Canada's literary prize is frozen for Amazon funding


The 5000 Canadian Prize, which has been promoting cannon literature since 2003, has been awarded by a student jury who is a student. including hundreds of students. Lula Carballo, Dominique Fortier, Karoline the Georges, Kevin Lambert and Jean-Christophe Rehel are the finalists this year inviting the organizers to consider whether they are to award an Amazon-funded award, and # 39 ; the British Guardian newspaper The Guardian.

As they noted, they are concerned about the Amazon's dangerous landowner over the Quebec book books. At the same time, they also identify the broader uncertainty of the market and the publication of classical books and the misleading ways Amazon is doing; used in their words that threaten small publishers and culture in general.

After the letter was announced, the winners won the prize to frost. they do not wait until they get other solutions. Many teachers were involved in the authors' initiative.

Amazon wrote in a statement that it was a trustee who responded with his desire to encourage love for the Quebec literature in the area and beyond.

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