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TUF 28 Finale play-play and live output

LAS VEGAS – MMAjunkie has been shown and gives a live report from the TUF 28 Finale event today, and you can join us for live performance and official results. start at 6:30 p.m. ET (3:30 p.m. PT).

The event will take place at Pearl Theater at The Palms in Las Vegas. The cards on FS1 follow up the early UFC Fight Pass preferences.

In the main event, Rafael dos Anjos (28-10 MMA, 17-8 UFC) will be a & # 39; Usman's camaru (13-1 MMA, 8-0 UFC) at volume-filled. In addition, two "Ultimate Fighter" winners will be crowned when Juan Espino (8-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) meets Justin Frazier (11-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC) in & # 39 Final and Macy Chiasson (2 -0 MMA, 0-0 UFC) fought with Pannie Kianzad (9-3 MMA, 0-0 UFC) for the title of women's flying midfield competitions.

Follow up with our export updates and start up at 6:30 p.m. ET for UFC Fight Pass packs, 8 p.m. ET for the birds found on FS1, and 10 p.m. ET for its main chart on FS1.

To discuss the show, make sure you check the TUF 28 Finale debating wire. You can also find a broadcast on the back of the scene and find other incident notes from John Morgan's website commentators (@MjunjunkieJohn) and Ken Hathaway (@ kenshathaway) on Twitter.

Enjoy the struggle, everyone.

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Current fight

Round 1 –

Registers: Rafael dos Anjos (28-10 MMA, 17-8 UFC), Kamaru Usman (13-1 MMA, 8-0 UFC)
Department: Lullaby energy
Classes: Dos Anjos Àir. 6, Usman Number 8
Broadcasting: FS1
Is settled:


Round 1 – Glossaries will be included in the print and text; He gives a great gift from Spino, who builds him and sends it to his son. Frazier is heavy and not like trying to work to his feet. Frazier's backup spies to her; Trying to do it right, then it turns to Frazier's face to go back to the effort that is going on; affecting it. Back to the back, frazier marking. He is fired on his left hand side and he misses Frazier, who is missing. trying to turn to her stomach. Phraseography may last spouse early. A framer gives up his back and sprouts work to cover it, and gutted with gang in the meantime. Here the crop comes, and Frazier attempts to last. But the points come to & # 39; come. Friars will find the background and a & # 39; a lamb burning as spyware is moved to her; cage. Ceards to the body, and Mac A & G; warns Espino not to catch the fence. Pummel's time, and Espino hide a punch before driving for another gift. Now control on the side, Espino is again in the driver seat. Hard-standing, and breaks his arm just for the armbar. Timber frame must be tapped.

Outcome: Juan Espino def. Justin Frazier with an appeal (armbar just) – Visit 1, 3:36
Registers: Juan Espino (9-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Justin Frazier (11-3 MMA, 0-1 UFC)
Department: Heavy
Broadcasting: FS1
Is settled: Marc Mac a 'Ghobhainn

Round 1 – Ciasson will hit his way in and out. scrapped for record. Kianzad craftsmen re-instate her. Similarly, with the same result. Kianzad moves and a & # 39; move as a Chiasson tax. Kianzad is to turn it out and to # 39; trying to hurt herself. Chiasson can be translated and cascaded against fence. Kianzad's turn is good, but Chiasson uses speed to counter the fence. She attempts to work lamb and arrange a trip. They trade more knees, and Chiasson ducks for one. It's not good, and they're raped against her & # 39; cage. Kianzad struggling to enlarge Chiasson. More naws are traded and Kianzad laments her with a punch. But Ciasson has to go back and go to. cutting edge. More of Chiasson works for the singer, and she can not do it. But Kianzad does not seem to escape. When she crashes, she will be a & # 39; knee from the club. Kianzad will be banned across the cage and winds up in the same place on the other side of the eighth. More knees for Chiasson. Beautiful honeycombs Kianzad will play with a few shots and finally it's a get free. Her hands are much better, but a great deal from the open range is amazingly amazing when Chiasson writes and returns. Kianzad will fight the hands and her. trying to get free. Chiasson has a choke, but Kianzad has a bankruptcy. There is a barbar near that, and the time runs out. MMAjunkie will celebrate the 10-9 framework for Chiasson.

Round 2 – Chiasson is right in front of Kianzad and eat a little right hand to turn his leg against the fence. Kianzad attempts to turn out and go to. missing on an angle. Chiasson uses knees and hers turn to the cèilidh. Kianzad will be scrapped and deleted from & # 39; ceilidh. Ciasson misses him with a right that lets him to the banner. Chiasson is now on chop with Kianziad to & # 39; position for armbar. She goes down to the top of her arms and pushes Chiasson over to her. behind. Back in a split position with enough time to work. Kianzad works for a fight. Chiasson uses her cas to get rid of her & # 39; arm that keeps it from going down with its & # 39; choke, and she is finally retired. A lump is hard, and Kianzad needs to tap. Chiasson is the "The Ultimate Fighter".

