The repression is included in & # 39; sun, clouds, lakes, shooting stars and comets

Look up.

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One of those days is where you should expect some of all.

Today's current should go up to 0 C. Anyone who woke up early will appear as a very enjoyable change a feeling like -17 who occasionally welcomed his home in times.

It will be largely misleading, although its & # 39; sun to head for a while, with 60% chance of eyes.

Wind robots may increase at 40km / h.

Time to go up.

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Tonight the temperature will decrease to -13 C and the wind turbine may descend down to -19. Bundle up if you need to spend time after dark.

The good news is that the cold weather will generate cloud cover, and later tonight, a beautiful star full of stars will be expected.

The sky will be clear then tomorrow, so they expect a lot of sunshine and high of -8 C. only

Windchill will have bills every morning tomorrow – both as a word and a climate – because the temperature is around 18 around the time you are cleaning off your car or a & # 39; doing work or school.

London night is low -13 C.

Tuesday, with a high of -8 C and low of -14 C, is very similar to Monday, but then a cloud cover will start to start, & # 39; climbing.

The sun should impact on the spectrum again on Wednesday, with an increase of -8 C in the Canadian environment and a low level of -12 C.

Although you may think that the current high level of this year -8 C is indeed -1.7 C.

The average is low -9.5 C.

The telescopes start to & # 39; warming up on Thursday but the warmer weather will come on more rigid clouds and a mixed bag of ring.

It's bad news for any crucial viewers, because there are two main Celtic events on Twitter. pipes.

Initially there is a Gemini meteor shower that will be happening every year at this time. It has already started technically but it should rise at the weekend (about 120 meteors per hour).

Give the chance to look at some of the evenings cold, cold and you may have a shooting star.

Comet 46P / Wirtanen should be done as a surgery for Earth on Sunday, December 16th.

The "Christmas comet" that comes from our habitation should be regular, visible to the dark eye for a short time – if we are lucky with the weather.

We will keep our cold fingers over it.

Enjoy your rest of your weekend.


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