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Travelers have been involved in Calgary when a suspicious package was found at Calgary International Airport.

It is believed that the event was developed just after 5 p.m. and the Calgary police went on to YYC for research.

"My son has been involved in the Calgary Airport from Mexico for more than two hours," said one of the newspapers of Castanet News. "Airport shutdown down due to suspicious folder."

People told social media that a bomb team team was exploring and people were still seated on planes.

"It is still sitting on the plane and a word on its airport has not been restored and it would be good to update it because we & # 39; going on to 3 hours of just being here, "one said on Twitter.

A spokesman for his airport said "the bag that is now taken away by Calgary Police."

Just after 6 p.m. The airport said they have now been licensed by the police to resettle the area.

It is not clear at this time how many times it has affected.


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A new Scottish professor attempts to & # 39; creating the Christmas tree suitable, within the only search list of its kind in the world.

Raj Lada at Dalhousie University is a director of the Christmas Tree Research Center in Truro, N.S., a special review of trying to do it. the development of balsam Christmas trees.

"We are the beginners of what we've been doing," said Lada, professor of plantation, tree and ecology in the Department's Network, Food and Environment Department.

The SMART Balsam center's original product, which is the most important Christmas tree, is the most important: in terms of sound, beautiful and elegant architecture to keep up with their blue-green, up to three months.

Lada said that the challenges of industrialism, such as the maintenance of a needle, are essential for the survival of a multi-billion Christmas tree business in the Atlantic Canada, because it is a challenge. compete with other markets and artificial trees.

His interest in Christmas trees began more than ten years ago, when a representative came to him when British Columbia had not been paid due to a shortage of thread.

"I see him in his eyes," he said. "The trees had lost criteria, but it seemed that he lost his life, as he lost his business, to believe."

It began to look into the producer's boiler, and # 39; explore the processes of shipping and other factors that affect the trees during transport.

Lada went to Nova Scotia Craver Library.

"It seemed that this was a common problem for those years," he said.

At this time, no research was carried out on the sabbath loss knowledge of the silk after cutting in pine trees. And so Lada gave him the way to attack himself.

He has brought together representatives from across eastern Canada to create a Forest Forest Development and Forest Development Cooperation, and created research priorities.

The representatives of Àir. 1 to handle the needle maintenance.

Finally, Lada received a donation from the Canadian Canadian Opportunity Agency in Ottawa.

Its latest projects include SMART trees, which Lada believes creatively revives the Christmas tree industry.

Lada and his team started to write balsam fur for amazing features, and # 39; including fullness and the ability to preserve the muscle. Genealogical signals for these items were identified.

SMART trees have now been significantly enhanced for their market.

Lada expects planting to start next year.

"They look good, smell good, and they also have a bigger conservation capacity," said Lada. "The SMART trees will not affect."

The center has also developed and approved representatives of cancellation losses, which are applied to water.

In addition, the Lada team has created technologies for ships and storage to help Christmas trees be new for at least two months.

Lada partners include regional government departments in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

"This is not done in a co-ordinated way, in the meantime," he said. "The business has been managing the setting, but now we have solutions for it."

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Dec 9, 2018 / 10:24 m | Story:

Huawei's headquarters are holding in Canada on bringing British trade rent to China.

The production was led by B.C. Forestry Minister Doug Donaldson will not now stop China, and will finish his trip after visiting Japan.

The continent states in the statement that a decision has been made due to a continuing legal process involving the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested the week in long & # 39; as he changed times in Vancouver.

The United States attempts to suppress Meng allegations that attempted to attack American trade sanctions on Iran.

A voting in Vancouver began on Friday, and Meng spent the weekend in prison before coming next week.

The Chinese government has warned Canada if Meng is released, the country will "bring grave effects".


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Emad Mishko Tamo is looking forward to her green mountain bike and her face. talks about how he looks forward to the historical cycling events with other children at Yazidi refugees in the community.

For a 14-year-old boy, the bicycle is a # 39; standing for freedom, something that had only been released since a few years ago and his family when they were arrested by Iraqi soldiers and held for three years.

Now, he is behind to move to bring new bicycles to children especially at Yazidi in Winnipeg.

"I saw so many children who suffered when they were captured by ISIS. The number of children were crying. They were dead. We saw a lot of things," said Emad through the inter- interpreter Khalil Hesso, president of Yazidi Manitoba Society Vice-

"Because of that, I gave myself a promise to any children I can see."

Emad was happy to stay with his family in the city of Iraq until the summer of 2014 when attacked by Islamic States armies.