Outcome: Macy Chiasson def. Pannie Kianzad by entering (backdrop) – Visit 2, 2:11
Re-mark: Macy Chiasson gives Pannie Kianzad to a crown & TUF 28 'to be submitted
Images: Macy Chiasson vs. Pannie Kianzad
Registers: Macy Chiasson (3-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Pannie Kianzad (9-4 MMA, 0-1 UFC)
Department: Feminine feathers
Broadcasting: FS1
Is settled: Yves Lavigne

Round 1 – Caraway is sitting down on big pieces early when Munhoz is going to do it; attacking his legs with tartan. Caraway on a pipe as Munhoz is doing; Continue to attack her legs. Caraway will break her & # 39; body for a gift and then he uses a rod to try to take a gift. Munhoz will fight against her; jacket and turn out to escape. Munhoz's Caraway slaps with casualties and legs, and the casualty seems to be; start to seriously hurt. Caraway is still in the fight, fired and fired; Trying to try to make her feelings of low and loose poisoning. But Munhoz's flight is just about almost every time. There will be two attempts to commit a failure after that, and Munhoz will have a & # 39; going on. Caraway is already carrying her leg to avoid more damage. Instead, Munhoz will go upstairs with pieces of pieces. This can not be played. It will be plugged in to open, and it will be bundled. leaving Caraway. It flows away with points, and Tognoni is a n; go in. It is not clear if the bag was low or good, but it seems that a reaction is a legitimate blow.

Outcome: Pedro Munhoz def. Bryan Caraway via TKO (stikes) – Visit 1, 2:39
Re-mark: Pedro Munhoz crossing Bryan Caraway, marks on his & her; first TKO tour
Images: Pedro Munhoz vs. Bryan Caraway
Registers: Bryan Caraway (21-9 MMA, 6-4 UFC), Pedro Munhoz (17-3 MMA, 7-3 UFC)
Department: Moderately heavy
Classes: Caraway Àir. 11, Munhoz No. 14
Broadcasting: FS1
Is settled: Chris Tognoni

Round 1 – Stewart Pigeon with a low spade and helmet and drag a combo from Shahbazyan. Fast hand from Stewart, and it is quickly taken down. Shahbazyan hanging on his back while & # 39; is trying to get up. And they hit the mat. Shahbazyan trying to & # 39; back, and knees in the head. Bring Stewart for a trip. A laptop that bends to & # 39; putting a share, and Shahbazyan's bottom is almost. No hooks as long as they are both. He is not likely to be a friend, so he will return to his legs and his / her; knocking and knees from the Stewart's back. Stewart is pulled to his watt and he's back up. Shahbazyan chases her legs, and is a Stewart post. He gets back and he can not shake Shahbazyan. Backpacking time for Shahbazyan, who is carrying her off suddenly with a kiss head. Stewart is cut, but does not appear worse for his & her; spend. It automatically promotes right and wind in the & # 39; hill. Shahbazyan will hit him back to the fence and burn a window. Stewart with a loop in close. In an open field for a few fingers before Shahbazyan comes back to hit the fence. Stewart is breaking her & # 39; gray body over it. Stewart with another angle near, and they will be broken off. Shahbazyan goes up with Stewart's envelope and tag. Stewart follows Shahbazyan around her cage; hitting with fury. Shahbazyan is struggling to tie his legs, and then the ducks are cared for. Then, they'll shoot, a & # 39; catches the breath after her first round trip. Shahbazyan focuses on Stewart when the time goes; run out. MMAjunkie will identify a & # 39; first round for Shahbazyan.

Round 2 – Stewart is counting closely, and it is clear that he is less than his thoughts on his eyes. To be fair, so Shahbazyan. Crazy's first trip, and Stewart to stretching up for a big blow. Shahbazyan counts on cassettes and ducks willing to rest. Quick picture, but cage is caught. Shahbazyan will gut the legs and his / her; taking a hook when Stewart gets to grow. Back to hanging on his opponent. Stop how Stewart is turning his opponent. knees closely and advanced Stewart fires with an egg. how they reach their feet Shahbazyan ducks again and go casualties. He can not get it and it will change to try again. Stewart relies his time, & # 39; knees into the body. Turn over to face his enemy and try to get cheap. Shahbazyan will go back to her & # 39; leg, and stimulate other sprawl. Shahbazyan just hangs on, and Mac is a Smith gives warning for working. Stewart does not allow himself to be banned to his son. It will turn to turn, but Shahbazyan is a & # 39; reaching its back and its go back to the cartridge. Two hooks for Shahbazyan, and face cover. Stewart is waiting to see her; chrank and stand. Shahbazyan is hanging on but, let the situation choke. He laments her & # 39; decided and destroyed Stewart, who is a Watching clothes against her cousin. The time is running, and & # 39; Another one is in the corner of Shahbazyan, 10-9 for 20-18 leadership.

