Yellow guardians object to a message against Trudeau outside the Hall; Town

A group of campaigners who wear yellow tricks are filmed by members of the Public Police Service Public Service Unit at the time when they are going to. Gathering on Macleod Tr S over his home hall in Calgary on Saturday, 15 December, 2018. Jim Wells / Postmedia

Donning was making a yellow tartan, collected dozens of Chalgarians across the street from a large hall; Saturday night because they were worried about how Canada's go.

The most remarkable probationers said "Trudeau had to go" because they were driving drivers of MacLeod Tr. to attack their horns.

When traffic stopped on Ave Ave. on the street, campaigners would return and overseas the road by going to the road, surrender of the signs they would make and trying to complete the time of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister.

One probationer, Orion Fike, said one of the reasons he was in was to coincide with others who were against the United Nations.

Fike said it was very important that people could come and make a complaint about how they were.

"At any time the government is going out of the line or over it, I think it is our legal obligation to try to get rid of it – it's part of the process, because if we do not submit ourselves, they do not know. "

Missing her to lose her job in her & # 39; an oil park, Ricky Strap said he was also a yellow-shattering whistleblower in a complaint about Trudeau.

"I worked in the field and lost my work due to (Trudeau)," he said.

"I lost my house, my marriage is suffering … I've been looking for leaflets, I can not get work."

A group of objectors complains about yellow actors; Gathering on Macleod Tr S from his home hall in Calgary on Saturday, 15 December, 2018. Jim Wells / Postmedia

Many of the members of the white national group opposed the immigrant of their troops to the Odin Soldiers at the campaign, as the police kept a big look at them and others in the crowd.

Although there were quite calm things in Calgary, there was a similar shift in Edmonton to see at least one human defender democrat taken by the police.

A group from the Alberta Legislature explained to Churchill Square to the middle where collectors' campaigns were in support of immigrants, providing access to a rescue exchange of love rallying.

The eagle of the Edmonton era refused to talk to reporters, saying he was unreliable to the media. He told Postmedia that he was a member of the Odin Soldiers.

The yellow yellow complaints began in France with anti-government displays beginning in mid-November over the increase in fuel prices that have since expanded

To date, eight have died in a ban by a French police, who has been using rare gas and water cannons to stop people.

The police numbered in Paris at around 3,000, compared to 10,000 per week, when the campaigns dropped to violence and injured for the second week in a series.

The authorities named as the French authorities say that 33,500 campaigners across the country turned around Saturday, less than half the number of the previous week.

– With files with Clare Clancy and the Associated Press

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