Cancer patients have visited health clowns


The Cosmic comedy program was pleased on Wednesday the health clown from the adult oncology patient at the civil society (OZ) at the Police Hospital with policemen in Žilina.

November 22, 2018 at 8:35 PM TASR

According to Dagmar Sudek's clinical and radical FNsP, laughter and good pleasure can affect the health of patients. "Indeed, the oncological illness will not stop this way, but the patient will come to other thoughts, for a while they do not think about their illness and minds Hospital expectation, humor is a frightening, frightening, and we need us, "said Sudek.

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The health and artistic director of the Red Cow Clowndoctors OZ Pavel Mihaľák, said the very rounded behavior was spreading longer. "Patients will come out of the room when they hear music and laughter, although they have started with the first thing because they do not know what a & # 39 , going to happen, and when the mind becomes free, they are all busy, and the staff will enjoy these trips every year and enjoy them without Let's introduce this wonderful breath of joy, "he said.

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"Professional health clowns visit the children's clinic every week as well as a patient's patient, once a month in the Medical Center for long-term illnesses, and visit the Neurology Department for a week , "said the hospital speaker Lenka Záteková.

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