Round 3 – The two campaigners will look cautiously. Stweart is looking for a & # 39; get their hands. It's a bit crazy with at risk at risk. Shahbazyan will solve the right and ducks for an easy gift. Stewart will jump to her & # 39; watt and stand. Shahbazyan will hang on and her; turned. Shahbazyan breaks the big whistle, which is a pressing in and bringing angle and other knees. Shahbazyan is now grinding and on the way. Stewart by the right and leaving a hook, but Shahbazyan is tied up to stop the haul. Down for the cover, and Stewart has a & # 39; fighting the trip to the watt. A change is a failure, and Shahbazyan will have a & # 39; get his man to his boat for a second one. Stewart back, and Shahbazyan hangs on him. Another level is changing, and Stewart gets out a while before Shahbazyan comes back to the fence. Two minutes left, and Smith broke. Shahbazyan on the way. Stewart is sitting down on the right, and his / her; land to the right. Takedown lost, and Stewardt crashed behind the enemy. Finally, it is a protection setting and away notes with points from the highest place. He stands up as Shahbazyan tunnels up. Access seems to be an end, as Shahbazyan has been tired. But then Shahbazyan ducks are under the direction of Stewart to try to finish the last trip; to attack and try to & # 39; blow. Stewart on his knees and trying to stand up. Shahbazyan reaches her back and hers; hang on it. Stewart is turning away and thrown down. Shahbazyan on his back, and here stopped the fight with Stewart standing against the fence. MMAjunkie will celebrate the 10-9 framework for Stewart, and Shahbazyan will be able Holding 29-28.

Outcome: Edmen Shahbazyan def. Darren Stiùbhart through a leaked decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Re-mark: Edmen Shahbazyan uses a decent reduction by Darren's side
Images: Edmen Shahbazyan vs. Darren Stewart
Registers: Edmen Shahbazyan (8-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Darren Stiùbhart (9-4 MMA, 2-4 UFC)
Department: Medium fair
Broadcasting: FS1
Is settled: Marc Mac a 'Ghobhainn

Round 1 – Kim is just ready to do it quickly. She looks at her; bottom tops with a low position. Shevchenko sets are fast. One slip over Kim's head. Shevchenko returns back over a punch with just two and a clean land. War is meeting with punch Kim. Shevchenko attacks her legs long and What a disaster has to hit in. Left her up into earrings and knees for Shevchenko. Kim is still moving forward, a & # 39; Looking to get involved. She'll crawl Shevchenko with her body pulled, but it's a looks more and more abducted, and Shevchenko is recovering quickly. Kim is still going on, and Shevchenko is a counted with his left hook, coming ashore. Kim eats a pair of facebags and continues to face her face. brush, asking Shevchenko to connect and go to the cage. Kim is working round the back of Shevchenko against her visit. No attempt has been made, but Kim has now beaten Shevchenko against the fence. They are knee trafficking, and Shevchenko is turning. More to work hard for setting. Kim is working on her knees. One minute to go, and Lavigne breaks up. Kim will jump with heavy points, and Shevchenko is in a hurry. count the next way to the left straight. Shevchenko again to the left, and she adds Kim to her; banner with head and arm. In judo side control, Shevchenko maintains advanced & is the time running out. MMAjunkie will mark the 10-9 framework for Shevchenko.

Cruinn 2 – Shevchenko is trying to face her tall, and her. go to her casualties. Shevchenko is chopped with a low clip, and then a & # 39; return with four points on a Kim man. The next way to do the same. Shevchenko's just penalties do more harm. Kim will go in and go to; Putting Shevchenko against the fence, working on her knees. Lavigne laments her to work. Shevchenko is turning Kim against the fence, and they're going to go to the fence. trade more knees. A cas is turned by Kim, then taken up. They are screened, and Shevchenko is back to work with direct attacks. Kim gets several times to & # 39; excavation with its lower end. Left another just straight away. Kim gets into trouble, and Shevchenko is a enjoy beautifully. Kim is aggressive, but she is not right. Land in excavation as she & she; cost, and Shevchenko burns her knees to her. body and head. Kim disappeared and embraced her knees to the body, and a loop ends on her; broken. The field has a heavy job to travel. Spinning spirals will put up three punctuation marks as Kim goes to; dealt with. Face face face Kim gets work here. She has a lot of heart, but she's been out. Shevchenko has scrapped her & her; sword after going out of the company that is coming near Kim. She will connect the head and her; drag while the time is & # 39; run out. MMAjunkie will mark the 10-9 framework for Shevchenko, which is 20-18.

