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Zero Zero that does not work, & # 39; says, Grandfather John Tory says in the end of the year talk with the CBC Toronto

The Vision Zero strategy is a homepage to eliminate road deaths but "does not work," according to its; Castle John Tory.

He made the ideas in an annual broad interview with the CBC Toronto, including a conversation about his first message and his priorities.

"It's been very sad … I would say it's not working in the feeling that you can not fight the numbers," he explained.

Despite more than $ 100 million funding over five years, and several of the targets in 2018 met for the delivery of safety designations, design changes and cycling pathways throughout the year; home, more than 60 have died deadly on Toronto's roads this year, less than 40 walkers and riders killed.

The death of pedestrians was only at the end of the previous year in early December.

Although Torra does not believe in & # 39; Submit a "cover solution" for the whole town, it is open to strategies that are prompted by road safety applicants, if it's a & # 39; prohibit the correct turning of red or red lights; developing a stronger loop network.

He also said that his homeworkers have been asked to investigate police related death reports in Scarborough to find out why a high number of road events are being investigated; happening in the east bank, and to solve.

But it maintains that people, and drivers in particular, still have a duty to change behavior.

"If people do not stop driving. … then you'll see numbers that continue at unsuitable levels," said Tory .

Maoir Iain Tory in conversation with Lauren Pelley, the city hall of Toronto, CBC. (Martin Trainor / CBC News)

Investigations in youths needed to prevent violence, says Conservative

On the face of the fights of firearms, which followed other shooting waves in December and a year to record for murders that had been killed; claiming life of nearly 100 people, Tory reinforced his duty on sending her & her; homemade town.

"But I think it's so important, or even more important than that, to work with the other governments to invest in the neighbors and their families and families where the crime is happening," he said.

He continued his ideas of the recent advancement to fund money for $ 25 million for special programs in primary and secondary schools, a move that was expected to result in student job losses.

"That's a challenge," said Tory, saying he hopes that the cuts do not show other changes from government; Prime Minister Doug Ford.

A couple's relationship was the basis of his & her; Most of the year Thory as a master, thanks to the incredible Ford's move to & # 39; The advice of Toronto has spread almost half and its plan to take over the TTC infrastructure of its home.

Relationship to Ford & work forward & # 39;

Talk about your relationship; He told the main man, Tory gave a name to "work going on."

"People think that this relationship is going on where we both sit at our desks, where I'm getting pensions in the Doug doll Ford and he's putting pins in John Tory's doll … it's really good, "he said. "We have a similar business relationship."

When asked about criticizing how he dealt with the council's cuts – a contradictory approach was defined as "dithering" with his decision along with Jennifer Keesmaat – Tory maintained that He aims to "stand up for Toronto every day."

At the same time, he emphasized the continued need to work with his / her main, which he wants "fair way".

So what does that mean to increase the planned subway of the continent?

"I have been very clear saying that I did not agree, I would not say anything that was not good for TTC riders, TTC workers, and the people of Toronto," said Tory.

But he does not rule it either, saying he would "certainly" listen to an idea that allowed Toronto to control the subway when he was getting more money to translate projects built faster. (It is not clear what the impact of Tory's position on Ford is; the principal person has promised to take over the commitment of his campaign over the platform and become a special advisor on the # 39; project over the summer).

Chief Justice John Tory says his relationship with Prime Minister Doug Ford is an industry, but also as a "work on". (Tijana Martin / Canadian Press)

Tory defends council appointments

In a talk about an hour, Tory defended her & her; his record at the council, saying he has his options for committee appointments; means that the demand for voices from across the council is to key commitments.

Coun. Paula Fletcher goes to CreateTO and Coun. Joe Cressy to help Toronto Water Management has two main examples, he noted.

The factor also questioned the concern about budget projections for land tax income of around $ 100 million lower than the town was expecting. "It is not totally anticipated," he said, adding to the total budget of his & # 39; up to over.

Despite her & # 39; Finally, Tory said, one is sure: It will not bring a budget to the council with a higher tax increase in the inflation rate, and would not bring forward a budget with service cuts.

While he was & # 39; Commenting on the other key priorities for building more affordable housing, promoting travel, and improving community safety, Tory considered the legacy he hopes to leave after this four-year term.

"When I leave the office, if people say that I have made important progress in addressing the diversity of people who are comfortable and those who are experiencing ; I struggled in different neighbors in the city – I have a great feeling about that, "said.

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