What's the All-Dark All-Dark Dress of Witches

Written by: Chris Creamer • Friday, December 7, 2018

Tonight, the Carolina Hurricanes will visit the Anaheim Ducks with the two teams that are in attendance; sitting in their dark home uniform, Carolina in red and Anaheim in black. As long as I can tell, this is a & # 39; The first time a game * * is a normal season * * with any of the teams with a lightweight uniform in almost nineteen years (the last time: Rangers New York at Montreal Canadiens on 2 January 2000).

The event started with the Carolina Hurricanes tonight but a convention permit was required before going on. The Hurricanes have already been able to verify the dark-vs-dark idea several times in the last two seasons.

"Usually, if you get a night back, the agreement is just between the two GM teams. As this is not going out of the current dark game rules of the white face, however, he would have to do the league to carry out camera exams and finally out. "Mike Forman, Deputy Head of Marketing and Role Brand Brand, with SportsLogos.Net.

"It's good for us how the dark colors appear from the white ice. You see how it is becoming more common in the NBA to reconstruct its # 39 ; game and it is sensible that other teams / lens will be "" exploring this concept at least. "

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Carolina vs. Tampa Bay, both in darkness during preseason 2018-19

Carolina played their reds against Lightning Bay Bay in their blues at a pre-season time in 2017 and again in 2018; They also tried it against the Nashville Broochs who wear yellow helmets and jerseys as their "dark" set up in September.

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"Most of the work has been done here by Brian Tatum, our GM supporter who has been in contact with his companions throughout the league through the summer and into the fall, "said Forman. "The biggest challenge, in general, is just designed for some of the one-game tourings and can be accessed from each home team on a multi-game tour, such as this California tour, as we did not carry two sets of uniforms, gear and gear on the road with room restrictions. "

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Carolina vs Nashville, red vs. yellow at Nashville in September 2018

The Canes & # 39; able to have the three teams they were in. Visit their road trip in California to agree to allow them to spend their home, so they did. Red Carolina in Los Angeles was against the kings Sunday later and again in San Jose Wednesday. They also spend darks on the way in Montreal on December 13, Philadelphia on January 3, Florida on March 21, and Dallas on February 23, both of them will dating back on October 22 in Detroit, and the Hartford Whalers green exhibitions at Boston on 5 March. But none of these games will also be with the home side with dark clothes, just tonight.

There were usually all-dark games for the four decades of NHL Hockey, the New York Rangers were not even white at all until the 1950s. In 1930 a funny game between Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Black Hawks in 1930 began to start; think that a team team can add to its & # 39; Conversation, the Maple Leafs first responded to a white white top with a blue shape of their original coat of arms on the coffin, without stitches in any place of design, wings born; first "home-and-road" dress set.

Chicago Blackhawks at the Toronto Maple Leafs crash game at the 75th anniversary of NHL (16 November 1991)

Develop the all-round games where this could be done between different colors teams in the 1950s. Several clubs (such as the King, Seals, Canucks, and Penguins) made yellow instead of their white dress over several times in the 1960s, the 1970s, and the 1980s. We saw a few dark competitions as a mark of 75 years from NHL in 1991-92, the Habs vs. game. Rangers was brought back in 2000, and recently a couple of outdoor battles, the Leafs and Wings in 2014 and the Penguins and Flyers in 2017.

Montreal Canadiens and Rangers New York tried to face the blue face in January 2000

The Wing Roy and Maple Leafs were red against the blue of the Classical Winter 2014 (picture: Clark Rasmussen / DetroitHockey.Net)

"I was surprised if this was not more common throughout the league within the coming years," said Forman. "As long as the dark games that fight against each other, which have become easier now by replacing third problems, the team has been very clear In our preseason games against Tampa Bay and Nashville, the dark colors are pop-up and it will look good both in person and on TV. "

We definitely agree. We hope we see more up-to-date similarities to the Geallages in the coming years to create the beautiful dress, colorful games.

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