Candidate by Tional in Aitoloakarnania, Niki Founta, the MP of DIMAR


The strategic aim of strengthening the Transition Movement is as a wider left-handed institution to social democracy forces, on the left and on the Renewal Center.

In this context, Niki Founta, the MP for DIMAR, met the President of Fifi's changeover movement and agreed to work together to promote positive solutions, with national agreement, without polarization and divisions.

I am t Founta is involved in the Change of Movement conference and announced that she will be the candidate for the prefecture Aitoloakarnania election list.

The meeting was attended by Theodoros Margaritis, a member of the General Assembly of Tional, a member of DIMAR and an Renewal.

The role of the Renewables agency should be within influence and be the creation of a physiognomy of a modern social-democratic group, such as KINAL, that protects values ​​of democracy, social state and social responsibility. , human rights and political ecology.

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