War Games to & # 39; removing Fortuna 69 (Nice)

I have a theory: community value is just consistent with the willingness of doing it; fight around and fight near her; death for deep things. Terms of Use performers make excellent work.

Ann Terms of Use, a co-op sci-fi shooter with MMO elements, things are not running as long as # 39; s players will be living there. Fortuna 69, which emerged around the time the new game is Fortuna An extension to PC on November, has been damaging the problems, to hang up for more than a monthNext Post It still lasts & # 39; as I write this, a & # 39; means that he is now 35 days old – Methuselah right in a much larger way, because Methuselah has been living to be 969 years old.

How did this happen? Probably a & # 39; community like that. Since Fortuna 69 has gone out, players have been actively pursuing herds as many as he was away. They have gone out to bring the word out, some of which create exciting promotions, like this one from PsyCoCinematics (via Shotgun Rock Paper):

And what's this, from Dhinary Smile:

Oh, and a number of players worked to create the 69th number two weeks ago, because I mean, in fact:

Terms of UseFortuna 69 continues to hold the community community in a number of heat programs. players needed to stop playing and downloading new data. The Digital Extremes developer has become wise for this, so it now provides alerts inside its & # 39; game ahead of heat pressures.

"Fortuna 69 lives, and here you can keep it alive," the developer published three minutes before text started on Monday. "At least one of you must stay in Fortuna 69 as long as everything else is downloaded. Once there are people with Hotfix descriptions, whatever who kept Fortuna 69 around safely, you will put Hotfix on it. Not only does Fortuna 69 live by your hand – which is true in many ways from which it is just by your hand but any status is 69. "

Amazing, huh? Terms of Use It's a real game about people who are. come together. This is hoped that Fortuna 69 players can be held to be 69 years old. Now no it would be good.

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