Cannabis Aurora announces financial results for the second quarter of the 2019 Game


83% Financial Growth Continuous to $ 54.2 Million


EDMONTON, The February 11, 2019 / CNW / – Aurora Cannabis Inc. (the "Company"no"Aurora") (NYSE: ACB) (TSX: ACB) (Frankfurt: 21P; WKN: A1C4WM), announced today that the financial and operational results for the second season are ready 31 Decemberst, 2018.

Q2 2019 Key financial and operational events

($ thousands)

Q2 2019

C1 2019

% Change

Q2 2018

% Change

Financial Outcomes

Total finance

$ 62,000

$ 29,674


$ 11,700


Net money (1)

$ 54,178

$ 29,674


$ 11,700


Cannabis web income (2)

$ 47,577

$ 24,596


$ 9,773


Total minimum on cannabis web income (2)






Sales, general and administrative money

$ 66,362

$ 65,319


$ 12,704


(Call) that is common to shareholders

($ 237,752)

$ 105,462


$ 7,722


Access Register

Operational capital

$ 274,629

$ 548,446


$ 302,526


Cannabis inventory and biological assets

$ 79,924

$ 75,944


$ 17,073


Total asset

$ 4,875,884

$ 4,955,361


$ 732,394


Operational Products – Cannabis

Cost of money for sale per gram (2)

$ 1.92

$ 1.45


$ 1.41


Active registered patient






Average web price of cannabis dried web (2)

$ 6.23

$ 8.39


$ 7.86


Average internet sales price of cannon sections (2)

$ 10.00

$ 12.12


$ 13.35


Cillegrams made






Kograms are sold







Net income represents our total total income only for rents paid by the Canadian Legislation Group ("CRA") for the sale of medical cannabis and effective pursuit of 17th October 2018.


These terms and non-GAAP measures are set out or resolved in the Aurora MD & A Q2 2019.

Q2 2019 and Eventual events

  • Net money $ 54.2 million, up 83% in order, and up to 363% compared to the same time in 2018, led by the strong performance of Aurora when the Canadian buyers' market was launched with a sale of $ 21.6 million, and the continued strength of its Company in the Canadian and international medical markets for sale $ 26.0 million, up 8% in revenue and 23% sizes sold.
  • Average sales prices were affected by a & # 39; including food taxes over all Canadian sales channels 17 October 2018, as well as lower-priced retail prices in Canada's customer market. As a result, Aurora plans to continue with the prioritization of medical patients Canada and to the globe where the rims exceed the ones that have been achieved on the # 39; market of retailers.
  • Q2 2019 kilograms made and kilograms sold from 7,822 to 6,999 up 57% and 162%, respectively, were driven by the growing Aurora agricultural work and strong demand over all the Company's markets.
  • The total limit on the sales of 54% cannabis had decreased from time to time from 70% in a & # 39; quarter. The decrease was mostly due to average sales price; lower grams of dry cannabis, the impact of arm taxes on the medical cannabis web income, and a shorter short period of cannabis oil sales in the Company's comparative sales compounds. As well as affecting its & # 39; In full terms, more pacific needs were made under the Cannabis Act and one-time ramp and customization costs as our Sky facility was fully deployed. A & A Company; expects the new product lines, allowed under the Canadian Health regulations, to contribute to the development of an implication.
  • The company has a & # 39; doing well in a Canadian customer market, registration $ 21.6 million of the revenue in Q2 2019. Based on the data available with Salt Canada for a Q2 2019 period, Aurora accounted for around 20% of consumer sales across the country.
  • Cost of money for every gram of dry cannabis sold for sale from time to time $ 1.45 in the previous quarter to $ 1.92 in Q2 2019. This change was particularly due to reconstruction and customization costs by the Company signing up Aurora Sky to full representation. Additional costs were to come into the Canadian customer market, as it was. Company waiting for Sky sale (Sky 17 October 2018), also contributing to the increase.
  • Sky Aurora is now fully coherent and commissioned, and is expected to reach its full production capacity based on rooms that have been added to Health Canada. Recent cuts that have been completed so far have a higher resource than targeted output, and # 39; shows that the commissioning of the building has been successful, all environmental and nutritional systems, and operational protocols are on the test, and the technical components work well.
  • Q2 2019 A permanent SG & A stay compared to the previous quarter as sales and sales prices were reduced by single-time public companies and construction costs, as well as a quarter full of SG & A costs from Recent companies, including MedReleaf.
  • Non-cash costs including expenses 31 December 2018 adjacent market-market changes $ 190 million especially on the Company's core investments that greatly enhanced the loss of a network of $ 240 millionSouth Westerly
  • Ann January 2019, Aurora finished a $ 345 million a non-exchange grant, with the funds that have been significantly marked for the ongoing promotion of the Company's Canada and internationally.


