Uber filed early paperwork for IPO: report

SAN FRANCISCO – The Uber giant Ride-hailing on a free private paper has been submitted for the sale of stock to the public.

That is according to a report at the end of Friday in the Wall Street Journal.

A description of people who were familiar with her; In case he did not know, the magazine says that Uber Technologies Inc. San Francisco based the paperwork earlier this week. That would mean that he could appear in his & # 39; first three months of the next year.

Uber refused to comment on the magazine's report.

The filing would come on the heels of a similar movement with Uber's youthful Lyft. Both public offers could be billing for the two companies to be able to; express their extensions, and send them to & # 39; The first opportunity for owners to buy steps in the overlooked scene.

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