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No you, it's a Model 3

Last week, my wife and I were at Tesla's Gallery where she took the Tesla Model 3 for a test driver before she bought it. The experience was good and she really entertained the car. I can finally be tested i, a few minutes behind her & # 39; wheel too. Kind to her. But this is not the case essential there is information about public service about it.

When I was driving a & # 39; car back to the gallery, I noticed that there was a pair of piles; young men who bend over the back of another 3. Modal. They were beside Tesla's staff; look very unhappy by watching something on her; their phone. At first I caught up to look around the width of her & # 39; carriage. Or maybe they were going to analyze their & # 39; used road area. So I did not think about it and I put it on two stallions; our vehicle.

Our gallery friend then started to show us additional features of the OS and the address; ask about it At any time during his presentation, I looked in the backscreen and I saw that his company was now standing behind our mind test vehicle. They thought they were doing; hitting our arms behind us. At this time I had a good idea of ​​what was going on.

Tesla Modal 3

Friends did not let Teslas shoes friends

When we came out of their car, I looked back and smiled.

"You may want to ask why we are arresting the car." One of us said how we went out, "Well, we saw a video if you put your car just right, a secret port is open. It shows the heart of beating. We can not get to work. "

A week or two in advance had been running around the web that Model 3 had a "core" egg rescue. This could be found by clicking on the " Bring your arms around her; car to give "shoes". He wants to be a reminder of bad news. "Yeah, I also saw it." Tell me, "It's a break … Model 3. does not have any core"

I see my disappointment on his face. But I hope that I will help to save any future harassment. In fact, this is not a # 39; First person who wants to tell me. A friend gave me a picture of the heart port named last week, telling me to take it to her car when we built our machine.

I'm not surprised that people have made a huge contribution to the. mail. Tesla is very funny like this by including fun software or hidden modes on their vehicles. But software and games are one thing. Putting a motorcycle on all Modal 3 just for a stick about Modal 3 with a crude heart? It does not seem to happen ever.

If you still believe, for some reason, look at the # 39; video above teslaOSSouth Westerly

Also, you can not completely cut your EV by placing it in the microwave. I do not think that's still around. But I wanted to go into the bud now.

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