Round 3 – Kim is playing in, and they're going to play them; the trading of the legs. It is turned to another Kim case to stand for Shevchenko, who is going up and working long & Kim is trying to go to & # 39; Attention to his arm. Points out of Shevchenko, which are detailed in detail. Kim's control of the long-term sites & # 39; Shavchenko takes her to the cage. Kim will turn off the fence and then turn to the fence; opening its garden. It is not surprising that Shevchenko does not look so easy to do here. Eventually, she stands above and starts her legs. She complains about Kim's and her; stand up and knee burning to her & # 39; One that seems to be illegal. Lavigne will go and go to and # 39; stop a bit. Replay shows an illegal blow, but Lavigne does not have a & # 39; take a point. Instead, Kim will return to her feet, and they will go to her. Swap merchandise just before Shevchenko arrives at her hill and hers; pressed to the fence. Trade your knees, and there's less than two minutes to go. Shevchenko is back to work with penalties well. She misses the spinning sheets and surrendered on her & her; button when they hit the cage. Kim does not give her a good deal yet. Shevchenko made her penalty with just a penalty. She is behind her, but Kim gets up against her; chicken and working on a casualty. They are short-term knee trafficking. Shevchenko will turn against her & # 39; cèilidh and throw more swords from the club so that the time will be run out. MMAjunkie will mark the 10-9 framework for Shevchenko, which will be closed 30-27.

Outcome: Antonina Shevchenko def. Ji Yeon Kim too unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Re-mark: Antonina Shevchenko first throws Ji Yeon Kim in UFC
Images: Antonina Shevchenko vs. Ji Yeon Kim
Registers: Ji Yeon Kim (8-2-2 MMA, 2-2 UFC), Antonina Shevchenko (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC)
Department: Female female fairy
Broadcasting: FS1
Is settled: Yves Lavigne

Round 1 – Glenn's circles go and go. attacking their legs. He's getting tall while Aguilar is low, and they're going to go. restored. Early attack from Glen. Aguilar fires off the left and then sets corners for a boy. When Glenn returns, he is counted with a punch. But Glenn is splitting the chin in the exchange, and they will be restored. Glenn mourns with a degree in her & # 39; the summit. But the girl who guides the dance to date. Early level of work. Aguilar is moving forward and her & # 39; link with a corpse killed. Glenn is a cascade and a & # 39; trying to turn to reach, but Aguilar gets free. Glenn caught his left eye. Aguilar is connected with a big punch when he closed the next step. The picture will be carried on and it will be carried out; a solution. Aguilar is not in the top to finish it, as Glenn lets his head shine. However, glen eyes are closed. Aguilar's left is to get her way through. Glenn is a double-beat leap and a & # 39; describes the body. He stops with a kiss and his / her; hitting into the club. Aguilar strikes her body and hers; trying to get out. Another high blow was blocked from Glenn, who's a killing a corpse in a row. Glenn throws a hook right, but he'll go. get a hard hit. He will steal for attack and his; laments the face of her cage. Aguilar will be cured with a variety and a; run out of time. MMAjunkie will mark the 10-9 world for Aguilar.

Round 2 – Glenn seems to have an orbit disease. Aguilar closes up and pulls her left. Glenn is patching with her & # 39; pipes and trousers in front. Sprinkle spinning with power shots. Glenn goes up with an upcoming envelope, and it's a Try to insert his way. They bend as Glen a & 39; closing. Glenn will be pushed in again and then. fence against the fence. He misses an ovation when they want. They are a trip trade. More of weight around this frame. Aguilar contains a combo with a jacket. Glenn is pulled to the left. Aguilar is just like his body and he's a The management of a movable form as Glen is closing. Glenn strikes again, both of which are spent. Aguilar le chriomag to her body. Glenn does his normal thing, and crawl and make its way before casting out a kiss or a # 39; take into the club. Aguilar makes his life hard with heavy points to keep her away. They both taste energy, so they are a bit cautious. But Aguilar has repeatedly advocated her in a close length & s they get in the field of their & # 39; record, and Glenn needs to be restated. Hard invitations to Glen and it's just a hook. It keeps its & # 39; coming and lamb delivery. Now a fire in a shut. Glenn runs a straight and left loop. Finally, his time is to start to & # 39; pay diviends. Aguilar is connected to her and her; depending on how the time will run. MMAjunkie will mark the 10-9 frame of Aguilar, and is 20-18.

