The video of the bull-sickness is: Big video of a teen who erases Walmart's job; going viral

EDMONTON – On Thursday afternoon, Jackson Racicot entered Walmart in Grande Prairie, where he worked, with his occupational letter, written by hand at the back of the print, missed that he was not lost him.

He went up to the former manager, she gave her the letter, and then walked over the internet. Initially he turned his camera on her & # 39; his phone and then hit it in # 807 and started talking.

"Look at all the companies, the partners and the directors. I would like to say, all of you today, that no one should work here.

The film disappeared, the same day with "must watch", which was erased and received over 16,000 views and was divided over 400 hours. Racicot says he left in a so impressive way to raise awareness of the work issues that pledge staff in a corporate way such as Walmart.

The video, which was killed from a low area, shows a Racicot; Talk to the interaction about Walmart's style of direction and why to leave it.

"I have been a loyal worker here for a year and a half and I'm sick of the bull-moving, small writings and my role," he says in the video.

He is cursed at the helm, the work and Walmart before hanging it, and later "woo" will be heard in the background.

The 17-year-old says he has decided to post his video because he does not want to go more and more; bought at Walmart.

"I want people to start booting," he said.

From sending to & # 39; video launch, Racicot says that Walmart staff from across Canada have been asked to share their knowledge of working for their & a multi-national sales company.

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