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There is another big flu season affecting Canada, a & # 39; affecting children more difficult

The pharmacist Ash Faltaous is preparing for a Fluzone administered by IDA Mart Drug Danforth, in Toronto, on October 22, 2018.

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Canadian payday health hospitals can see an increase in entries that can be accessed. apply to flu as the H1N1 appears again as the largest flower flora of this season.

The number of children who were admitted to the hospital for virus diseases so far this season is more than twice as high as it was at last time last year, and more three times more; This was so high at this time in the 2016-2017 flu flu season, according to the Canadian Public Health Group (PHAC.)

More children were sent to the unit for severe care to have an extremely inflammatory inflammation that fought at this time in recent seasons, the figures appear.

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The reason why influenza affects children and adolescents is more difficult than a child; It was normal to return H1N1 after two quarters that had another type of influenza A, known as H3N2, on.

However, this change has a cash line: Although H1N1 is hard for children, it is easier for elderly people, the most likely group of major influenza and death problems.

Public health experts also say that the flu disaster is getting better against H1N1 than it is; anti-H3N2, which means that flu can be a? Including a tax increase in the 2018-2019 season than in the last seasons.

"In general, the H1N1 seasons can be weaker. The reason why they can be more difficult for people from age to stay better through H1N1 when they were younger the H1N1 face, "said Public Health Ontario, Michelle Murti," Public Health San Francisco said. "What we see is to move to an older age group in a H1N1 year where children and Young adults tend to be more susceptible. "

H1N1 is known as the person behind the pandemic of 2009-2010 pandemic, when different variations of the virus emerged to go to; illness and kill many people as well as seasonal flu. Today's H1N1 is very similar to the discharged illness, but it is currently unacceptable that a patient has allowed the protection of protection against that.

However, very young children have not had the opportunity to build protection against H1N1.

From 29 December, the 12 children's hospital reporting flu vaccine statistics to the PHAC had a 414 entry for a swine hospital from September, up from 195 when 2017 and 117 fell in 2016.

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Access to childcare care units is also up to date: 71 so far, compared to 35 and 18, at this stage in the last two seasons.

The pet-median hospital network has recorded at least one cold death to date, but less than five; for privacy reasons, PHAC does not show just numbers when it has been less than five deaths.

In contrast, the number of flu that appears in long term care homes has declined.

In British Columbia, for example, only six of the confirmed flowers in long-term care facilities, a significant reduction of 36 such breaches at this time and 63 the season before that, according to Danuta Skowronski, the head of epidemiology for the program of aggressive roots and emergencies of the Center for Disease Control BC.

"Three years ago, we had the last time with H1N1's main weather and we saw a lot of long-term care facilities than we saw during the seasons 2016-2017 or 2017- 2018, "she said.

The chief public health officer in Canada, Theresa Tam, said that this season did not begin to spread earlier than the flu; Normally in some parts of the country, especially on the Prairies.

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That helps to & # 39; explains why the number of cases confirmed by the laboratory is 22 per cent higher than it was at this time, this season, with 13,796 cases recorded on 29 December, the Last date for the available figures. That's up from 11,275 at the same time as the last season and 6,180 at this time in the previous season.

"There may appear to be more activity at this time, but just a start," said Dr Tam. "We do not know how it is going on. We have not seen that yet high."

Dr. It is too late that it is not too late to get a vaccine against her; Flu, especially in places like Ontario where the flu time is just a steam lift.

Midseason evaluation of the effectiveness of this year's vaccine is not expected until the end of January or early in the year. February, but Dr Tam stated that early marks meant that the photo was made better this year last year.

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