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Flu is a place of work targets

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Flu fluctuation can cause flu vaccination or a & # 39; cut the year's flu more than the last two years. focusing on the young and middle-aged people in the region.

"From November 25 to December 1, 45 people have positive confirmation of resources within Health, and we see a huge increase in the number of young people we & # 39; usually seen in the "A" flu H-1-N-1 season, "said Karen Goodison's Medicine Health Officer. "The last two-season flowers have been mostly H-3-N-2 that are more likely to focus on older people."

Internal Health is a suggestion that everyone can get killed swine, wash your hand frequently and do it; stay home if you have symptoms of illness. "This year the negative impact of H-1-N-1 could have a significant impact on workplace situations, where younger and middle-aged workers are more likely to be & # 39 ; take on to kill her flu. " to add Goodison

Flu is known as flu, which is a breathing and interesting threat to hospital, and death in bad cases. The disease will spread when someone gets into their guns from someone with a disease that has a disease; cough or flush. Fever, growth, tiredness, headaches, muscle pain, stomach, bitter, bitter nose, and coughing in influenza symbols.

Anyone who does not need to spend a mask when it comes into your resource within Health.

To get a vaccine clinic or a snack donation in your community click here.

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