Emad was separated from his mother, Nofa Mihlo Zaghla, as the thousands of members of the Kurdish minority language Yazidis became extinct. His mother was arrested for two years but, when attacking his fuel was attacked, she had first escaped with four of her children. She made her way to Canada and she was living in Winnipeg.

She thought her young son was dead.

But after some of Yazidis were liberated in Mosul in 2017, a young boy's picture, covered with dust, appeared in a chariot front seat.

Emad's B & B; there.

An action was made quickly to recycle the teenager with the family living in Winnipeg. When he reached his new home, in a new country, a bicycle was waiting for him.

"Emad came from three years from being held in a fire. There was nothing like a bicycle or basketball or ballbone," said Steve Maman, who founded the Liberation of Christian Chilean and Yazidi of Iraq (CYCI) at an Montreal interview.

He was giving Emad's cycling.

"A bicycle is something he has never expected, and I live in Kurdistan as a child … And I can think of a child so a bike would mean something very important – a dream. "

Emad and his family worked hard to make life and get happiness in Winnipeg, but Iraq still had problems and concerns.

Emad's uncle, Hadji Tamo Rafo Zaghler, defines a wall in the room where the 12-family faces hang on a poster. Among them is Emad's father Zaghler says he was found in a big grave. They do not know what happened to most of the others.

When Maman was to accept Emad in the telephone call last summer, he learned that she had been arrested. bicycle. Maman knew what he meant for the teenagers who were convicted, so he offered to buy another one for him. Emad suggested that he just wanted another man if they could get a way of getting all the children out of Yazidi outbreak in Winnipeg bicycles.

"He wanted to … help with victims of chiefs because he thinks of other children who have nothing," said Maman. "It's really good. I wanted to be able to accomplish his will to believe in himself."

Initially, it seemed that it would be a difficult problem to pull it off, Maman said, but suddenly began to fall into.

It was just an event; He binds Bryan Phillips, a car's interest from Terre Haute, Ind., who bought Maman's engine parts to do it. repairing old – but well – Bentley. Although the two men were talking about cars, the aim was to get bicycles to exile children.

Phillips said he did not think twice about offering Bentley to sell it to help meet Emad's dream.

Maman accepted the profits from the car sales and bought 100 bicycles for delivery to children exiled during a special event of Yazidi Eid this Friday.

Maman said it was important to empower Emad's desire to continue to help others and to do so; show how he can do anything.

How Emad and his cousins, dreaming of warm spring days, make sure they have a bicycle in the room, Hesso is feeling and saying that the bicycles means everything for the children.

"Yazidi Community, we're not going to forget that."

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Dec 9, 2018 / 7:16 m | Story:

West police from Toronto said two brothers were arrested when a 14-year-old boy died.

Inspectors found that the teenage corpse was found in a park in Mississauga, Ont., Friday at 8 a.m.

Peel's regional police have not released a cause of death, but they have marked the boy on Saturday as Riley Driver-Martin.

Police on Saturday morning said that a 20-year-old Nicholas Mahabir, who was suspected, from Mississauga, was arrested and arrested with a murder of a second step in connection with the event.

Later they said the second one who was suspected by Mahabir's brother, Mark Mahabir, a 20-year-old from Mississauga – for the police and was shown in the court Sunday to face the same cost.

Inspectors have not said that those who were suspected of the boy had any relationship.

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Dec 8, 2018 / 3:06 f | Story:

Criticists of a proposed high tech community planned to face Toronto's call for more publicity in the & # 39; decision-making process by disturbing the companies involved in a & # 39; privacy management and data management.

At a public meeting on the Saturday project, Bianca Wylie, co-founder of the " Tech Reset Canada's advocacy agency, it would be more valuable for the public to be greater as the layout of the plan is complete.

"Can I just say that, as a public, we would like that hard to plan," she said during a question and answer session.

In October 2017, the Destination destination stated that he had selected a choice of Google Sidewalk Labs to design a high tech community for the development of its Pier, next to the east Toronto.

It is expected that the revised version of the project, known as the Master Innovation and Development Plan, be submitted to the group and the three government levels for review in January 2019.

Toronto's chief development officer, Meg Davis, said more information, including data management, would be included in the large draft, but said that the organization and government must agree the document before will be released.

"We do not want the hope of people to get up for something that's a pipe dream," she said. "We first review it and send feedback and then make it public."

The project, which reflects environmentally friendly design and innovative infrastructure, is damaged by questions about how data can be collected, maintained, retained and protected since it was announced .

Criticists have complained that little detail is shared on data management, and there are still questions about confidentiality and intellectual property, even after Sidewalk Labs has released its privacy proposal October.

