Cancer "in a positive way": try to save a larger life by watching the taboo


Patient groups and enterprise doctors have launched to end the patients who are going around; disease. They say that they block the opportunities that they have; in detection and early revival


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After diagnosing three times of cancer and recovering from it again and again, Analyzing the Montórfano will be analyzed in the manner in which it is being analyzed. talk about illness in general. It is very rare when some people use it as a meter for the worst ("the cancer of societies") but also when its name is heard as having a bad impact saying, for example, that person died "from a long illness" But not a humorous attitude. From experience he knows that words are capable of creating a lot of fright and fears he says: "This is not the best way to find a tumor early or to be cured."

"Although it was a few decades ago, it was easy to understand that people were not willing to talk about cancer and be created as a result of the lack of illusion. , it can not be done, today it is not like that. A high percentage of the 115,000 Cancer Detectives that have been diagnosed with cancer every year are cured and four out of ten cases can not be stopped changing our way of life, "said Analy, which is part of the Foundation Time de Vivir.

There is no idea about how cancer is still spoken. "Most people with cancer say that reducing vocabulary does not help their enjoyment and, therefore, it does not benefit them. Many want their names to call things. And the change in vocabulary and speaking without euphemisms also allows us to scare the control of the control to detect the disease early, " María Alejandra Iglesias, president of the Asociación Civil Sosten, said.

The Alejandra and Analia groups are part of a group of twelve patients with a patient and a patient who is currently promoting the "Cancer: Let's talk positive" initiative, which aims to promote some of Instead of replacing others to give a better overview of this disease.

For this reason, they suggest that they avoid avoiding attacks, taboos and stereotypes, and stopping offsetting. talk about cancer in war terms such as battle & armor & # 39; no counterweight arsenal In this way they invite the society to put the subject on its; It shows how it is: a situation that sometimes affects, represents a special emotional and emotional pregnancy for the patient, but he can give up large lessons.

As many people who have been diagnosed with cancer have said, it is essential to maintain a good idea. "Although I had just reviewed me, I thought of the worst, when I started to handle, my idea of ​​the disease has changed completely. If he was sure about something at that time, he did not I was scared. I wanted to bring the illness as a teacher who taught me to enjoy everyday enjoyment, for most of her Best of my half, "said Tobias Catuogno, who was shown in the book" Why not me? ".

"The dialogue must be taken about cancer in another, more humane, hopeful and current"

In the way he took his treatment, Tobias, who was diagnosed with gymphoblastach leukemia by age 16, was one of the most patient patients in Hematology in The La Plata Children's Hospital, where she was handled back years. "Tobias was always laughing and photographed by everyone to share with her friends on Instagram. But also, as one of the biggest patients, he was always giving attention to the small people, telling about scenes, trying to make them harder to have to live, "and remember Regina Ferrante, one of the Members of the team, the principle recognized that Tobias was worth the treatment of something to be shared and encouraged to write it.


According to data published by the National Cancer Institute, over 115,000 new cases are certified annually in Argentina, which represents around 300 per day. The most common varieties – in statistical order – those with chest, colmon, lung, prostate, cervical, kidney, pancreas, stomach, eel, lympoma neo-hoggain and leukemia. According to these backgrounds, "everything that can be done to improve barriers, diagnosis and remedies is a priority. And the use we make of words – the promoters of the -and stand-up appears as a part to do much.

"It's hard to count on your own or your cancer activity; there are questions that we do not encourage you to do or close close to people who who is suffering from her, as our partners or our parents; many times you do not know what you say or what words you use ", they recognize when they are explains that the words used around cancer can strengthen legends, inequality or, just, to move away from truth.

"It's not a cat and a person living and living environment by diagnosing cancer, not a therapeutic arsenal that is the drugs that are available and not the healing in the cure. The war statements appear to be influenced by influencers and affecting them, something Far from truth. On the other hand, against the cancer, it is a way that is done, which needs to be traveled and when it's done, everyone can live completely and grow ".

"If we talk about cancer with all the letters," the organizations suggest, "it would be possible for the legend to change that cancer is meant by death. Today we know that much is to be done Throughout all stages that the person needs to pass through. You can work on prevention, judged by the time, the easiest theoretical reference and impairment care: something will be with always done to stay longer and better. "

"Between us we stopped using the word & fight, and so we've been installing in the media in general. We're sure it is essential to do more. talk about cancer but also to do it right, "said Marta Mattiusi, Cancer Accident Glossary (MACMA) president. "There is no patient in a position to make information related to the campaign to do so to get rid of their illness so that they do not have a" #; dying. That idea is taken away from the current cancer fact, "said Marta Artigas, president of the president. The Foundation for Comprehensive General Care for the Oncological Patient (ACIAPO).

We have many patient societies that offer advice and coverage so that the people who are judged have the opportunity to access their services. their best possible care for their health. Most of the members have or have a patient with some oncological illness, so they are the most suited to place the island's place and its location. understand what they are living.

"We need to encourage ourselves to talk about cancer with detailed words, without taboos, without refusal and without stereotypes. Because we have a problem on its & # 39; a board that will help prevent prevention and early detection, two essential aspects to improve survival, "said Matias Chacón, an ecologist and chief of the Argentine Archaeological Archaeological Society.

As the doctor indicates, "today the chance to cure or control the illness can be confirmed if the confirmation is made in time, as it is in the case of a & # 39; stone, collar, broth or skin. " So, "it is essential to visit the doctor and carry out the appropriate checks at all stages of life as often as professionally identifies. Even with indicators there is no time Missing a periodic, unexpected look, help can help us, "to cast out Chacón.

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