Cruinn 3 – Aguilar is corrupted guides and this time he is & # 39; Glen is just out of the bat while he works. The duck is in the next way, and Glenn needs to re-instate. Aguilar knows he needs to Encourage Glen to encourage not to be able to; gutting, and he's doing a & # 39; The best to use trips and heavy problems to keep pace. Glenn is accidentally and catches him with a punch before going up the stairs with an envelope. Strikes heavy heavy limbs with Aguilar, who looks worse for the dress against her; ceilidh. Glenn pulls it off with a kiss. Glenn's tank approach is being spent. The Aguilar further stands there and craftsmanship, more likely it seems to be; leaving Glenn, there is a higher level of work. Aguilar is close to and near; beat a body. Glen is still coming. A right hook from Aguilar drops Glenn cold. Aguilar is split off with pieces and hooks because Glenn is a trying to get a place. Aguilar runs out of steam and hers. go into half-defense. Elbeich from the peak. Glenn reaches her hands and knees and can not climb climbing Glenn knees. Back to her hands and knees, Glenn moves well to avoid the worst penalty of Aguilar. But it is still on the bottom and its; get tagged one minute left. His left eye is completely completely closed. He'll get back again, and Tognoni has a & # 39; to stop them instead of their folklore. It is incoming and & # 39; chipping a fragment. Do not stop it when Aguilar is fired back with combinations. The right elbow will be circulated shortly after Aguilar. Aguilar is gutting for a portion and a # 39; get a jacket thrown. Aguilar to spread back while & # 39; is the time running out. MMAjunkie identifies a 10-9 frame for Aguilar in a score 30-27 that does not; identifying how closely the action is.

Outcome: Caoimhin Aguilar def. Rick Glenn with a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Re-mark: Caoimhin Aguilar is playing Rick Glenn well in a bloody battle
Images: Caoimhin Aguilar vs. Rick Glenn
Registers: Kevin Aguilar (16-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Rick Glenn (21-6 MMA, 3-3 UFC)
Department: Featherweight
Broadcasting: FS1
Is settled: Chris Tognoni

Round 1 – Roberts will work on fire and fire; crossing, pulling two heavy drums from Horcher. There is a great turn on a cascade near Horcher, who attempts to stop how Roberts will scattered with a mixture. Roberts will shut in and go to; shoot a knee well before they start back. With a face envelope, and it's a short fragment. Roberts will close up for a banned right and his / her; pulled a body. Sometimes near a right hook; So far, he has been trying to make a while against Roberts, come up considerably. Roberts laughed into the club, and break up after a short fight. Both have heavy problems, but there is less tied link. Horcher gives a hurdle right and will look a little bit off. He'll run Roberts on and off; cage, burning a heavy hook, and can not do it. They will tap a bit after the re-location, and again, Roberts will climbing in sight. It will connect to another right, and they will go to it; come up. Horcher turned on the fence, and Roberts had a pump for a bypass. Fish extracts from Roberts, and steep stomps from Horcher. Roberts does not seem willing to have. The short ulbage generates a guillotine power from Roberts, which is near to; Cranking flat Horcher flat on improved shock. Horcher has no place left after fighting for his life, and he is tapping. An exciting success.

Outcome: Roosevelt Roberts def. Darrell Horcher during the bid (guillotine choke) – Visit 1, 4:50
Re-mark: Roosevelt Roberts using bad guillotine to finish Darrell Horcher first out
Images: Roosevelt Roberts vs. Darrell Horcher
Registers: Darrell Horcher (13-4 MMA, 1-3 UFC), Roosevelt Roberts (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC)
Department: Light
Broadcasting: FS1
Is settled:

Round 1 – Early ideas from both soldiers. Perez draws a piece of bite off. It will cover up and re-instate. Benavidez bannes his & her; his own beat, and Perez will catch an ongoing beat. Benavidez spreads with marriages and hers; get out. It starts to crash and Perez a & # 39; build on and try to arm a triangle. It does not exist, so he needs to give it. Benavidez continues to & # 39; attacking his legs before entering into large hands. It is going to its & # 39; body when Perez attacks each other. Another right is good and try to & # 39; first installment. No, and so he will hit the way, and # 39; come clean ashore before it comes to the fence. There are languages ​​close, and Perez will be free. Perez just goes to his right and is banned. It attacks long & # 39; Benavidez plays and plays; play. Ionnsaighean luath agus an uair sin a 'tilleadh. Bidh iad a 'malairt a' leum cas agus an uairsin dubhan, agus bobhlaidhean Benavidez thairis air Perez. Tha e a 'bualadh gu mòr, agus bidh Benavidez a' dol air falbh gus am bi Perez a-muigh. Bidh Lavigne a 'dol a-steach agus a' toirt buaidh orra, ach chan eil e ga stad. Tha Benavidez na sheasamh os cionn, a 'coiseachd air falbh. Ach tha an t-sabaid fhathast a 'dol air adhart. Tha Perez a 'tighinn air ais beò agus tha e a' tòiseachadh a 'dràibheadh ​​airson tiodhlac. Bidh Benavidez a 'faighinn a dhruim agus notaichean air falbh le pìosan. An turas seo, tha e soilleir gu bheil Perez a-muigh, agus tha Lavigne a 'dèanamh a dhreuchd.

