There is a Canadian man who has been arrested in Cuba to deal with a second test, and encouraging the Montreal campaign Staff with a report by Matt Grillo at CTV Montreal

Published on Sunday, December 9, 2018 8:40 PM EST

Challenges are gathered outside the Cuban tourism office in Montreal to support a father who has been preserved in Cuba for over a year – and they will be doing a second test on Monday for to be involved in a dead boat accident.

During a family trip to Cuba in July 2017, Toufik Benhamiche, a Montreal resident, was driving a boat. disappeared out of control and killed a Ontario woman. He was convicted and convicted of a serious criminal offense to death.

Benhamiche was dismissed from his case after he had been arrested. His main court was to be convicted and convicted four years in prison.

"It was a brilliant news for me. And at that time, I felt the nightmare was ending," said Benhamiche to CTV Montreal of Cuba.

He and the lawyer have said that he did not give some guidance on how to make the boat.

But although his convictions were brought back in the summer last year, Benham was not allowed to go home. On Monday, it will be proven again for crime mismanagement, after ordering a second lawsuit.

On Sunday, more than 50 campaigners gathered in Montreal to ask Canada and Cuban governments to do more to take it home.

"It could happen to anyone, as any visitor. And to see the criminals in Cuba, we should do something," argued Linda Pelleri.

Benhamiche's wife, Kahina Bensaadi, told CTV Montreal that the situation has been "very sad." Although her husband is not in prison, she said he seems to be in one.

"It seems that if you're in prison if you can not work, you will not see your family, you can not marry two daughters every night," she said, saying she is not in charge of the " system in Cuba South-

"The only judges who have faced the previous half a year ago," said Bensaadi. "It is totally unreasonable. They give us everything We feel that we are in the middle ages."

She said she was asked to pay him money to pay for the Cuban room he has been living. Both said that the most difficult thing about this is what is explained to their children.

"They say to me," Dad, will you never come back home? "Benhamiche said.

Civil rights lawyer, Julius Gray, said that his client is not on his case and says that his rights have been broken. He thinks that his / her last case should have a & # 39; Cornwall's main court in the case.

"What we ask them [the Canadian government] he wants to make sure that he has made a strong effort, "he said to CTV Montreal." It just shows that anyone could fall in such a situation somewhere, or Even here, maybe, and no one is there; cared for. "

In a statement, Global Affairs Canada stated that consular officers are delivering services and they are often in a position; Speaking to Benham, his wife and her authorities in Cuba.

At the same time in Cuba, Benham said that he is preparing for a guilty case and, if so, he and his lawyer will return again.

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