TTC summarizes the weekend for the closure of Toronto sports fans

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Published Friday, April 12, 2019 5:46 PM EDT

Last updated Friday, April 12, 2019 5:57 PM EDT

The TTC has been solved on line 1 online 1 today as a result of some of the city's biggest sporting events.

Initially the TTC expected to close a portion of Line 1 between Bloor stations and Osgoode on Saturday and Sunday for the installation of Automatic Passenger Control (ATC).

Sir John Tory has warned him to move “less than a good view” as sports fans were heading to the center on Saturday for Jonathan's playoff game and a Blue Jays home game.

“The work on the signaling system is quite technical and so those trained at the top have to be booked in advance,” Tory told CP24 on Friday afternoon.

“We knew there was a Blue Jays game because it was a long time out. In fact, we didn't know that there were teams playing at home in other sports so we are still talking to the TTC. ”

In a tweet on Friday night, Tory said the town was speaking to the transition group and staff agreed that they would keep the Union stations at St Andrew's open until 11am. Saturday. After 11 pm TTC say that they will close for Osgoode Station for the rest of the weekend.

“The revised Saturday closing will allow customers traveling to welcome our home teams more easily to Rogers and Scotiabank Center,” said the TTC in a news release. T on Friday.

Raptors on the Orlando Magic take 5am. in Gem 1 of the first team's playoff series at Arena Scotiabank.

The Blue Jays watch the Tampa Bay greens at 3:07 p.m. in Game 2 of their series of three games at the Rogers Center.

The Leafs and Toronto FC are also working on Saturday but they will not be available in the city. The Booklet will be played in Boston in the second leg of the first ever playoff series against the Bruins at 8 p.m. ICT brings to Seattle to address the 4 4 ​​Sounders.

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