Winter & Winter Winter Issues & # 39; Fortunate at Weekend Games Week

Episode 7 of Fortunately Come yesterday, which means a very special organization of Replay – rather than & # 39; Gathering news from the wide range of players, we are going to embark on the Epic philosophy in a battle-royale. Put down the manager for a second, would you?

Winter has come, with a new biome frozen to throw it; map

All of the strategies come true: there is a winter winter habitat on its way FortunatelySouth-West. Indeed, the south-west square of the map has been extended by a & # 39; the ice valley that began to go to the island in Event 6; You can see the great huge wonder in this comparison; New places include a snowy town (Happy Hamlet, some slippery mountains (Polar) and a few islands off the coast. Some players see face on the ground. in particular to be removed to an event later in a game There may be a small trollery of some of the Epic Games. Anyway, the outdoors are in danger, so watch out, builders, or go to the new ziplines to get around. Put some tea chocolates first to keep your strength and basic temperature up. Whether you sing or not carollan, a & # 39; spinning from your snowbird? That's between you and Krampus.

… Although players play the sky

What do you think ziplines are the only way of transport? And all, there are planes now! The biggest change FortunatelyThere is undoubtedly playing a play to include a & # 39; X-4 Stormwing Plane plane, which can place one pilot and up to four travelers. The plane shows a ruin set for air combat – or just a & # 39; Raising the unfortunate souls that run around the ground. (If you do not change first). You can even drop down if you want to drop into a new place. This will open new genres for players; we can not hear almost all the "STORMWING IS OP" objections. That is the way in which all the new features are.

Are we just going to & # 39; Burning everything else for a second place, K?

Speaking of new features, one of the most interesting add-ons; in a game – especially for the purpose that is in place; challenging us Fortunately Creative, a new way that allows players to make symbols Fortunately map, alone or friends, and just … build. Likewise, this game is still about building forts, right? Right?

In Less Fun Fortunately News, the Milly Rock and Suing Epic Representative

There is, The Washington Post Recounts that the 2 Milly Rapper Sings to Epic Games for a & # 39; Milly Rock's dance using emote in a game. The anti-Epic opposition campaign shot 2 moves and the appearance of Milly's dance, as well as the use of African creators without credit. It is uncertain whether it's unreasonable to judge: It's interesting for Epic to go to; introducing dances from pop culture, re-broadcasting them as emoticons, and selling them, with the linear number and the creator removed in the process. (See: BlowBoy JB Shoot Dance)

This is not the first time that came to & # 39; case, either. Earlier this year, Chance the Rapper Epic name in a Twitter thread, suggesting that there is a studio permit and a & # 39; Paid for the songs associated with these dances so that the creators could receive a silver prize. There is not much in the form of a proxy for a lawyer to steal dance movements, but it's very awesome to be in a position; look at this case. Legal or not, people are entitled to credit for their work. And Epic has not been given it. (Yes, even Orange Shirt Kid.)

Weekly Recommendation: Gears of War 3 on Xbox 360

Epic Games may probably have to print money Fortunately, but the studio has had several special guides. First, there was Unreal, which interpreted both wave bands of the first and Epic as a company. Then, the Gears of War Age. Gears The basic title is to be & # 39; Pick up the third-party arrowman today, the whales and the snowflake (and scratch after a high cover). Baby Cliff Bleszinski, a successful series; and, as a result of the success, he brought to the Epic Games that would go to the end; invasion Fortnite: Battle RoyaleIf you are there Gears mood, just skip to the third one. The best thing is easy, and the design … good, not that important. There are monsters coming from the ground below. Shoot them There you go.

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