The spectacular Geminids meteor opening feature of the sky is lit over the City of Mexico – 10th December-2018

Medical stallops were handled with the best curtain for the spectacular inspirational storytelling that was intended to be; welcome the night sky later this week.

A lightweight light member was transported over Mexico in the early morning of Saturday morning, and looked down below.

The meteor can be seen crying through the sky over Acapulco and Mexico City.

President of Astronomical Society Acapulco Rodolfo Cobos Arriaga told El Sol de Acapulco the local president that the meteor could travel around 20,000km per hour.

He said that the hard meteor was difficult to decide, but he thought he could have a 500 meter diameter, sufficiently enough for those who were below to "appreciate the t-light ".

A film of the scanning was a social media harassment, with a vision from Jorge Diaz Henry in New Mexico; attracts more than 15,000 scenes after posting to Facebook.

Cosmic curtain

The spectacular exhibition was a beginner for Geminids meteor shower, which was expected to have a roof in the morning of December 15.

After that 46P / Wirtanen, known as "Christmas comet", will be the best comet of the year.

It will be closer to Earth at night end on December 16 (or early December morning 17 if you are in AEDT time zone).

46P / Wirtanen at the Sun near every five years, but it is usually too far away.

But this year, it will move over the Earth at around 11.5 million kilometers away – which is very close to cosmetic levels.

The comet is already visible on those with dark scenes but it will be better between December 14 and December 18.

The photographer Dylan O 'Donnell photographed 46P / Wirtanen earlier this month from his closet at Byron Bay.

"Coma is particularly clear even now," he said.

At the fullest point, the comet will be the same as the two wildest stars that we can see in the Southern Cross.

It will be another 20 years before this comet is near Earth again.


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