Video: SNES Classic runs PSone Games better than the Classic PlayStation


If you keep your tabs on your competition, you will not have any questions heard about the PlayStation Classic. Continuing the success of Nintendo with NES and SNES Classic systems, Sony has set out a small form of its own hard-lived legacy.

Unfortunately, this particular system has not been up to expectations, with a huge library of games due to licensing issues and some strange design options. If not enough, technological experts have found many of the games that the PAL versions are slower and a list of games that are much more interesting that the system has not been named in & # 39 original code. It's safe to say, the spread of the system has made more harm than good at this time.

If it's not already enough, a video with YouTube 8 Bit Flashback channel is now uploaded to the above video of PSX mini run Mini SNS Classic and a & # 39; doing better work on the PlayStation Classic. On paper, the PS Classic should be a more powerful system, but with its unique game confirmed – Ridge Racer Type 4 – this is not true.

The SNES Classic runs the PCSX emulator ReARMed with Retroarch, which is the same as the PS Classic, except for Retroarch. The video tells how Ridge Racer was one of the worst games played on the PS Classic. On the SNES, however, several aspects of the game have been developed – including the controls. The SNES regulator has a better performance management than Sony's original device has; do. 8 Soundtrack even so he got it Tekken 3 Runs on the SNES Classic, but there were, indeed, some issues at the sound.

The summary is, Sony designed to play a "scarce" system to play itself. In contrast, the SNES Classic has additional power packing to ensure it can handle its own games collection.

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