Voyager runs two friends to an inter-state place between the stars

Space: Nasa's Voyager 2 is the second thing that is done by humans; It is possible to zoom from the sun into the place between the stars. Voyager 2 last month lost today "the bubble that sunshine creates around itself," said Ed Stone, a long-term knowledge expert of Nasa . The spacecraft is now outside the outermost boundaries, about 18 billion kilometers from Earth. He is a Voyager 1 friend, who reached an inter-state place in 2012 and is now 21 billion kilometers from Earth. The most hidden hidden inter-stallion between star systems. Although they are out of solar mills, the Voyagers are still technically in our solar system, Nasa said. Scientists will maintain the solar system to & # 39; extending to the outer edge of the name Oort Cloud. It will take about 30,000 years for spacecraft to do so long.

The United States: Snowdoners have been the best protection of work without work or school while their officers warning that the roads were incredible suffering after a harsh storm dropped by snow, rainfall and frost over five states. Accidents on snow-covered interventions caused severe delays over the weekend. Hundreds of airlines were erased and drivers in North Carolina and Virginia were split in snow or lost control over frozen parks. He was blamed for the storm for at least three deaths in North Carolina.

Britain: a British court attacked Vijay Mallya, who was attacking the Indian lawsuit, ruled, it should be brought out to India to make financial fraud allegations. Judge Emma Arbuthnot confirmed the request of the Indian Government for the revival of Mallya and said that she would send her to the British Boundary Secretary for review and action. Mallya, who in 1983 was the chairman of a father-led alcohol company, once a leader in India's business business. He launched Kingfisher Airlines and played a part in the Indian Formula One racing team. India complains that Mallya is in a position; Receive money and a covenant that includes hundreds of millions of dollars. He has rejected it wrong. The 62-year-old Mallya judge explained in unusual words, which suggested that Indian banks would be introduced to & # 39; Badly damaged by his "giotourous, flash, renowned, bejeweled, bodyguarded, who is very obvious, who affected these bankers the common peace." Mallya can choose the application still, made in the Westminster Law Court.

Russia: Two strategic bombs came into Russian nuclear power into Venezuela, the use of Russian-US tans growing. The Ministry of Defense Ministry reported that a pair of Tu-160 bombers fell at Maiquetia airport outside Caracas after traveling 10,000km. He did not say if the bombs had any weapons of conduct and did not say how long they were; and they stay in Venezuela. The Ministry said that the 124 Ruslan Heavyweight and Multi-62 passenger plane with the bombers were Maiquetia. The Tu-160 is capable of carrying conventional or non-nuclear charts. A code called Blackjack by Nato is capable of having a huge warpipe flying at a speed of two times higher than a sound speed.

Egypt: The authorities blocked the sale of yellow buzzing messages and challengers could be scared to try to copy French representatives over the next year. after the 2011 public outturn stated by honorary Hosni Mubarak, security officers and retailers. They said vendors of business safety equipment were required to sell yellow fencing to pedestrian and business merchants to the sale of retailers to certified companies, but only after obtaining a license from the police. They were told that offenders would be punished, the officers said they were not ready.

Brazil: Researchers from the National Museum of Brazil say they have received over 1500 pieces from large fire debris. Among the things found are Brazilian indigenous arrows, Peruvian brass and pre-Colombian burial gold. In October, researchers found screenshots and part of the "Luzia" game, the scientist gave the name of a woman who lived for 11,500 years ago. The progress was published, together with information on the US $ 205,000 grant from the German Government for conservation equipment. The museum in Rio de Janeiro is one of the oldest in the world. Over 20 million pieces were held before it was destroyed by a large fire on 2 September. Authorities do not yet tell how the fire started.

The United States: The Hawaiian Department of Agriculture includes four brown tree snakes that are used to guide dogs to find the dangerous aggressive species and we hope to stop the snakes from being establishing themselves in the islands. Jonathan Ho, manager of the department's vegetable branch branch business manager, said the Hawaiian Board of Agriculture agreed to apply for the tough, male snakes that were used in the dog search program, West Hawaii Today report. "The main focus is for brown tree snakes," said Ho at a Honolulu meeting last week. "However, Hawaiian species do not have snakes and the dogs make general, and so any kind of snake we could do." The snakes will be used to train four jigsaw jigsaws and the fear will be mixed to the snakes; It may be possible to enter Hawaii by air transport, ship or goods. Brown tree snakes attacked Guam and almost eliminated the bird species of the island, said Ho. There are several species in Hawaii of protected and endangered birds.

Panama: Home and home frogs and rainforests do not; sing the same tune, searching for researchers. A study examined why Tony's small tiny frogs express their associated calls in urban areas – an unexpected example of how animals change communication strategies when towns & # 39; struggling with woodlands. These fragments take advantage of the deprivation associated with burrowing predators in cities in order to expose, Bringing out more lovely songs, which are more interesting for women's wounds. Tungara frogs do not croak as American bullfrogs. Your human ears, their special profession is like a video game beat. Your female rags, it's like a pillow talk. Every evening at sunset, the brown 2.5cm brown frog will swim in to the serenade viewers. Female frogs choose someone who is very much based on the love song.
Researchers found that urban shoots are more rapid, more frequent and more convenient; updating a row of staccato "chucks" at the end of the first headset – compared to those in the woods. These fascinating urban love songs are three times more likely to attract women, as scientists learn to do so; Record recordings of urban and woodland entrances to spectators of female rags in a laundry. Thirty-40 female frogs delivered the speaker to call the urban frog calling the researcher in the magazine Nature & EvolutionSouth Westerly

North Korea: Trump's Administration has put in place three North Wales headquarters executives for human rights misuse in the remote country. US officials say that the sanctions have to pay attention to "brutal" and human rights abuses as well as the death of Otto Warmbier, an American character. The Treasury says that the officers have important roles in previous government agencies under sanctions. It was unclear what role anyone had in the treatment of a Ohio-based 22-year-old student who died after he had been held in Korea last night last year. The imposed sanctions will have any of the assets that the officers do; may be the

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