We were surprised: A man who's surprised. A great blood clot turns into the shape of the lungs

A man who was getting a cure for heart failure was a ending with great blood in a formal shape of its lungs route, and the image has been the most amazing and exciting online.

The image, published in the essay of medical anomalies from the New England Journal of Medicine, shows the left-wing clot, 15 centimeters wide with a similar matrix with a & # 39; correct bronchial tree of the patient's lungs.

According to the description of the image, the 36-year-old male patient will break up her & her; clot "when there is an angry ban." This provided temporary respiration for the patient, but died nine days later as a result of heart failure problems.

"We were amazed," told Georg The Wieselthaler, the patient's pharmacist, Atlantic. "It's hard you can not think – I mean, this is true, very, very rare."

Wieselthaler was at the heart of the patient to be connected to a device designed to help prevent blood streams, but these tools can cause, which can explain the size of their clot size. He told the doctors who still do not know how it would have come out without breaking.

Although it is very unusual, this is not quite at all. In 2005, the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery published a similar picture of a bronchial breed-shaped clot that a woman aged 25 years old grew up. But this clot was much smaller, however.

The image has been live since it was posted last week, with people compared with a Christmas tree that was lit, and, granite and coral. Others want advice on how to display the image.

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