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TYCHKOWSKI: I'll do it; My plan for the Edmonton Oilers

By seeking new GM Oil, our team of hockey writers is offering their two awards on what the role of president and CEO of Bob Nicolson should be. Today, Rob Tychkowski manages to win … himself.

Thus, Edmonton Oilers needs someone to clear their organization.

I'll do it.

My salary is $ 2.1 million SA (to recognize the 21 years, I've been getting information about this team) and I will have full control. I am not included in titles but all the Head Teacher will do so.

Here is my plan:

At first, I am quick enough to know that this is not here but one person can step in and settle, and the problems are getting deeper. don't just introduce a general manager.

So I have a three-headed monster like Toronto Maple Leafs to get to where they are. Mark Hunter, Kyle Dubas and Lou Lamoriello were at the Leaflets, each bringing their own unique talent and insight into a project which showed fast and important progress under their direction.

My three team members: Hunter, LA Kings, GM helper Mike Futa and Vegas, GM helper Kelly McCrimmon, will be responsible for the following three choices: who is responsible for taking up the post. From there the two will recruit younger, more advanced, but not visual, talent that the team have to pull together.

Hunter is a smart hockey man who has gained valuable experience in the Toronto model.

Futa is extremely popular across the league for his ability to recognize talent and was on the radar when Buffalo, Carolina, Vancouver and Toronto were watching. That is a good sign.

McCrimmon speaks after himself. Whatever you may notice about the deck sticking in the Vegas favor, they knew how to recognize talent that other teams felt were capable of being thrown and saw them where they were the league will continue.

Yes, it's got a new talent for coming that could be alone elsewhere to be part of a team of three people in Edmonton, but I pass by it greatly.

I'll also go on for one year, after which I 'll go down to the glory and so someone from the Tychkowski Triumvirate can move into my chair. The other comes to full-time MG. The younger is living as the pre-paid helper.

I help with this management team by saving my money by burning Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey.


Followers need to know that it is not just a conversation, that things are going to be different. The followers need blood, and are deserving of it. I will give it to them. Nobody believes that our revolution is a real victory until someone puts the big picture outside the castle. That is.

Then I will tell my team that they will make a complete share and reconstruction of the player's Human Resources. Look at the draft version. Look at the trades. Look at the continued erosion of talent. I have created all the evidence I need to make significant changes in this area.

I will guide my team to clean and re-build the entire pro-scout section. We've seen the Oilers trade for too many players who have come here and bombed, some of whom haven't opted for another NHL match after dealing with Edmonton (Eric Belanger, Mike Cammalleri, Rob Klinkhammer, Matt Fraser). , Nikita Nikitin, Acton, Yohan Auvitu, Viktor Fasth, Ben Eager, and Jesse!% $ # & Joensuu, just name a few names and it's not good enough.

I will guide my team in splitting the amateur scoring department. They say things are improving, and there is a reason to think that some of the talents could be on track, but this group has long lost the benefit. My new management team will be checking this field and taking 50 per cent of the boys to the test.

I get tidied up with the European scouts and do anything he can to take European Scouting director Hakan Andersson away from the Red Wings. He has been making a goldmine for them.

Get another hard; it has been in existence since 1990. But now Ken Holland might have been out on the way out, maybe it would be open to change. Again, the key is overpaid.

I will instruct my team to rebuild and rebuild the Performance Development Department. They did not develop much players directly, are they? When you look at a gold table that looks at six leaves on it, two first of all, one is in the third and the other is seventh, it's difficult to say your work was done very well by creating a good working band.

I introduce a five per cent roll on the price of tickets for the next season and a 20 per cent roll on concessionary fares. Fans in Edmonton have vanished and passed beyond loyalty over those 13 years and the time the Comrades did was time.

I sit down with Luc Lucic and state that he must consider the imposition of an automatic restriction on trade (including the presumption of payment of salary) or of danger 50 or 60 Game in the news box next season. If the result is not as it was three years ago, it cannot be consistently consistent in the line. At the end of the story.

This is my plan. It is not expensive. They are 48 hours. Because I don't hear about Sunday afternoon Masters.

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