The police say they put a ring on a gungun in the Toronto area


The Ontario Provincial Police states that they have encouraged a organized crime group who made unlawful handguns and sold them to street organizations in Greater Toronto Area, Niagara Region and elsewhere.

"This is a GTA group," Supt. Bryan MacKillop of an OPP crime enforcement agency said in a Tuesday interview.

OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum, who speaks at a Tuesday news conference, says the week's police quotes have gone; obstructing unlawful cannon from
Vice President of OPP Rick Barnum, who speaks at a Tuesday news conference, says that the police raids last week preventing illegal handguns from killing more even people. " (TheNathan Denette / / KEY OF CANADA)

"They were involved in street organizations," said MacKillop.

The eight-month campaign, the Renner project, was targeted on a multi-disciplinary organized crime group that had been constrained by the creation of restricted and inexpensive guns. using irregular parts. The company has no name but is considered a criminal offense organized due to the ongoing crime action, the police said.

"Trading in the grounds of illegal fire and firearm-related violence and threatening public safety in communities across Ontario," said OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum in statement is prepared.

"By contributing to criminal work of this stage, we have prevented illegal guns from killing more people even in communities across Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe areas , "said Barnum.

The research concluded with 39 coordinated crew last week with more than 400 officers from several police forces, the police said.

The police said they have caught 14 handguns, six long guns including machine gun and attack rifle, grenades, silences, gun guns and body weapons. The guns were made in Ontario using existing parts and then sold to criminals in southern Ontario, the police said.

"They are all guns completely unlawful," said MacKillop.

The guns were sold for a $ 2,500 average for different crime groups across the region, including several in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe department, including Hamilton, the police said.

"It's not big guns," said MacKillop.

"We can then find the guns without love for the manufacturer," he said.

Unlike legal guns, these guns did not have linear numbers.

The OPP said that 1.2 kilograms of coconut, 30 grams of methamphetamine, 13 grams of heroin, 66 tablet fentanyl and $ 85,000 were spent in cash during the raid.

Police reported that 23 people were put in place in connection with the production of guns and raccops.

Police said Bruce McFinnon, 47, of Rockwood was near Guelph, Ont. and Jon Rasmussen, 29, from Smithville, between Hamilton and Niagara Falls.

It is said that McKinnon and Rasmussen have done and sold over 120 guns, the police said.

Cionghain's crime is against the offense, and Includes five associations bills to make impossible crime and eight accounts of trade guns.

Rasmussen face-to-face costs, including 16 accounts of trade guns and five binding accounts to make impossible crime.

MacKillop refused to comment on the methods of scrutiny and if protected officers were involved.

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