The proposal shows that Sidewalk Labs do not own the data it collects in public places. The company said that an independent group, known as the Civil Data Trust, will set the rules on the use of data, but the plan did not identify much of intellectual property.

A number of experts have gone away from their contact with occupations in a & # 39; as a result of these concerns, including the former privacy commissioner in Ontario Ann Cavoukian and Saadia Muzaffar, the founder of TechGirls Canada.

The plan has opposed criticism from a Ontario analyst, Bonnie Lysyk, who stated in the annual report that its partnership between Toronto Turner and the Slide was moved. The report, which was circulated last week, also said that stakeholders in the project should carry out more surveys to determine whether government administration is needed.

Davis said that while the report was "helpful," its partnership continued with a Sidewalk Labs process of about 160 days and more; It is "the second most solar in Toronto".

"It was not a solitary process," she said.

At a Saturday meeting, the partners again stated that data collected during the project would not be sold or used for advertising.

The event did not provide new information on its community, but it was an opportunity for the public to comment in a series of debates aimed at digital regulation, transport, sustainability and affordable housing.

"There's nothing you see … anything like science fiction such as the Jetsons or some of dystopia as Black Mirror," said Jesse Shapins, leader of a public domain with Sidewalk Labs, at the beginning of the meeting.

"Not that we're about that not just what we want to do at the Pier."

During a regular digital control chart, participants were asked to consider whether they are comfortable in situations where different types of data could be collected from them. The issues between information gathered on how many people using a bike trail or parking space to "license plates readers" to ensure that traffic laws are being implemented.

Some of the partners raised concerns about their police to be able to; accessing data, and others showing a problem about the language used in the examples.

Muzaffar, of TechGirls Canada, raised concerns about what she was regarded as a "hurried" timeline for public education and participation on her. the project.

Toronto started along the side and Sidewalk Labs again that there was no agreement yet and that comments from the public were considered for the master's draft.

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Dec 8, 2018 / 8:34 m | Story:

The well-known celebrity person Yo-Yo Ma has announced that he will be offering a free car in the Montreal subway today.

The Chinese-American musician Facebook page says that there will be a Place-des-Arts metro station at the station. explore connectivity and decommissioning in contemporary life.

A spokeswoman for Montreal's attractive activity says that a Master will have 2 p.m., a multi-media show that has a " connect music, arts and technology.

Philippe Dery says that the subway stations often attract strong associate talent but many people have often died of the reputation of Ma.

The 63-year cell concert is part of what its website wants to "a day of activity" that explores the subject of culture and its role in humanitarian technology.

Dery says that his / her concert will be free and will live on the organization's Facebook page.

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Dec 8, 2018 / 7:26 m | Story:

There was no ticket for the $ 600 million in drawing Lotto Max on Friday night.

However, the awards of 42 million of the 42 million million Maxmillion awards were paid throughout the country.

The prize for the repeat Lotto Max on December 14 will remain at around $ 60 million, but increase the number of Maxmillion awards to 47.

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Dec 8, 2018 / 7:23 m | Story:

Mart Drugs were allowed to sell retailers for medical marijuana online.

The Canadian Health list of retailers and updated cannabis agents has been updated to show that its potential can be updated. sell a fresh and fresh cannabis pharmacy, as well as plants, seeds and oil.

A company established by a company, which says that "patients with a valid medical document can well be able to buy a wide range of medicinal cannabis" from Women.

The company received a medical marijuana production permit in September, after going to # 39; first introduced in October 2016.

Shoppers have said they are not interested in making a medical cannabis, but they need to do it; permission to sell the product for patients.

Under the current health regulations for a physiotherapy, it is the only legal discharge method; by post order from directly licensed agents to patients.

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Dec 7, 2018 / 3:27 f | Story:

As information on American objections revealed against Chinese activity Friday in the Vancouver court, Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, said a Canadian ambassador in Beijing had given information to the foreign Ministry of China arrested.

Freeland said the Ambassador John MacCallum has proven to a Chinese foreign ministry that the appropriate process is followed in Canada and Meng Wanzhou, the chief finance officer of Huawei Technologies, will be given a consensus. It was arrested at Vancouver Airport on Saturday after a request from the United States.

Freeland refused to talk about his / her case, quoting the requirement for a & # 39; Keeping politics out of a living court – a person who is obviously going to do something; influences geo-government.

The case will be & # 39; reinforces the Trudeau government, which imposes the approval of Huawei products in 5G telecommunications networks in the next generation of Canada.

The Canadian prosecutor told the Vancouver court on Friday that the United States asked Canada to arrest Meng because the US complained that it did not rule out the control- bills on Iran.