Outcome: Joseph Benavidez def. Ailig Perez tro TKO (stailcean) – Cuairt 1, 4:19
Ath-chomharraich: Tha Joseph Benavidez a 'sònrachadh dà chrìoch TKO aig Alex Perez
Images: Eòsaph Benavidez vs. Alex Perez
Registers: Eòsaph Benavidez (26-5 MMA, 13-3 UFC), Ailig Perez (21-5 MMA, 3-1 UFC)
Roinn: Flyweight
Craoladh: FS1
Rèitear: Yves Lavigne

Cruinn 1 – Mac a 'Ghobhainn le a làmh-làimhe agus a' tòiseachadh prìomh shreath Batista, a fhuair a làmhan air a leudachadh. Tha Mac a 'Ghobhainn a' toirt rabhadh do chorragan fada. Tha Mac a 'Ghobhainn a' tàladh a 'chuirp le cnap dìreach agus a' leantainn le cèis aghaidh. A 'chiad uair a bhios Mac a' Ghobhainn a 'suidhe sìos air crois, tiocaidean Batista fo agus a' dol airson a 'chas doiuble. Tha Smith a 'fuaimneachadh taobh a' chinn, air a chuideachadh leis a 'chèidse, ach mu dheireadh tha e a' dol airson turas. Ann an dìon, bidh Batista a 'dol a dh'obair leis a làimh dheis. Tilgidh Smith a chas suas agus a 'dol airson triantan. Tha cus rùm ann an toiseach, ach tha e ag atharrachadh a chasan agus a 'tarraing an ceann. Aig an aon àm, tha làmh Batista a 'dol a-mach gus a bhith a' tapadh. Bidh e a 'cumail a-mach gu mionaideach, ach feumaidh e tapadh sa cheann thall.

Outcome: Maurice Green def. Michel Batista le bhith a 'toirt a-steach (triantan crom) – Cuairt 1, 2:14
Ath-chomharraich: Tha Maurice Greene a 'sgorrachadh tagradh sgiobalta de Michel Batista
Images: Maurice Green vs Michel Batista
Registers: Michel Batista (4-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC), Maurice Green (6-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC)
Roinn: Trom
Craoladh: Pass Fight UFC
Rèitear: Marc Mac a 'Ghobhainn

Cruinn 1 – Leigidh Letson làmh dheas air a h-ionnsaigh gu luath agus an uairsin a 'dùblachadh le buille taobh. Bidh Stoliarenko a 'dol a-steach gu cùl-cheist, agus ath-shuidhich an dithis an dèidh iomlaid tràth. Sùil chlì Letson dearg. Tha iad a 'sgoltadh leathar trom trom, agus bidh letson le letton dìreach air fhàgail. Tha iomlaid de chuairtean aghaidh, agus taobh Letson a 'togail Stoliarenko far a casan goirid. Tha i a 'coimhead gu bheil buannachadh luaths aice tràth. An dèidh a dhol air ais gu tràth, tha astar Stoliarenko air a bhith nas slaodaiche. Bidh briseadh spionnaidh a 'dol ann an àite sam bith, agus bidh Letson a' dùnadh a bhith a 'cur làmhan air targaid ann an dà iomlaid eadar-dhealaichte. Tha Stoliarenko a 'feuchainn ri crois a stèidheachadh le criomag ìseal agus tha i goirid. Bidh Letson a 'glacadh dà dubhan nuair a gheibh i leisg le a dhìon. Stoliarenko ga ghlacadh na b 'fhaide beagan air a' chunntaidh. Letson le paidhir lefts dìreach, agus tha i a 'dùnadh airson a' chlaidheamh an aghaidh na feansa. Bidh Stoliarenko a 'sabaid air an turas, agus an dà mhalairt an aghaidh an fheansa nuair a bheir Letson seachad. Bidh letson Letson a 'tarraing cosgais bho Stoliarenko, aig a bheil duilgheadas a' tomhas astar aig an raon. Bidh ia 'ceangal nuair a bheir Letson targaid gluasadach dhi, ach tha Letson a' cumail smachd air astar. Cinn chrìche, agus tha MMAjunkie a 'comharrachadh frèam 10-9 airson Letson.

