There is a mistake on the platform that means that the # #; OnePlus's first Snapdragon 855 phone

OnePlus spokeswoman mistakenly engraved Engadget, and said that the person who wrote the slide was an indigenous English speaker. As a result, our original report was accurate (we have updated the story), but the questions here are deep running. Many times on Wednesday – including an interview made by Pete Lau Chief Executive – OnePlus speakers confirmed to Engadget that he would Its phone is indeed the first device with the Snapdragon 855 chipset. It was not enough for us to know the & # 39; The company has the difference between the different sliding sheets any one of his staff even aware of the problem.

"We value the opportunity to clarify that we will be one of the first person to access, and be able to; use, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, and that we will complain about miscommunications, "said spokesman in a statement.

It is likely that the alarm is expressed to be & # 39; use its "feature" terminology – some may be inside it; Believing, saying that the phone in the "most notable" question would be the 855, he said that he was the first company he received to the Qualcomm chipset. Although this can be true, the language used in the slide that is given to international audiences of journalists is clearly clear in its other way. The worst was running so deeply; The members of the OnePlus social media team accused the information on Twitter, they probably did not know what it was; unconnected.

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<p>Qualcomm does not appear to have any concerns about the mistake. When asked, a spokeswoman told Engadget that "not only does he ask what the partner is going to do something any first. " Even with a & # 39; In that case, a very popular nature of error also wants to & # 39; OnePlus quality quiz as a company.</p>
<p>OnePlus sent its first smartphone in 2014, and has been successful in & # 39; becoming based on worldwide users, but the progress has not come without the dangers: card information was credited to over 40,000 OnePlus users from November 2017 to January 2018, and previously Yes, left the company without the # 39; they opened backdoor in certain devices that allowed them to roote on the device without trying to open their starters first. And less than a month before that, the company drew users and privacy users when it was shown that OnePlus devices provided a personally identifiable device to their specially exclusive company.</p>
<p>OnePlus error is one of the biggest mistakes of the company (and most difficult), but this is only one of the badly damaged pages of the two years that past. As the OnePlus image continues to grow, we can only hope that it will be more consistent with & # 39; Try to address such issues (and others) before they start to adversely affect their company's business.</p>
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