The most important driver to grow Aurora's income over the next fortnight and eight months later has the company; Make up good results for sale for Canadian consumer markets and Canadian and international medical markets. Aurora now operates at an annual production rate of around 120,000 kgs, based on rooms set to an agreement with Health Canada, and is expected to reach over 150,000 kgs by 31 March, 2019. The directive includes previous guidelines, based on authentic product results; Company, that around 25,000 kgs are available for sale in Q4 (April to June 2019).

A & A Company; expects a significantly lower move with Aurora Sky with full potential, as well as a continued reduction in operating costs. Administrative account is expected to have a & # 39; Long-term sustainable operating cost at that Light Heavy Extreme resources are considerably lower $ 1 per gram.

It is anticipated that SG & A costs will gradually increase compared to the growth of income over the next year. rest of the fiscal year.

As a result, and in accordance with previous guidelines, the regulators believe that there will be a variety of substantial revenue growth, low cost of production, and control of controlled operating costs on stand to Aurora to EBITDA is committed to achieving sustainability starting in Q4 2019 (monthly Q2 2019).

In the long term, the Company expects that the new added additional added lines will be higher in terms of changes expected in Canadian Health regulations, as well as the inclusion of related materials to international markets, and Increased growth in revenue and expansion growth.

Management Report

"Aurora holds strong over all market segments, as shown by the 83% income rate over the last quarter and the huge increase in proven product results, "said Terry Booth, Head of Aurora. "Our motto continues to be very good in the consumer market, our patient numbers are constantly increasing, and we have maintain market management Germany and other major international markets. We are getting a specific demand for our medical and consumer products in Canada, as well as a strong internationally sustainable demand. With our Aurora Sky and MedReleaf Bradford resources we have developed how it is & # 39; expectations and other licensing facilities that work to full potential, we express our quicker guidance on the advanced EBITDA results from the second quarter of this year (at Q4 fiscal). "

Glen Ibbott, CFO Aurora said, "We are also pleased with our recent work $ 345 million in convertible notes. These releases will be written by senior, Canadian and international organizations and offer Aurora flexibility and choice to make the most of the future notes for money, shares or any combination of them. This funding offers enough support for the global opportunity to continue our commitment to growth in the legal, regular medical cannabis and worldwide worldwide users. This is a specific time and situation because we maintain maintenance and enhancement of supply provision and international market expansion. "

Mr Booth concluded, "With our strong work in Canadian medical and consumer markets, our early benefit is in the growing list of important international markets, along with our leadership in the production of a high quality CBD balcony, Aurora is strategically based across its entire business value sequences to expand our rapid expansion. "

Q2 2019 and Main events

International Expansion

As the global cannabis market is better, Aurora has moved a special benefit by doing it. Performing trade and export agreements with markets that have a major obstacle to access, and reinforcing commitment to & # 39; Company can serve a global cannabis industry. This new procurement agreements on sales and sales of the Company have been extended to 23 countries.

