Toyota Supra was found in a car train

Toyota Supra, which is a very optimistic 2020, has been completely found in a car, which looks amazing, and & # 39; possibly on the way to a behavioral show.

The photo was shared on the SupraMKV forum and it is clear that the new surface on Supra is clear, and although it is a great deal we expect after several pictures and spiritual images There is still some surprise.

The front divide is mostly black, long & # 39; The body color is painted by Fu-Manchu-mustache, in this case, a simple shade of metal money.

Horseshoe lines seem to have a & # 39; going round the sides of his vehicle, and # 39; reinforce the shell shell style of a hood that we have seen in a catalog that has been moved in a few months ago. Holes around holes may help to cool up a brake.

featured over Toyota Supra New which was found in a car train

As we already knew, the design of the Supra is closely related to the Toyota FT-1 concept a few years ago, a wonderful design that we are delighted to; making his way to a large production car.

The FT-1 was released to the public for five years ago at the autobiography show in Detroit, and it is known that 2020 Supra would start at a 2019 share of the same event, in January.

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