that she was right there," he says.

Wang knew from personal knowledge that cookers had a great weight in China, and he came to believe, installing the latest technology to the machine, could create a "really exciting cooking device".

He took two partners and spilled more than $ 300,000 of his own money to product development, and most of them were made when he was in a position; home study Kanata.

Wang sent a series of sensors, microscopers and programs to his test module, and found a machine-maker in China to build his device, which could slow down a & # 39; cooking, bruising stress and & # 39; save. It also included a depression protection machine – a & # 39; Thanks to a heat awareness at the base of a cooking pot – to stop food from being damaged.

He examined recipes with his family and converted to computing to build a name. After you have a program that corresponds synonyms for "fast" with "cooker" marks, Wang came to Instant Pot. Fortunately, the name of the habitat was still available.

A large pot, cocktail was introduced in August 2010, but it was not very successful. As part of his first selling plan, Wang spoke his new device to a special diet and supplies of small tools in an attempt to enter the market. He was trying to find out if his output could catch a legend if he aimed at designing and supporting users.

"The product was not good," he says.

Wang remembers having a & # 39; drive five units to Montreal, and then return, to & # 39; Thinking: "This will not work: this is not the way of maintaining a company."

Then Amazon came.

Amazon resource range.

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It will cost just $ 40 a month to start selling it to the world's largest web sellers, and shortly after selling its first pot on the site, Wang realized that it was a perfect marketplace for Instant Pot her.

Amazon provided a forum for the word-to-mouth marketing campaign that it was always expected. These studies did not just sell, but they gave up the honest product Wang always needed to improve his products.

Given that Wang and his co-founders have all come from technological settings, they have been attacking a new generation of their output every 12 months, just like Apple or Intel.

Wang wrote Amazon surveys to understand the liked and unwilling merchants who wanted them. To count him, he read over 40,000 of them.

As a result, every new generation of Pot Instant added new and enhanced features: connecting to Bluetooth, make a yogurt, cake maker, steamer, sterilizer, sous vide. The latest Wi-Fi virtualized Mobile Pole allows chefs to create personal programs for their device from their phones.

The Wang Company initially started in 2012-13 – the same year that the best Pot's Instant Pot was to sell on Amazon.com. The rapid growth of the organization rapidly disbanded solutions and unrestricted delivery problems by consolidating its relationship with Amazon; Brandan's motto at the moment began to move directly to a retailer.

In 2015, Instant Pot received a high standard: Last year Amazon sold its Instant Photocopies – 215,000 units – within hours of First Day.

The company did not even have to buy advertisements from going to; sold "power" sales by sharing their commitment to dinner parties and online forums. The instant messenger is an instant messenger, says Wang. "The mouth of mouth is very sure: your friends, your family, your colleagues are."

Instant Pot Blender is a new product in the market.

Pot at the moment

Earlier this year, its company broke a new ground: It let out the Potent Instant Pot 60 60 possible, among other actions that are in the process. collision, cookery and purée vegetables. It has been selling Walmart's best criteria.

Everything has been made to confirm that Wang can use its ready-made formula to other kitchen appliances, and combine the latest materials, sensation and heat technology by a button control panel for more multi-purpose devices created.

"We want to reconsider what you have in your kitchen and do something better," he says.

All new successes are marked by a champagne at the March Instant Brands Inc. Road offices. It has become quite common in the last eight years since the company's sales have exceeded one milestone that seems unlikely to be done. Sales has doubled every year since 2011.

More woodlands were held after this Friday's Black Friday retail event when Instant Pot was the best non-Amazon product on a retail and retail website. Walmart said that Instant Pot was the best selling item in 33 states.

Private companies, Instant Brands do not sell official sales numbers or income figures, but Wang says that a & # 39; Most of the profits are spilled back into research and development.

It is argued that Instant Pot has been a great deal forward to it: it's a? live in the same house, working long hours, but better car driving. It keeps with one of its corporate mottoes: "Create value, but be frugal."

Wang even carries a simple Casio compression watch to put the calculator into the world of science, innovation and entrepreneurship on himself.

"I enjoy enjoying things, and I'm happy to create something new, something useful."



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