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The Vancouver restaurant in a single kitchen building is connected to a brothel and a video opening

The restaurant in the same kitchen with the video-related kitchen that appears to be the same; Discovering the breath rats for re-opening by Vancouver Coastal Health.

The viral video, released on Thursday, showed a look like a dead rat inside a brot bread bowl in the Caravan Park, a restaurant, a restaurant in Gastown.

The Vancouver Coast Health Inspectorate visited the Friday morning café for research, and let them stay open.

Video Instagram looks like to show a dead rooster in a prototype series in Park; Chrab in the Vancouver Town community. (Instagram / pisun_ne_ne)

However, a kitchen company was rented by Crab Park Chowdery, where staff were preparing their food, ordering it to be closed.

Georgia's East Street, Mamie Taylor, who was located in the same building with that kitchen, was also ordered.

Combined kitchens are often used with small restaurants, food trucks and other mobile food businesses as a place to prepare and store food.

On Saturday, Mamie Taylor reopened for business.

Ron Oliver, who has Mamie Taylor and her kitchen outlet said to her & # 39; company, while both are in the same building, the restaurant is completely separate from the kitchen and, company.

"Our kitchen, you can see it in the dining room. It is wide open. Everyone sees," said Oliver.

"There is a company on the ground floor and it's totally separate. We do not seem to have a staff division or sharing divisions or a" #; Sharing cooking places. Everything was different. "

He said there were some issues about a company in a company kitchen, and said "a kind of pilot project that took place for two years."

Oliver said he has now linked to Cow Park Chowdery and a company kitchen is still closed.

"Providing space you expect things to be held one way," said Oliver. "I wish everyone who prefers tenants."

Oliver says that her restaurant has been a bit of a challenge as a result of her. Connect to the viral video.

"Yesterday, a day was very tough," he said. "We will help our good name again to reduce some of the worries that people are thinking".

Ashton Phillips, who is a proprietor of Cowdery Park Crab, says he is not going to "pull it down into the mud" over a viral video that has a " Show rats found in his restaurant brot bowl. (Mike Zimmer / CBC)

Chrab Park Party Ashton Phillips said the event was unfortunate for all the parties involved and said he was grateful to Oliver for his support.

As the restaurant now has not used a commissioner kit, Phillips said he had escaped from Vancouver Coastal Health to use a mobile food cart kit in the meantime.

"[We’re] Cooking everything out of her & # 39; New restaurant to order, "said Phillips.

He said that some other home commissioner kitchens had come out to give him a place. Phillips said he'll get a New Year's Day before he comes up with a new game plan.

In the meantime, Phillips said that her restaurant is still open for business.

"We have a good chowder. We have a good thing. That is what we are doing. Put a smile on the face of people and give them clear, full warmth and happy place to be."

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