  • Exports to Poland Ann October 2018, Aurora Deutschland GmbH produced materials to a pain and hospital medicine center in Warsaw, which made Aurora's high quality medical supplies available for Polish patients. It is believed that this is the first time an autonomous business has been given to give approval for the delivery of medical cannabis products in the country.
  • Exports to Czech RepublicDuring Q2, its Company held export licenses and completed its & # 39; His first behavioral medical cannabis to the Czech Medical Level. ("CMH"), a Czech surgical retailer.
  • Export gu Luxembourg Ann December 2018, a Company was selected by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health for the provision of medical cannabis to the country and an initial purchase order was received for about 20 kilograms from Luxembourg officers. So far, Aurora is the only company that supplies it Luxembourg medical cannabis system.
  • Exports to MexicoOnwards December 7, 2018, before Aurora entered a letter for Intelligence to build Pharmacy, his company made talks with the Mexican medicine maker to introduce the Aurora THC materials for distribution to the Mexican medical cannabis market. The Company believes that Pharmacias is the only company Mexico with the necessary permits to include and distribute material with THC content of more than 1%.
  • Exports to United KingdomOnwards February 11, 2019, publish its & # 39; Company has completed its first commercial export of cannabis oil United Kingdom (the "UK"), which was subsequently issued from a pharmacy shop. The UK authorities have recently granted Aurora's permission for their first travel under the new legal framework that has come to fruition November 1, 2018 and its Company is raising its jobs in the United Kingdom to ensure that a patient has a " Access a range of cannabis based medicine.

Outcome Improvements

In a quarter, he continued to Company focused on the development of goods and continued to implement its strategy to create a broad range of high quality materials, medical products and targeted users.

  • put out Canada The first CBD oil cartridges are legally prepared Onwards 16 October 2018, Aurora received all the essential compliance checks from Canadian Health to start selling her & her; The first output from an innovative oil production line, a CBP high-quality company, made by vape-ready, Throw AuroraSouth West so far, Throw Aurora The results are the same available CBD content that is legally available CanadaAfter-date is the first to output the product; The first is one of a broader line of cannabinoid, full-spectacle, full-spectacle visual materials that the company is planning to launch in the future.
  • Launch of Softgel CapsulesOnwards 3 December 2018, its Company started to & # 39; including cannabis softgel to Canadian medical markets and consumers from the Aurora Vie new resource. As a means of other drug delivery, Aurora is expecting this smoker-free device to be available for domestic and international prime markets where it is legally allowed.
  • Ongoing Scientific Tests and KnowledgeAt present 40 clinical trials and case studies have been completed or completed, 7 pre-clinical examinations, and 6 new partnerships with the most academic academic institutions.

real estate

The Company has continued to. going to implement its aggressive aggression strategy to build a strong business that incorporates both sides of cannabis value from a & # 39; construction and greenhouse farming to plant science research and consumer brand. During Q2 2019, Aurora has strengthened the scale of its jobs, expanded its market, and diversifies its knowledge throughout the evaluation chain through a number of strategic growth and investments.

  • ICC Labs ("ICC")Onwards November 22, 2018, Aurora ICC Labs Inc., a leading producer and distributor of CBD and cannabinoid materials in South America, a continent with over 420 million people. With over 70% of a market share Uruguay and licenses to make a medical cannabis Colombia, ICC Labs has built Aurora as its business director South AmericaSouth Westerly
  • Building on the Whistler Medicine Marijuana Corporation ("Whistler")Onwards January 31, 2019, its Company made a definite agreement to get WhistlerSouth West based Whistler, British Columbia, The Whistler one of the Canada The most interesting cannabis motto, with Aurora provides excellent mixed products that are determined by organic organisms to expand its medical and consumer gifts. Canada and internationally.
  • Building Magistrates Pharmacies S.A. ("Pharmacies)Onwards 10 Decemberth, 2018, the Company sent a letter for the construction of Pharmacies, Mexico Initially and only including THC broadcasting products, with licenses, resources and permits for the introduction of raw THC materials, and done, stored, and & # 39; distributing medical cannabis products containing more than 1% THC. The construction is firmly established by Aurora's main profit in Mexico, where over 130 million people have a legal opportunity to a range of THC Aurora containing medicinal cannabis.

