When you do not have time for your pain

In July, Lipsitz began to introduce erenumab-aooe (Aimovig) every month, one of the three new drugs aimed at its & # 39; signal that removes away pain, peptide calcitonin (CGRP) not receptor. Monoclonal antibodies, such as those in their medication, are working with a & # 39; preventing CGRP, the chemical involved in migration.

"I see him as a liberator, my hope," she said. It has been more days to have been a good feeling in the past three weeks than in the past three years.

The cure is not to eliminate all pain. Lipsitz could not remove medicine from other drugs. But the new remedy has given many of the migrant migrants, especially a time with her husband.

By preventing migrants by using CGRP antibodies; opening a new world, Broner said. "This is the first time we have a medication that has been developed specifically for the migraine method, which means we are focusing on the disease himself. "

For decimals, doctors who treated migration with cures developed for other diseases, Using blood pressure medicine, antiseisure drugs, non-deprivation and even OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox). Lipsitz has been on all that, finding a bit of relief but also reduces efficiency over time, or bad effects and tiredness. The anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory drugs gave her pain to leave her wild ulcer and herd damage.

The new drugs are special because not only do they prevent immigrants (except to be removed) but are well left.

"That's the most important thing," said David Dodick, a neurologist expert and headache at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. "If I give you something and that it is effective but you can not keep the effects, stop it."

The recent movement in migraine treatment comes from a change in understanding what is causing them, he said. Migraine was previously considered a blood vessel problem. He was "a really difficult problem," he said.

Belief to understand the location of the CGRP playing in the brain; It's a great deal with the Swedish researcher, Lars Edvinsson, who started working for 30 years. Back then, it could not buy the peptide, and so he built it, Link 37 pieces like amino acids of "Lego", he said.

In 1990, Edvinsson and colleague, Peter Goadsby, asked for CGRP in patients when they were invasion of migration, which produced blood specimens from the juice vein, near the brain level, instead of arm, where the levels are tired. They showed that CGRP was the only neuropeptide that was released when the disease was.

Some of the new antibody drugs – galcanezumab, (Emgality), fremanezumab (Ajovy) and eptinezumab, which are now in clinical 3 level tests and administered as a seasonal waste – CGRP's direct, long & is erenumab (Aimovig) a & # 39; focus on a CGRP receptor with the protein that gives pain. The keeper is bothering to put gum in green, Dodick said.

"You can not get the key now. You can not open the door," he said.

As these antibody drugs are prototype, they are not interacting with other drugs in the gold or restricted blood vessels, patient credentials that are infected; taking other medications and one of the limited sides of triptans, the class of drugs used to prevent migration from considering significant progress when introduced in the 1990s .

But still, not everyone who answers remedies is linked to CGRP. And long as clinical trials have a & # 39; show some effects, large patient numbers continue to continue in long-term investigations. CGRP is involved in other activities that include heart and skin, and there is still a reason to be careful, Broner said.

"I do not run out and give it to everyone," she said. The new drugs are also expensive, and cost about $ 7,000 a year, it is not always covered with insurance. Tina Ansari, who reduced his frequency as a result of his constant emigrants to 12 per month with a Botox reduction, sent Aimovig to his / her; her care with a program created to give patients up to 12 doses without cost as long as they are. following a license license.

"It's not a testament to me," said Ansari. "But at this time in my life, I've been suffering so long."

After two months after Aimovig, she has only one butt and her head of a day is so painful, down from "7 to 4."

"I can drive my children. I live on my life. It has been a game converter," she said.

Her three boys, ages 10, 12 and 14, have just started to run 5Ks together. She hopes to be able to join them.

"If I can access to the point where I can run again, that would be amazing," she said.

Neurostimulation, which uses the encouragement of electricity to cure pain, and also giving more options to patients, especially with the development of invasive devices or less aggressive methods.

The methods used are influenced by the end of the road, "said Goadsby, a professor of neurology at the King of London College and the University of California in San Francisco. But a single-transcranial pulse stimulus, for example, is It's possible to both stop and attack, a hand-in-handed home-to-face attack. Goadsby said that the "down-to-bottom" down "is a valuable mix for the most migraine-affected population: women in their breeding years, who have additional comments about a medication when they are pregnant or a & # 39; bait on the hill.

These tools also become more accessible in high costs, Peter Staats, founder of the Department of Medicine in the Department of Anesthesia by Johns Hopkins, said to launch a non-invasive non-invasive incentive , gammaCore, finally agreed in January to migrate medicine.

"We think it's a digital drug," he said. Doctors will write a lawsuit and, if covered by insurance, the patient will be able to; pay the copper. They receive a radio frequency reporting cartridge, very similar to the cards that are used to open hotel doors, which, put the machine on. Patients can be restored to & # 39; as required, similar to rewriting order.

"If it does not work, they have not bought something that's expensive and sits on the shelf," he said.

Robert Levy, president of the International Neuromodulation Association and cleaner and researcher, said that non-invasive healing would work for all patients. It is a model analysis of an unusual and unusual incredible stimulus that patients can experience; Feeling pain, is defined as "the motivation where it is a bad model." Small wires will be inserted under the skin of the scalp and attached to a battery pack similar to the search engine. The successful patient rate has been significantly improved over inspiration that is just a target; head, he said.

"It's very important that patients can be both caring and hoping," he said.

The complexity of migration – is driven by a variety of genes that interact with the environment – which means no cure for all. The pipeline has more pharmaceuticals. The most important thing now is that migraine has a special remedy, it has not been repeatedly become a "soft disease," said Goadsby.

Recently, he wrote his first order for drugs CGRP target.

"It's hard to think about something for three decades and then pull your pen and print it carefully," he said. "It's surreal."

If Edvinsson's colleague had not been converted by a neuroanatomy professor as a 20-year-old student, their co-operation on CGRP would never have happened.

"Well, everything has already been found," said Edvinsson's professor when he asked to investigate.

The next semester, Edvinsson tried the prehistoric division.

Le migraine, yes, and there is still much to learn.

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