Winter stopping can take place in Halifax

Starting Saturday, the annual winter parking ban will be influences in Halifax.

There is no parking permit on Halifax streets between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. when there is unusual weather in the prehistoric or when teams need more time to clean the roads after more weather events.

Erin DiCarlo, who speaks for Halifax Regional Municipality, said residents need to be attentive.

"To plan ahead, residents are always encouraged to look at the weather strategy to see if there is snow in the prehistoric as well as looking at , contact 311 or enter for our notable announcement of when a parking stop is required, "she said.

In a press release, the town said that it will be activated and # 39; This was a ban on this winter near hospitals, schools and bus routes.

"The main thing, in fact, is to make sure the streets are capable of being properly cleaned," said DiCarlo.

Conductive objects on sites near the road or the rear should be removed and permanent objects that can not be moved by an emblem seen above the snow.

The ban is completed on March 31st.

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