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The XboxDVR mobile app is the easiest way to manage your game games

One of the best third-party Xbox tools that aims to make it easier to manage scraps and screenshots. It's an XboxDVR tool to see your latest video and image results. The fastest and most advanced way of managing this content is because you can handle it completely through a browser. Now, the XboxDVR team is launching a mobile app to make it even easier to & # 39; Find and share your favorite minds.

The XboxDVR app is currently live on iOS and Android for free. It includes the basics you would expect. If you take a shortcut or video on Xbox One or a PC (and if you have basic privacy settings), that content will be fed to XboxDVR automatically. You can then connect to the XboxDVR section. No, you can download the image or video for your share where you want.

There are more features of the XboxDVR, the website, or the app. You can sign in to an account, see behavior content from others, and create GIFs. And the XboxDVR team is trying to add more features to the mobile version. The idea is to get a & # 39; This first release and people show that it works, and then builds on that place.

He works well

Screenshots are a simple console. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch all make a & # 39; This process is almost painless. But I find out that the action is about to & # 39; find and share m & # 39; images and the articles are much harder.

Air Switch and PS4, you need to control the image and video section of your own consoles. You could take a USB stick between a consolation and a computer, but … what. But the Xbox One, however, has everything to go to a Microsoft team. Now, that's not really wonderful either. I do not really use OneDrive (from my network I'm free of charge for my room), and I'm sorry. think the web-based device is accurate and slow.

But Microsoft does not have to keep your ecosystem. It allows third parties such as XboxDVR to be & # 39; reaching all that content. And being able to say, "Xbox, record that" (when my Kinect was covered), and viewed on, a few minutes later was always good.

By getting the app the whole process is even slower. Everything you do will sign and capture, and you'll get two bigger pictures for a & # 39; share or download. It is also demolished in a food you can move quickly. It is well designed.

It's not a very good knowledge in XboxDVR, it's an argument; for platform warehouses to open their walled gardens slightly. This app is not connected to Microsoft, but it does better on Microsoft products. And I know that the XboxDVR team wants to do something like PlayStation, but Sony has not made the necessary APIs public.

So I will suffer through the keyboard keyboard game-based game and great translation on PS4 and Switch. But Sony and Nintendo should know that I can hide them every time I can not use something like XboxDVR instead.

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