Cancer patients need two years of rare blood to survive


She has been in the face of cancer resistance, and to survive, it is likely to have blood away from 7 to 10 of uninhabited donors to date.

That's because they are as rare as she is.

Only people of a Pakistani, Indian or Jewish descendants of Zainab, who have the family from Pakistan, are likely to be matched to her. Less than 4% of people in those numbers may match matching OneBlood, a non-profit organization in South Florida that is a help in global research to identify and hire donors for the young girl.

"We have enough opportunity to get a consistent blood for this little girl if we look great at any other ethnic group," said Frieda Bright, a labor manager with OneBlood, in a video that organized. "We are searching the world to try to find blood for this little girl."

OneBlood is often saying that counsels can find those clans who live in the US.

Zainab Mughal

A person's blood type is set by an antigen. Antigen is called Zainab blood known as Indian B, and its body attacks blood that has been removed from it. So, as Zainab, its donors need to lose the antigen. In addition, they must also have blood O or A.

Those donors are "very scarce," said Sandra Nance, Senior Director of an American Non-Disciplinary Program.

Nance said that the program runs at least 59 rare blood types and has over 120,000 registered donors. She said that there was no similar type of Zainab blood in the US database database when a similar donation research started in September. Since then, there are two comparable contributions in the US and one in the UK, according to OneBlood.

"Thankfully, thank God, they have found three donors. So, as long as she has been going through her usual medicine," said her. father, Raheel Mughal, in a video delivered by OneBlood. "We certainly need more blood."

The Zainab family made a video with OneBlood to take care of her story. They did not talk to CNN directly.

Zainab cancer, neuroblastoma, has been developed in its ugly cells and cemotherapy is needed for cure.

"She needs to be adequately supported by blood donations to survive the cancer treatment to kill this cancer," said Bright. "The blood is not healed, but the blood is very important to support her while she gets a cure for this special cancer."

There is an unusual blood in less than one thousand people, and less scarce blood can be done in fewer people, according to an American Non-Refund Program. The program, a collaboration between the American Red Cross and AABB, formerly known as the Fellow of the Poor Poor, worked with OneBlood to get a scarce blood for Zainab.

"Blood is unprotected with the blood you do not have when you need it, whatever it does," said Nance. "If a person has been identified as a rare donation and they are asked to give them, they hope they give them if they are able."

In OneBlood's video, Mughal made an appeal to those who can help. "If you are one of those people from the Middle East, go out and give blood for my daughter," he said. "My daughter's life is heavily dependent on the blood."

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