Inventories in Canadian customer retailers

  • During Q2 2019, its Company invested in the Holding Company, a customer cannabis company who got one of Canada's biggest sales networks, and is invested in High Tide Inc., Albertabased on the store and its & # 39; company of machinery.
  • Through these strategic investments, Aurora added more to her "pull" sales strategy, with retail opportunities as well as across Canada.

Funding and Capital Market Activities

  • New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE")Onwards October 23, 2018, its Company started to & # 39; trading on the NYSE under the ACB mark, which appears to & # 39; Company is the base of broader base reservoirs and with a greater lid of liquidity.
  • Distribution Australis Capital Inc. ("Australia") Onwards November 28, 2018, Aurora, through a sales broker, completed the sale of the Australis Capital Inc. units on behalf of non-resident shareholders as part of a capital spinoff for the Aurora Shareholders Department. In total, 11,222,349 units of Australis were sold in the public markets by an independent guardian, and the money was paid to non-resident employees of the fees and fees.
  • Private Offer Offers of OpportunityOnwards 24 January 2019, sent by its Company $ 345 million in the main main volume of tangible notes. The revenue will be used to support Canadian and international expansion initiatives. The notes pay cash every year at a fixed rate of 5.5% per year, and will be converted by owners in the ordinary Aurora shares at the cost of change US $ 7.23Post-date When converted, the notes will be settled in money, ordinary shares Aurora or a combination of both, at the Aurora selection. The notes are not reckless and they are coming to an end February 28, 2024South Westerly

Q2 Financial Booking 2019

($ thousands)

Completed three months

December 31,


September 30,


Medical cannabis web income

Canada can dry



Hawaiian cannabis in the EU



Cannabis section (1)



Medical average net income number



Cannabis web income used by adult

Cannab dried



Cannabis section (1)



Total adult cannabis income used by adult



Total total cannabis income




For the three months ending to 31 December, 2018, cannabis sections include cannabis, capsules, soft boxes and income in time. For the three months ending on September 30, 2018, cannabis sections consisted of cannabis oil and capsule.

($ thousands)

Completed three months

It ended six months


31, 2018


31, 2017


31, 2018


31, 2017

Net money





Design, engineering and construction services

– –


– –

Patient counseling services





Analytical testing services


– –


– –

Business debt balanced worldwide





Cannabis web income





Call Conference

Aurora will host your conference today, February 11, 2019, to discuss these results. Terry Booth, Chief Executive, Glen Ibbott, Chief Finance Officer, Cam Battley, Chief Executive Officer, and Michael Singer, Chairman of the Board, entertained his & her; Calls begin at 6:00 p.m. East Coast. A question and answer session will continue to show the instructions.


Monday, February 11th, 2019


6:00 p.m. East times 4:00 p.m. Time of the Beann



(416) 849-0833 no (855) 859-2056

Available until 12:00 Midnight Midnight Monday 18 February, 2019

Reference Number:


About Aurora

Chief of the Chiefs Edmonton, Alberta, Canada With its funded capacity over 500,000 kilograms per year and sales and work in 23 countries over five continents, Aurora is one of the largest cannabis companies in the world. Aurora is integrated below and has been converted horizontally across all the main sections of the value chain, from resource engineering and design to cannabis breeding and research on productivity, cannabis and production, derivatives, enhancement added value, home cultivation, sales and sales.

With a bad difference from his peers, Aurora has set up a positive, stable and effective production strategy based on the built-up of resources that have been made. Introducing advanced technologies across all processes, is defined by customization and generalization, and & nbsp; means a high rise in high quality quality output at low cost. It is intended to be reproduced and translucent across the globe, our exhibition facilities are designed to produce large scale cannabis, with high quality products, which manage business , and low all generating costs. Each of Aurora's resources is built to meet the EU's GMP standards, and its first production facility, the recently built MedReleaf Markham center, and the fully-featured feature owned by Aurora Deutschland's medical cannabis, to get this certificate.