The complaint against Meng came into Vancouver full courtroom in a hearing about whether she should be released on bail before a revival process was carried out. Solicitor's statement indicates the hearing that is US. says that Huawei Technologies is a? using a Skycom subsidiary to do business with Iran, which prevents sanctions against that country.

The US Government has been charged with accused of fraud, who wants to be withdrawn from Canada to face the case. The Crown says that Meng has said that Huawei and Skycom were separate and said they were actively complaining of a non-denominated financial institution, and says that the risk to the center.

China's foreign insight has been pushing Canada for the purpose of deterring it and a Chinese Intelligence in Ottawa has designated Meng to be able to; severely hinders human rights.

Freeland declared a high diplomatic status McCallum as the former Liberal minister of the cabinet, and influenced his conversation with the Chinese as proof.

"I did not speak to Chinese officials but Iain MacCaluim, an ambassador for China – a very senior ambassador in China – has spoken to Chinese officials," said Freeland on Friday in a tele-conference of meetings in Berlin. "And he's on China to ensure that the appropriate process is followed in Canada and that China's consular access to Ms. Meng has been provided, and that we are a regulatory country, and we will ; follow our laws as far as this case is, and how we will continue. "

Freeland again said what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday: Meng's arrest was part of an independent lawsuit that is unique from politics.

MacCaluim was clear that China's consular officers have access to Meng "just as we are seeking consular access to Canadians all over the world, including China."

Huawei has been the world's largest equipment supplier used by telephone and internet companies. But the company has faced with broad allegations that it is the energy organs of China's military and security services – a lawsuit; the company is strong.

U.S. led to preventing using Huawei among its relatives, in particular a five-eye intelligence sharing network that also has a " including Canada, Australia, Britain and New Zealand. So far, New Zealand and Australia have blocked their company from their 5G networks; Britain has expressed concerns and discusses measures.

To ask this week about a Canadian ban on Huawei, Trudeau said he would return to the advice of his information groups.

The new leader of the Canadian Security Information Service has put 5G technology into the main lecture this week, where he outlined the threat to Canadian national security with "economic spirit" from "host states."

David Vigneault did not name China or Huawei as a lecture, but noted that "many of these advanced technologies are bilingually used so that they can promote the economic, security or military affairs of the country."

"In particular, CSIS has seen a shift of state aid spyware in fields that are important to Canada's ability to build and maintain a successful, knowledge-based economy," he said. "I talk about areas such as A., technology, quantum, 5G, biopharma, and clean technology."

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7 December, 2018 / 12:49 f | Story:

Winnipeg's business is worrying after a funny attempt to go to # 39; preventing parents from leaving their / her; They have their children on their premises to serve a nearby primary school.

In the first instance, the words posted outside the Parenty Reitmeier Translation Services were in place; The words "This is not a decline" which was written inside a stop signature form with a different phrase under the reading: "Children who are left here will eat."

The parent and Louis Riel School Department responded to the language, which encouraged his / her. company to cover the words Wednesday children and the whole sentence thereafter.

Business owner Jean-Pierre Parenty says that the sign was sent after years of asking her parents not to use her / her. His own mast is a downturn due to many accidents nearby.

A parent says he has ordered a new order to become a good neighbor.

He and staff from the school department will meet today to solve the & # 39; unloading case.

"It's about committing crime on my property, and the number 2 and most important it is about children's safety," said Parenty. "We see children are at risk with this usage."

Christian Michalik, acting chief executive of the school department, said that it is a feeling that parents have sent the wrong message.

"In a really good world, this signal would not be up … we are really keen to get in touch with the owner of solutions," he said.

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Dec 7, 2018 / 10:32 m | Story:

McGill University says he decided the next month what should be done about the sparkling name of his sports teams.

The University professor says in today's statement that he has received a report from a working group that looks at reminding and renaming practices at the university.

The report does not offer a positive recommendation for renaming the men's teams but says that the test should have the damage to keep its name higher than the good thing.

Provost Christopher Manfredi says that the administration will seek further support in the coming weeks before making a final decision.

In the November referendum, 79 per cent of students voted to leave the name of the Rory. Continue campaigning with Aboriginal staff and students to sign up their name; respect.

The name Redmen dates back to the 1920s and is nominated as a recommendation of the red dress of the team. But in the 1950s, women's and female teams were named as "Indian" or "Squaws," and later some of the teams used a style logo with a native man with heads.

"The principles that the report will first set out to the renamed question of our team teams, the Redmen – which has made a special focus in the last few months," said Manfredi.

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