VIDEO: Two ferries had to return to Nanaimo as winds cause damage to Horseshoe Bay

NANAIMO – Two BC ferry services had to return to Nanaimo after being able to enter the Horseshoe Bay due to a dangerous wind.

In a video sent to it NanaimoNewsNOW by a passenger on Queen of Oak Bay, a ferry crew member tells that he was too dangerous to have a message.

"The Horseshoe Bay is too dangerous to go. The walls are broken. The marina is away and there are boats and debris everywhere," said a crew member.

The Nanaimo ferry left about 60 minutes late, at 9:20 a.m., and made most of the way to Vancouver before converting its decision.

Queen Cowichan turned around and returned to Nanaimo. That address was held in the waters outside Horseshoe Bay for several hours after leaving Nanaimo at 6:15 a.m. When the boat was back in Nanaimo, passengers were aboard for almost seven hours.

Speakers to speak NanaimoNewsNOW He said that although it was a limit to the ferry four hours longer than expected, everyone was quiet.

"Everyone moved to the front to see the waves. There was no complaint or complaint," said one woman.

"When we finally realized that we were not doing everything we were very unhappy," said another traveler. It was part of a much larger group that was going to showcase a mainland boat. "It's hard but what can you do?"

All sails on the route by 1 p.m. off. Nanaimo's ferry left again to Vancouver at 1:20 p.m. Once Damage removed from the Sea from the doc.

EARLIER (10 a.m.):

High winds and dangerous conditions have required a ferry to stop the water for several hours.

Queen of Cowichan's ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver left at 6:15 and out of 10 a.m. he has not yet been involved. He is currently waiting for a Vancouver dagger and can not go on.

Passengers on board the ferry said the skipper said they were tight because they did not expect to move any time sooner.

They said that everyone is weird and worried about the benefits of the wind on the ferry and the choppy waves to hit her; chains.

The second ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver also went out for the mainland around 9:20 a.m. It is unknown now what happens when the ferry reaches the same wind weather on the other.

This post will be updated as the situation will be improved.

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