As well as the rapid growth of the Company's rich and strong implementation of strategic M & A, which has so far been developed, including 15 subsidiary companies – MedReleaf, CanvasRX, Pharmaceutical, Aurora Deutschland, H2 Biopharma, Urban Cultivator, BC Northern Lights, Larssen Greenhouses, CanniMed Therapeutics, Anandia Labs, HotHouse Consulting, MED Colombia, Agropro, Borela, and ICC Labs – Aurora has a reputation with her acclaim as a partner and employee in the global cannabis department, invest and establish strategic partnerships with a range of innovators, including: Radient Technologies Inc. (TSXV: RTI), Hempco Food and Fiber Inc. (TSXV: HEMP), Cann Group Ltd. (ASX: CAN), Micron Waste Technologies Inc. (CSE: MWM), Choom Holdings Inc. (CSE: CHOO), Capcium Inc. (private), Evio Beauty Group (private), Wagner Dimas (private), CTT Pharmaceuticals (OTCC: CTTH), and Alcanna Inc. (TSX: CLIQ).

The Aurora General shares of the TSX and NYSE trade are under the "ACB" model, and are part of the S & P / TSX Composite index.

For more information about Aurora, visit our museum website,

Terry Booth, Chief Executive
Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Looking forward statements

This press release describes some non-IFRS, and # 39; including specialist business dimensions. These evaluations and measures are not known as measures under IFRS that are not defined by IFRS and therefore does not appear to be in comparison with similar measures provided by other companies. These measures are provided as the information that proposes these IFRS steps by doing so; giving a better understanding of our operational results from the direction of the direction. Therefore, these measures should not be considered on their own or instead of a review of our financial information reported under IFRS. This press release will use non-IFRS, & # 39; including "EBITDA", "production capacity", "the product available for sale", "cash cost per gram" and "SG & A". The industry's manufacturing measures are capable of production and are available for sale, but the quantity can be differently compared to other companies in the industry. Those non-IFRS measures, which include business measures, are used to give additional measures of our operating performance to potentially obvious investors when they are & # 39; based on the IFRS fair assessments. Descriptions of the non-IFRS procedures can be found in the MD & A and in this press release. This press release also includes statements containing some "foregoing information" within the meaning of the law of adequate sponsorship ("statements on"). Pronounced statements are often marked with words such as "plan", "follow", "expectations", "project", "aim", "believe", "expectations", "estimate", "may", "will" , "ability", "suggested" and other similar words, or statements that specific events or conditions "may" no "will" go to; happening. These statements are only predictable. Different opinions were used to drag the results or to # 39; make the projections in the statements that were going through this news release. Looking forward statements are based on the ideas and management estimates of his / her. date on the statements, and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties and other factors that may cause things or products to be very different from what has been planned in advance to & # 39; describing statements. These risks include, but are not limited to, the ability to maintain key staff, the ability to keep them; going to invest in infrastructure to support growth, ability to obtain adequate terms of funding, the continued quality of consumer goods, knowledge and retention to improve government sales procedures third party and non-governmental, administrative estimate of consumer demand Canada and in authorities where a company has a & # 39; Explain, and expect future output and costs, to capitalize on additional capital; completion of construction and resource development projects, the risk of successfully integrating businesses and jobs purchased, a regulatory estimate that SG & A will only receive as a proportion of growth income, the ability to distribute capacity maintain and maintain, impact their competition, and the ability for changes in laws, regulations and regulations in the industry, as well as the dangers identified under the heading "Risk Factors" in Information Annual; company Completed a form for the financial year 30th June, 2018 registered Canada on SEDAR at and in United States Edgar under Form 40-F at There is no obligation on its Company, and its & # 39; expressly express or make any intention, make upgrading or updating statements, whether due to new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by the appropriate lawsuit. TSX or the Management Services Provider (as defined in the Exchange Stock policies) are not responsible for the adequacy or accuracy of this information.

TSX or the Management Services Provider (as defined in the Exchange Stock policies) are not responsible for the adequacy or accuracy of this information.

SOURCE Aurora Cannabis Inc.

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