Where it will be the key direction of Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

Genesis Mini Hero

He feels he has taken eternity to get Sega on to get her own response out to NES and SNES Classic Editions. Although the less popular AtGames have taken part in Genesis / Mega Drive movements for years now, this new venture is promising something different – at the end of the day. real activity.

This time, M2, the only company working on the Sega Ages and Sega 3D Classics series, is handling the software side so you know you are in safe hands.

Sega Genesis Mini's dress will have 40 games, but these are the only ones confirmed at the time (for the west coast) at least:

In addition to the 40 games, Sega Genesis / Mega Mini Mini games include two controllers, power cable, USB adapter and HDMI cable.

We expect this to be a hot issue, with many of these units coming to an end on anonymous auction sites, so get started first before the scallers and call one today.

These are the pre-order choices we were given now, more will be added as they appear.

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The Pre-Order of Sega Genesis Mini in the USA

Sega Mega Drive Pre-Order in the UK

Let us know if you are trying to download a pre-order for Sega Genesis / Mega Mini Drive with an idea below.

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