Cruinn 2 – Bidh Letson a 'tighinn a-steach le poca taobh ris a' bhodhaig agus an uairsin ionnsaigh le pìosan air an aon targaid. Bidh Stoliarenko ag obair an cunntair, agus tha i a 'sìneadh a-mach à àite sam bith. A 'snìomh agus a' call. Bidh Letson a 'toirt ionnsaigh air na casan agus an uair sin a' tighinn a 'losgadh. Tha Stoliarenko a 'caoidh air a' chunntaidh, ach tha i a 'glacadh cas. Chan urrainn dhaibh a dhol an sàs ann an cuibhreann, agus bidh an dithis a 'tòiseachadh air an t-sabaid aca. Buille taobh eile airson Letson. Bidh Stoliarenko a 'diadhadh anns an fhosgladh agus a' giùlan air a 'ghaoith. Bidh i a 'dùnadh a-rithist agus a' tarraing beagan shlatan dìreach bho Letson. Stoliarenko cha mhòr an sin le ceann a 'bhriseadh, ach chan eil dìsneachd fhathast. Tha i na ceum air chùl ann an iomlaid. Midway tron ​​chuairt, agus Letson a 'bualadh air corp. Bidh Stoliarenko a 'dol fodha agus a' cromadh cas airson sealbh. Chan urrainn dhi gluasad agus gaoth air a druim, agus chan eil Letson airson a leantainn sìos. Leig Letson air ais gus a bhith a 'sgoltadh air falbh leis a' mheanbh-chuileag agus a 'cheann, a' cur air bhonn le casan ìosal agus a poca. Tha Stoliarenko a 'ceangal le làimh dheis, a tha a' moladh Letson a chuir air adhart agus teine ​​air ais ann an oidhirp gus faighinn air ais. Bidh i ag adhbhrachadh dà shleamhnagan agus a 'tarraing às. Bidh i ag obair air a 'chnoc agus a' dràibheadh ​​a-steach airson tiodhlac. Bidh Stoliarenko a 'cunntadh le làimh dheis. Bidh iad ag iomlaid le ùine ghoirid, agus bidh Letson a 'ceangal ri taobh clì. Bidh MMAjunkie a 'comharrachadh frèama 10-9 airson Letson, ga chur suas 20-18.

Cruinn 3 – Tha Stoliarenko a 'faireachdainn cinn-cinn agus a' dùblachadh le crann ìosal a tha a 'tòiseachadh malairt de phìosan. Tha e nas miosa na cuairt seo, tha Stoliarenko a 'feuchainn ri dòigh a lorg a-steach. Tha letson air chlì dìreach an uair sin nuair a ruigeas i. An uairsin bidh a 'phrìomh chas a' faighinn tagaichean. Bidh Stoliarenko a 'cur dà chrois cheart air targaid, agus thèid a phàigheadh ​​air ais le clì. Airson gach ionnsaigh, tha coltas gu bheil Letson a 'freagairt dùbailte. Tha lachan eile a 'leantainn gu oidhirp air falbh, agus bidh Letson a' gut out Bidh Stoliarenko a 'leum airson an guillotine agus a' tuiteam air ais chun a 'bhata. Bidh i a 'bualadh leis a h-uile gin, agus tha Letson a' crochadh oirre. Dà diogan dà uair, ach tha Letson a 'toirt na sgoltagan suas. Chan urrainn dha Stoliarenko crochadh air, agus gheibh Letson an-asgaidh le dà mhionaid airson a dhol. Ùine gu costa, agus tha i a 'tarraing rabhadh airson a bhith ag obair mar ghearradh air Stoliarenko. Bidh ia 'gluasad Stoliarenko chun feansa agus a' feuchainn ri talamh agus not a dhìth. Bidh i ag èirigh, agus ceàrnan Stoliarenko airson armbar. Bidh Letson a 'dol air ais a-steach a dhìon agus a' falach a h-ùine. Chan eil Tognoni air fhaicinn gu leòr agus gan seasamh suas. An dash mu dheireadh airson Stoliarenko, agus bidh Letson a 'snìomh le sgeul. Tha sin a 'caoidh, agus tha i a' toirt paidhir de phìosan air Stoliarenko. Iomlaid spioradail anns na diogan deireannach, agus cha bhi triùir a 'dèanamh mòran de mhilleadh fhèin. Na crìochan cruinn, agus bidh MMAjunkie a 'comharrachadh an fhrèam deireannach 10-9 airson Letson, a' toirt dhi crìoch an 30-27.

Outcome: Leah Letson def. Julia Stoliarenko tro cho-dhùnadh roinnte (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Ath-chomharraich: Leah Letson a 'dol a-mach à Julia Stoliarenko, a' toirt co-dhùnadh roinnte dachaigh
Images: Leah Letson vs. Julia Stoliarenko
Registers: Leah Letson (5-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Julia Stoliarenko (4-3-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC)
Roinn: Meadhan iteach boireannaich
Craoladh: Pass Fight UFC
Rèitear: Chris Tognoni
A 'breithneachadh:

Cruinn 1 – Bidh modhan a 'leigeil a làmh chlì a dhol gu tràth agus a' gearradh chriomagan Rainey anns an dàrna iomlaid. Tha e a 'coiseachd gu Muineach sìos agus a' sgoltadh san t-sùil, a 'stad stad bho Smith. Tha ath-chluich a 'sealltainn meur dìreach a-steach do shùil Mheans. Bidh Means a 'faighinn air ais thuige air an ath-thòiseachadh. Bidh Rainey a 'sgoltadh slat, ach tha Means a' dùnadh agus a 'faighinn corp glas gus àrdachadh airson sealbh. Gun teagamh bidh Rainey a 'briseadh air an fheansa agus a' faighinn rabhadh. Bidh Means a 'tilleadh air Rainey air ais chun a' bhata an dèidh dha Rainey èirigh suas leis a 'fheansa. A 'tarraing air feadh nan Rèisidh air fad le stailc às dèidh stailc. Tha Rainey air a h-uile càil, agus tha Mac a 'Ghobhainn a' dùnadh rabhadh a thoirt seachad airson gluasad. A 'faicinn gun dìon inntinneach, tha Smith a' dol a-steach, agus tha e soilleir gu bheil Rainey a-muigh.

Outcome: Tim Means def. Ricky Rainey tro TKO (stailcean) – Cuairt 1, 1:18
Ath-chomharraich: Tim means a 'steamrolls Ricky Rainey, ag iarraidh Diego Sanchez
Images: Tim Means vs. Ricky Rainey
Registers: Tim Means (28-10-1 MMA, 10-7 UFC), Ricky Rainey (13-6 MMA, 0-2 UFC)
Roinn: Lùth tàlaidh
Craoladh: FS1
Rèitear: Marc Mac a 'Ghobhainn

Cruinn 1 – Tha Barcelos a 'losgadh beagan buillean rannsachaidh às deidh dha a làmhan a mharbhadh le criomag àrd. Tha Gutierrez a 'fuireach air a thòiseachadh leis an dithis fhireannach gu cothromach air an còmhnachadh. Gluasadan bho Gutierrez. Tha Barcelos a 'smocadh Gutierrez airson a' chiad uair le a làmhan, agus tha e dìreach a 'feitheamh ri adhbhar a leantainn. Mu dheireadh tha e a 'tighinn ann an teas, agus tha Gutierrez a' feuchainn ris a 'mhòr-chuid dheth a sheachnadh mus cuairtear e. Beachdan math bho Gutierrez, a tha a 'dèanamh cho math' sa tha e gus tarraing air Barcelos. A 'gluasad air adhart gu mall bhon Brazilian, a tha a-rithist a' toirt a-mach agus a 'fearann ​​punch. Ach tha Gutierrez ag ath-shuidheachadh agus a 'putadh air ais mus tig e a-mach a-rithist. Gu soilleir, tha Gutierrez air sùil a thoirt air àrd-thachartasan Barcelos, agus chan eil e na sheasamh air beulaibh a nàmhaid. Bidh ìseal a 'tòiseachadh gus casg a chur air a' Brazilian. Tha Barcelos a 'toirt cas air cas a' tighinn a-steach agus a 'cur punch air targaid mus tripping Gutierrez ris a' chanabhas. Tha e ag ionndrainn gu bhith a 'leum a-steach mus tig e gu crìch mu dheireadh. Gutierrez a 'feuchainn ri casan a shìneadh suas agus stad a chur air na cuiridhean a' tighinn bho chòrr. Tha Barcelos a 'seasamh agus a' togail nan casan. Tha Gutierrez a 'cur às dha agus tha e a' toirt seachad taobh smachd mar a tha an neach-dùbhlain aige a 'leum air a' the summit. Tha Barcelos a 'caoidh adhartas gu bhith a' sreap agus a 'seasamh thairis. Bidh Gutierrez crab a 'dol air adhart mus co-dhùin iad seasamh. Bidh Barcelos a 'dùnadh a-steach agus a' losgadh far an làimh dheis ron dà cheann ann am farpais stad. Bidh MMAjunkie a 'comharrachadh frèama 10-9 airson Gutierrez.

Cruinn 2 – Tha Gutierrez a 'dol air ais gu bhith a' dol air adhart, agus sa bhad tha e air dìon mar a tha Barcelos a 'dùnadh. Ceàrdan agus fiadhaich gus Barcelos a chumail a 'smaoineachadh, an uairsin a' tòiseachadh gu math ìosal. Tha Barcelos a 'cìsean agus a' tòiseachadh a 'chlàir. Easy takedown, and he’s on top with plenty of time to work. Ground and pound draws a warning from Tognoni, but follow up elbows good. Gutierrez covering up and trying to hang on. Looks like Barcelos is cut; blood all over Gutierrez. More ground and pound from Barcelos, who stands and tries to pass. In a scramble, Gutierrez gives up his back trying to scoot away and winds up seated against the cage with Barcelos setting up for the choke. Gutierrez turns and goes to his back in half-guard, and Barcelos works shoulder strikes. But elbows from overhead. Still plenty of time left. More punches from the Brazilian. Big elbows now, and Gutierrez is really wearing it with nowhere to go against the cage. Barcelos stands up and pounds down. Not looking good for Gutierrez. As Gutierrez sits up and tries to stand, Barcelos jumps on his back and sinks the rear-naked choke in a flash. Very quick tap from Gutierrez, and it’s all over.

Outcome: Raoni Barcelos def. Chris Gutierrez via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 4:12
Recap: Raoni Barcelos sliced open but submits Chris Gutierrez
Photos: Raoni Barcelos vs. Chris Gutierrez
Records: Raoni Barcelos (13-1 MMA, 2-0 UFC), Chris Gutierrez (12-4-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC)
Division: Bantamweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Chris Tognoni

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